Wasteland 3 on PC Common Problems and Solutions

Find out and understand all the possible Wasteland 3 on PC Common Problems and Solutions, as explained in detail in this article.

The Wasteland 3 on PC series is a critically acclaimed franchise when it comes to post-apocalyptic role-playing games. The first two episodes pioneered the post-apocalyptic survival game era and even introduced a devastating story that continues to this day.

Wasteland 3 was released today by the developers and featured new graphics and takes the story even further.

Simultaneously, inXile Entertainment has done its best to fix most of the game’s bugs, but a few important bugs that were reported in the early hours of the game’s release remain.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes and their fixes for Wasteland 3.

Update v1.03

To fix the initial bugs and problems, inXile Entertainment has released an incremental update for Wasteland v1.03 with the following bug fixes. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, it should be the first to update to the latest version, which will fix most of the issues for you.

Your aiming grid will get stuck while searching your inventory if you select a weapon that a character has equipped and then switch to a character who does not have an equipped weapon in the same slot.

  • Kodiak’s attack contours/movement areas are not correctly displayed in the tank’s movement grid.
  • The action bar can be selected from several menus and screens.
  • Choice boxes may appear off-screen, and UI choices can be duplicated.
  • The reputation of world map vendors will always appear neutral when you speak to them, regardless of your actual reputation. It’s just a display issue.
  • Enemies may not appear as often as expected.
  • Guests cannot participate in a cooperative lobby game after exiting.
  • Sending a chat message when selecting a starting co-op duo will start the game.
  • The player options menu in the co-op lobby cannot be closed unless you select something.
  • In console versions of the game, cooperative guests who use a dropdown to lead an enemy into battle will crash the game.
  • Guests may not be able to equip reserve bonus weapons if dropped and traded in a co-op session.
  • Some Kodiak guns do no damage when ambushing enemies.
  • Some downtown Colorado Springs NPCs are shaking instead of having their normal dialogue.
  • If you aim elsewhere after targeting an AOE in combat, enemies may stay highlighted.
  • Enemies sometimes get stuck on a cycle of marching while seeking cover.

FPS drops

FPS drops are a major problem reported by early Wasteland 3 on PC users. People with high-end PCs have experienced intermittent frame drops, which appear to be an issue with the game’s servers. Places where dropped frames are most common in Wasteland 3.

  • When using Loot Vision
  • Crisis unit
  • Colorado Springs (in-game location)
  • Patriarch’s Palace (in-game location)

There is currently no developer workaround or workaround. The best thing to do is play around with your game’s video settings and try to find the best resolution for your screen.

If your CPU or GPU isn’t blocking you, you can also try limiting the FPS to your screen refresh rate. As always, if you haven’t already, make sure to update the game to the latest v1.03 update, which fixes most of the issues and can also fix frame loss issues.

Cannot be Downloaded from GOG

GOG or Good Old Games is one of the most popular platforms for buying PC games in this day and age. They have been offering free DRM games, one of their main selling points, and have been gaining popularity recently.

Unfortunately, users who purchased the game through GOG are experiencing intermittent issues downloading the game. Many users cannot click the Install button, which is greyed out, while others receive an “Installation Failed” message. Every time the process starts.

The new game update v1.03 is intended to fix this problem for most users. So if you’re still waiting for the GOG game to install, now is a good time to give it a try. However, if you continue to encounter an installation error, there is a tedious solution to this error. Please have a little patience.

Instead of using the GOG launcher to install the game, you’ll have to manually download and install the installation files. GOG Launcher will recognize your game as valid and allow you to start it from the launcher yourself.

Here’s the harder part: you’ll need to install the game into an existing GOG games directory. This means that you will need to select the directory of an existing game that you purchased through GOG during the installation.

While existing users will have no problem with this, new users may have problems during this process. New users can recreate the existing GOG games directory or download a small game from the launcher itself.

Note: Reinstalling the launcher might create a games directory for users, but we’re not sure yet.

Mouse Button Rebinding not working on Wasteland 3 on PC

This is an issue reported by most gaming mouse users with macro controls and other extra buttons. Most games, including Wasteland 3, don’t currently support binding mouse buttons to certain game functions.

The only workaround for this currently is to use OEM mouse software to map additional mouse buttons to specific keyboard keys, which can then be mapped to the game’s desired function within the game itself.

There are also third-party tools that you can use to achieve the same functionality, but with the potential for latency issues.

Cooperation Failure and Random Dropouts on Wasteland 3 on PC

Despite being an RPG, Wasteland 3 also offers a full multiplayer mode that allows you to play with other players or friends. Unfortunately, many users reported problems joining their friends.

In cooperative mode. On the other hand, the random pairing seems to work fine for most users. Let’s look at some of the most common issues encountered when launching Co-op in Wasteland 3.

  • “Connectivity failure” message.
  • Random dropouts in the game
  • Random crashes

The problem seems to be happening for some users now, but it seems to be on the server side. Since it’s only the first week after its release, something like this is expected, but not as often as it seems to happen to some users. InXile Entertainment provides a useful port forwarding guide that is the official solution to these problems. You can check it out at this link.

Another solution reported is that when a guest leaves your lobby, you’ll have to recreate another room for the guest.

As always, make sure you are updated to the latest version 1.03 of the game, which will fix many bugs from day one.

Wasteland 3 on PC Camera Failure

The camera problem, especially with edge scanning, is a well-documented problem with multiple reports during this initial startup phase.

This appears to be a problem with game mechanics, where mouse controls resemble moving on an X-Y axis as if mimicking analog controls.

There is no “workaround” for this problem, but you can try holding the middle mouse button while rotating it a lot easier. Some users have also reported a directional motion problem where the extra smoothing feels unnatural and has a learning curve. This is another example of the design of the game.

The game does not save / fast save does not work.

The game save issue is one of the most commonly documented and reported issues in Wasteland 3. Users have reported game save issues after hours of the first game, which was intimidating, to say the least.

Most of the players. The least. InXile also offers a quick fix on its official website. The main culprit seems to be an antivirus. Wasteland 3 is not recognized as safe to run the program, preventing you from saving files on your PC. Here are some quick solutions you can apply when you are facing this problem.

Note: Before trying any of these fixes, make sure you are updated to the latest Wasteland 3; H .: V1.03. The developers released a quick fix shortly after release that fixes important known bugs in the game.

Recognize Wasteland 3 as a Safe Program

If you are using Windows Defender, you need to make sure that Wasteland 3 has not been identified as a threat. If you use third-party antivirus, make sure that Wasteland 3 is recognized as safe not only by its threat protection but also by existing firewalls and other protections for scanning files.

Most real-time protection services can also block the program. So make sure that it is recognized as a safe program to run on your system. Windows Smart Display may be another program that can affect Wasteland 3

Reboot your system and continue with administrator rights

If the above solution doesn’t work for you, restart your system and make the same changes to your antivirus with administrative privileges. If you have other protection services in place, make sure they don’t prevent Wasteland 3 from writing files to system memory.

Nuclear option

If nothing seems to be working for you, the best thing to do is to disconnect your system from the internet, disable your antivirus and save a backup file from Wasteland 3. If this seems to solve the problem for you, you may need to check your settings. Your antivirus.

However, if you are not the administrator of the current computer, you will need administrator rights for the time being to save games in Wasteland 3.

Problems launching Wasteland from Xbox Game Pass

If you’re a Game Pass user, you’ve probably waited a while for Wasteland 3. The game has been around for months, so it is a disappointment for many if it fails to launch during installation.

Some users have reported getting stuck on the home screen while others cannot start the game no matter what. Although the latest update v1.03 seems to have fixed this problem for some users, it still affects several users.

The only solution right now seems to be to reinstall Xbox Services on your PC. Follow the instructions below to reinstall the program on your PC.

Right-click the Start menu icon in the lower-left corner of your screen and click PowerShell (Administrator).

Wasteland 3 on PC Common Problems and Solutions

Now copy and paste the following command into the PowerShell window.

get-appxpackage Microsoft.GamingServices | remove-AppxPackage-allusers

Wasteland 3 on PC Common Problems and Solutions

Press “Enter” to run the command after pasting.

Wait for the process to complete, then copy and paste the following command into the PowerShell window.

Start ms-windows-store: // pdp /? productid = 9MWPM2CQNLHN

Wasteland 3 on PC Common Problems and Solutions

The Windows Store page will open. Install the app on a specific page.

After installing the app, try restarting Wasteland 3. This should fix the problem for most users.

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