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How to Stop Instagram Followers Notifications on Android Phone

Instagram is a popular app for sharing selfie and videos with your followers. But how do you feel when your Instagram followers fill your timeline with ten of hundreds of selfies. Cool right? Yes! But getting Instagram followers notifications at time can be really annoying and you may need to put an end to this.

While it’s not advisable to block such followers you can do something about it. Although, unfollowing followers on Instagram isn’t a crime but you may a loose a follower doing that. The worst is when you go to the extent of blocking followers on Instagram.

If you don’t really like what you followers often post on his or her timeline and you are finding it not encouraging you can simple disable notifications for such follower updates. Meanwhile, don’t forget that the importance of using Instagram is to share selfie, pictures and videos with followers. So, your Instagram followers notifications is just as a result of the primary goal while you are been followed.

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Note that the more your Instagram followers the more your Instagram feed with be filled with Instagram followers notifications and updates. However, here in this post you will get to know how to turn off Instagram followers notifications without unfollowing or blocking them.

How to Turn of Instagram Followers Notifications on Android

Note that  this techniques do not block your followers and it doesn’t stopped them from seeing your Instagram updates rather it stopped sending your Instagram followers updates notifications to your Instagram feed. Below is the step by step procedure to achieve this simple but technical tutorial.

I want to assume you have Installed Instagram on your Android phone. If not kindly visit Google play store to download and Instagram app.

Now login to your Instagram account with your Instagram username and password. Or better still you can login to Instagram account using Facebook login so that you will no need to create another Instagram account separate.

Click on shoulder with head to the right of your Android phone to move to your Instagram profile page directly from homepage.

Now click on your followers in between posts and following to access all your Instagram followers on a page

Instagram followers Notifications

The next page will display all your Instagram followers under ‘followers’ below ‘invite Facebook friends. Then click on the name of the Instagram follower you want to stop receiving updates notifications from.

Instagram followers Notifications

On the Instagram follower’s page click on the ellipsis, that is the three dot to the upper right and turn off post notifications. This feature will help you to turn off the specific Instagram followers notifications or update without blocking the follower.

Instagram followers Notifications

With this procedure you can just clean your Instagram timeline once and for all and stop receiving notifications on all followers update. If this post helped you to stop receiving Instagram followers notifications please push it your fellow friends on social media by sharing it with them.


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