How to Turn off Life360 without Parents knowing on iPhone

Life360 has been a beneficial app in monitoring and tracking both old and young people in the same circle. However, the Life360 appt can occasionally be seen as an app that is breaching your privacy. In that case, you may choose to turn off the Life360 location monitoring but what is more challenging is how to turn off Life360 without parents knowing iPhone or Android depending on the device that you are using because every member of the group would know you have turned off your location.

For this case, we have found a way that will help you to silently turn off your Life360 location tracking without even telling your parents or without your parents knowing.

Life360 is a program that was designed in 2008 to monitor the whereabouts of a specific group of individuals, such as family members or a group of friends in the same circle. The app allows users in the group can track each other’s location and know where they are at any time.

Life360 is typically used to monitor the conduct of family members. Some parents, for example, would use Life360 to track their children’s whereabouts to ensure their safety.

How to Turn off Life360 without Parents knowing

Can you Turn off Life360 Without Parents knowing?

If you wish to permanently prevent your parents from knowing or tracking your location on the Life360 app, you must delete your Life360 account. But, if you only want to temporarily prevent Life360 from tracking your position, you may simply remove it.

Does Life360 Tell You When Someone Checks Your Location?

Life360 does not tell users when their location is checked. While the app’s capabilities may provide access to other people’s locations, this is only allowed if the user has given permission or set up a shared account with the other user.

What do Parents See on Life360?

Life360’s app allows users to see the precise real-time location of friends or family members, including the speed at which they are driving and the battery level on their devices provided they are all in the same circle. With this, the Life360 app is marketed as a safety app and it is very popular among parents who want to track and supervise their kids from afar.

How to Turn off Life360 without Parents knowing

How to Turn Off Life360 Without Parents Knowing iPhone

Even though Life360 makes it easy to ensure the security of users in the circle, it can sometimes cause discomfort if you think your privacy is tampered with. However, If you want to get rid of the location monitoring in Life360 without alerting others in your circles on your iPhone, you need to try the following options.

Fake your Location

The simplest technique to fool the Life360 app without going offline is to conceal your true location and impersonate it with expert software. With tools like iToolab AnyGo, you can easily mimic the genuine GPS position on your iPhone/iPad. You only need a few clicks to alter your location, even with the natural movement at a normal pace that appears to be fairly real.

Nobody can see your true location with iToolab AnyGo, and it will not alert other users in the circle even if you change it.

  • Once AnyGo has been installed, launch it from your desktop.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer and allow the software to recognize it.
  • When you connect, your true location will be displayed on the screen.
  • Simply type the location into the frame bar and press “Go” to switch to it.
  • When you change the position of your iPhone using AnyGo, Life360 will detect the new location and display it in the app instead of tracking your actual address.

That’s it! This is one way to turn off Life360 without parents knowing.

How to Turn off Life360 without Parents knowing

Turn off Circle’s Location Sharing

When you wish to switch off your location without informing your Life360 circle, you can do so by disabling the app’s location-tracking capabilities. Here’s how you can turn off the circle’s location-sharing feature:

  • Open the Life360 app.
  • Then, in the upper-right corner of the screen, click the “Settings” icon.
  • Choose the circle from which you wish to hide your location from sharing.
  • Go to “Location Sharing” and turn the option off.

Once you turn off the location a notification will be issued to individuals in the circle.

Enable Airplane Mode

Turning on Airplane mode on your iPhone devices disables GPS location monitoring completely. But because Life360 also reads the location information from your mobile device via the GPS signal, putting it on Airplane mode will cause the Life360 location tracing to fail to grasp the GPS signal, causing it to perform abnormally.

To enable Airplane mode simply follow the steps below.

  • Swipe down your iPhone control centre.
  • Tap the “Airplane” mode by clicking on the “Aeroplane” lookalike icon.

When the Airplane mode is activated, the Life360 app will fail to track your location when your device’s GPS signal fades.

Disable Location Services

Another simple way to disable Life360’s location tracking on your iPhone without alerting others is to disable the app’s location service, which prevents the Life360 app from tracking your location entirely. Here’s how to deal with it:

  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  • Select “Privacy” >> “Location Services” from the menu.
  • Scroll down to find the Life360 app.
  • Toggle off “Precise Location” by selecting it and submitting.

The Life360 app will no longer be able to track your GPS location once the location is turned off.

Use a Burner Phone

If you buy a burner phone (a device you won’t use regularly) and install Life360 on it, and log in to the original account, you can transfer the location from the primary phone to the secondary one. No one in the circle will know where you are because you can leave the burner phone somewhere else rather than carrying it with you.

Here’s how to complete the Life360 account transition to the burner phone:

  • Turn on your burner phone and install the Life360 app.
  • Access your original Life360 account.
  • After logging in, delete the one from your primary phone.
  • Your burner phone’s location has been tracked instead of the primary one henceforth.

This should turn off Life360 without parents knowing on your iPhone. But, if not, proceed to the next solution below.

How to Turn off Life360 without Parents knowing

Delete Life360 Account

Lastly, you should delete your Life360 account if none of the options above speak well for you. Once you deleted your Life360 account you will be removed automatically from the family or friends Life360 circle you were added to. And henceforth, the app will no longer be able to monitor your real-time location even when the app is still installed on your iPhone. 

How Do I Turn Off Life360 without Getting Caught?

If you want to turn off Life360 without your parents knowing, consider to turn on Airplane Mode. When you enabled airplane mode on your iPhone, your network and GPS are deactivated and Life360 will stop updating your location in this case. To put it another way, other circle members will not be able to see your current to turn off life360 without parents knowing iphone

How Do I Get Rid of Life360 without my Parents Knowing on my iPhone?

This may appear to be a pain, but it is a really simple method of turning off location on Life360 without anyone knowing.

  • Install Life360 on a second phone using the same account.
  • Connect the gadget to the Wi-Fi of your destination.
  • Remove Life360 from your main phone.

The only setback about this method is the Life360 app will only show a particular location even when you are out of town. 

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