How to Turn off Gmail Meet Notification

There is nothing bad in rebranding, but it shouldn’t go wrong. The new Google rebranding has a lot of features to consider. But, it does go wrong with the Gmail meet popup feature. This update brought a lot of goodies to the Gmail, but it is annoying seeing this pop up every time you logged in to your Gmail account both on mobile and desktop with the meet notification.

If you are looking forth to configure the Google meet to popup on demand, this guide is for. We have spent time with the meet app in the Gmail app and when you log in to your Gmail account on a computer.

You don’t have to be a fan of all the features of the Google hangouts meet in your Gmail account. However, the notifications can be turned off or disabled on your Gmail account or via the Google Hangouts app.

So, here, get seated, take a glass of water and follow the steps below, hide or disable the new Gmail meet notification.

How to Disable the Meet Section in the Main Menu

It’s faster to mute the Google Meet notification in your Gmail. It’s quick and easy to accomplish. When you are ready to hide the Meet section in the main menu located at the bottom left into your Gmail, simply follow the procedures I will share here to disable or turn off the notification.

  • Log in to your Gmail account on
  • For ease access tap on “Standard view” to the top right.
  • Tap on the “Settings” cogwheel icon to the top and tap “see all settings.”Gmail Settings
  • In the “Settings” pane tap on “Chat and Meet.”Google Meet Notification
  • Check “Hide the Meet section in the main menu” and tap “Save Changes.”Hide the meet section in the main menu

There is an option to also turn “Chat Off” if you don’t want to keep the chat notification.

How to Turn Google Meet Notification on Hangouts

If you are a fan of the Google hangouts, you can easily turn off the meet by Google’s notification via your account settings. Here are the quick steps to take to hide the notification in your hangouts account every time you logged in to your account.

You can always turn on this notification at will any moment you want to see the popup in your hangouts or Gmail account.

  • Go to your Google hangouts account on
  • Tap on the “Hamburger”  to the top left on your account screen.
  • Scroll down and tap “Settings” from the pop-out.
  • Scroll to “Notifications” and tap “mute for…”
  • Select how long you want to mute your Google handouts notifications from 1 hour to 1 week

This notification setting will affect incoming messages and ring on phone calls. Therefore, to enable either of these options uncheck it following the notifications custom settings.

How to Hide the Google Meet Popup on Mobile

If you are left with no other choice than to hide the Google meet popup on your Gmail mobile app, here is the guide you need to follow.

  • Open the Google Gmail mobile app on your phone (and don’t forget to sign in with the Gmail you want to mute its meet notification).
  • Tap on the Gmail “Hamburger” located at the top right.Gmail Menu
  • Tap on the “Settings” down the pop-out.Disable Gmail Meet Notification
  • Tap on the “Gmail” account.Select Account
  • Go to “Meet” tab and uncheck “Show the Meet tab for video calling.”Mute Google Meet Notification
  • Done.

However, if you have multiple Gmail account and the Google meet tab is showing in all. You’d have to go through the procedure above to turn off the meet notification.

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