How to Turn on Wi-Fi on LG Smart TV

If how to turn on Wi-Fi nn LG Smart TV is a challenge you are battling with, or it is a restriction you have encountered, then, I and you, have some things to discuss at this time.

When the Wi-Fi is not on, on your LG smart TV, it might be difficult to surf the internet or have a relaxation time picking on favorite events, films, news, interesting programs as you like.

It is not so interesting to have a locked door against internet access, because there are a lot of fascinating things going on on the internet, that need to keep someone updated.

If people are talking about an event and you seem to be left out without contributing or understanding or without getting acquainted with what they are saying.

Some thoughts will be running on one’s mind that might make someone feel bad. But there is a solution to that, at least if someone can access the internet without a barricade, one will be able to get connected with social events and things happening in the community. 

The joy of it is that accessible internet gives someone a glimpse of what is going on, or what will happen the next minute. There is information that no one can tell you except you hear them yourself. If people tell you, they might add to the information or remove it from the information. and someone will be misled and derailed totally or far away from the truth.

There are a lot of personal, family, and business opportunities out there for someone to benefit from, if someone gets disconnected, there is no way out than to get connected to the internet. Many safety announcements are so important to our health both at the home, workplace, and in the town. 

Assuming, there is an announcement that everyone who is having children in the school or having family in a particular place should tell them not to pass through a particular route or place in the city or town. Hardly can someone know without getting connected to the internet. 

If in some places of work, there will be no access to television programs due to how watching it might work the ettiques of the place of work, but with your Wi-Fi being turned on, you will be able to be aware of what is happening around you. If your LG smart TV is connected to Wi-Fi, easily you will be able to get information on your smartphone watching TV broadcasts about the trending events in the town.

By this, I will also show you how you can connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi your TV is using, so that, if you have LG smart TV app on your phone, easily you can access the events going on your phone. Now, we are moving further to How to turn on Wi-Fi nn LG Smart.

How TO Turn On Wi-Fi On LG Smart TV


How to Turn on Wi-Fi on LG Smart TV

I will be showing steps on How To Turn On Wi-Fi On LG Smart TV below, following the guide properly, you will be able to turn on Wi-Fi on your LG smart TV. Let’s proceed now.

  • Let us start with your remote control, you will click on SMART on your remote control, then you will find yourself on the HOME MENU.
  • Then, move to SETTINGS, then press OKAY.
  • You will dive to NETWORK CONNECTION and then select Wi-Fi.
  • Your LG Smart TV will be searching for all available networks around you, then, you will just need to connect to your network by choosing it out of the available networks. Now, you are done, friend.

How to Connect LG smart TV to your Phone Hotspot

Another means of connecting your LG Smart TV to the Wi-Fi is to use your phone hotspot. So, here we will take a look at how to connect LG Smart TV to HotSpot.

  • To connect your LG smart TV to your phone requires a few things to do. After you have done those few things, you can now be streaming many TV programs on your phone, anytime, any day, anywhere, and everywhere you find yourself. Let us dive in now.
  • You will head straight to the Google play store if you are an Android user, or maybe you are a user of iPhone, Tablet, Ipad, etc You will need to visit iTunes to download and install the LG smart TV remote app.
  • Opening the LG smart TV remote app: You will open the LG smart TV remote app and switch on your LG smart TV.
  • Then click on DEVICE SCAN. Then, try to locate your LG smart TV inside the LG smart TV remote app.
  • Automatically, the LG smart TV app will find your LG smart TV, then, tap the list of the devices available there and tap your own LG smart TV. It is not more than that.

You can now test the connection you have established. You will close the page where you have done your connection and tap on the LG smart TV remote app again, and you will find out you are connected.

So, if you take the steps correctly, there should be no problems. should you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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