How to Remove Duplicate Files From Android Phone

Back in November this year, Google releases a File Go Beta for testing for Android phones with low RAM to check for duplicate files, transfer files offline between two phones with Google’s File Go app, backup phone to Google Drive, Gmail and other iCloud services, and also help Android users to remove duplicate files on Android phones.

Google’s File Go app which graduated from Beta version to original version is available globally and live in Google play store for Android phone users. However, the app target over 400 million Indian internet users and targets to extend mainly to other Asian countries.

While you can only identify and remove duplicate files on your Android phone, the feature features lack the ability to fix corrupt files on your Android phone just like PC or Mac fixer software.

Following the upgrade of the File Go app from Beta to a complete version, a phone with a minimum of 1GB RAM running Android 5.0 can download and install  Google File Go app to help free more spaces on your Android phone, identify duplicate files, point out which apps you need to uninstall to increase your phone storage capacity, tell you the possible spaces you can free from removing a specific app, unused app, funny meme, and movies you have not watch for a very long time.

File Go is an encrypted end-to-end file transfer app between two Android phones provided the two phones has the app installed.

, if you are new to Google File Go and how the app works, here I will share a fantastic feature of the new Google app, File Go on how to remove duplicate files from your Android phone using the app.

Before Google released the File Go globally, the File Go APK has been trending on the internet since the Google Beta version was released in November to free more spaces on Android phone, however, since the app is available globally for Android phone in Google play store you can remove the File Go APK and install the official Android version which just moved from Beta version to live in Google play store.

How to Remove Duplicate Files From Android Phone

How to Remove Duplicate Files from Android Phone Using Google File Go

Without subverting anything about Google’s File Go app to free move space as regards how to remove Android phones duplicate files, pictures, apps, funny memes, unused apps, and movies here is the beginner guide on how to remove unwanted files from Android phones using File Go and free more spaces on your smartphone.

1. Open Google play store on your Android phone and search for “Files Go by Google: Free up space on your phone” without quotes and install the app on your Android phone or click here to open directly on your Android Google play store.

2. Launch the File Go app once you have successfully installed it on your phone. File GO will suggest a list of duplicate files that you can remove under downloaded files, large files app cache, and find unused apps.

How to Use Google File Go to Remove Duplicate Files From Android

3. To start with click free space under app caches to delete your phone caches that are draining your phone space and performance.

How to Use Google File Go to Remove Duplicate Files From Android

4. For confirmation, purpose check through the list of suggested files by File Go before you click delete. If all files are no longer relevant click all items and delete from below to remove the files from your phone and create more space.

How to Use Google File Go to Remove Duplicate Files From Android

5. Repeat the same process for all categories as sectioned on your phone by the app and this will help you free more space.

The easiest way to remove duplicate files on Android phones and free more space is to download and install Google File Go running a scan on your Android phone and identify all the duplicate content that take much space on your phone and cause your phone performance to be poor.

While this is not the only feature you can enjoy using File Go app, you can as well use File go to transfer files from Android phone to Android phone without a data connection only with the use of your phone Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with end-to-end encryption transfer protocol.

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