How to Use Video Downloader Plus

If you are looking for a platform or the simplest extension you can use to download a series of videos via your browser, then Video Downloader Plus is your best bet. Here, in this article, we will walk you down all you need to know on how to use Video downloader Plus.

Video Downloader Plus is an amazing smart Chrome exclusive extension that allows you to download several videos from virtually all content platforms you can find online. Ranging from Facebook to YouTube and Vimeo, this tool will easily recognize the videos playing on the browser and with just one click, it will help you download the video.

Before you can download any video from other several service video hosting websites, you must have subscribed to be a premium member to access the download function. However, this is not how the video downloader plus is as it’s free.

This guide will show you how to use Video Downloader Plus to download videos up to a resolution of 1080p from different platforms for free.How to Use Video Downloader Plus

Features of Video Downloader Plus

Video Downloader Plus is a smart Chrome extension with amazing features that performs various functions. These features include:

  • With Video Downloader Plus, you can download videos in multiple compatible output formats.
  • It also allows users to download videos in batches to save time.
  • Video Downloader Plus can record live video streams and automatic video detection which makes it one of the most intuitive video downloaders to enhance Chrome in recent memory.
  • It supports ASF, AVI, FLV, MP4, MOV, WEBM, MPG, and many more.
  • You can download videos in 2k, and 4k resolution and enjoy the high-definition videos.
  • Video Downloader Plus is the best plug when you need to download videos easily and fast with no ads.
  • You can as well download multiple versions of videos in HD and SD and 4K from many popular video websites!
  • It also has the Save for the later option which makes it easier to save videos in your account so you can view them at any time you want.
  • This tool allows you to cast any video you want to your Chromecast device.
  • It’s free and also Ad-free.
  • Its Operating System includes Windows and Mac.
  • Video Downloader Plus supports websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many others.
  • With Video downloader Plus, you don’t have to guess the file size or the resolution since this tool detects all resolutions available, therefore you can select according to your needs what size is the best.
  • Note that Video Downloader Plus is not a Youtube Downloader.

Now that you are familiar with its functions, you can proceed to how to use Video Downloader Plus below.How to Use Video Downloader Plus

How to download Videos from different Websites via Video Downloader Plus

Using Video Downloader Plus is the best way to download videos from different websites. It is the simplest, fastest, and most reliable way to download videos from the internet. All you need to do is install the extension on your browser, open the website you want, and start downloading.

Almost all websites are supported by Video Downloader Plus. It works in every browser and also with any connection speed whether slow or fast. There’s no need to start guessing or searching for the video you want to download.

You also don’t have to go through numerous steps to download a video. All you need to do is download multiple versions of the video with just a single click. All videos from a particular website are available in the same app.How to Use Video Downloader Plus

How to Use Video Downloader Plus

Here are detailed steps on how to use Video Downloader Plus. Follow the steps below:

Get Video Downloader Plus

Video Downloader Plus is a part of Google Chrome extensions for downloading videos. Once you are on the download page, all you need to do is simply tap on the Add to Chrome option and the extension will be yours.

In case you are not familiar with the enhanced Chrome functionality via extensions, you can access any extensions you add via the small puzzle piece icon in your browser’s toolbar.

Open Video Downloader Plus

After opening Video Downloader Plus, go to the toolbar, tap on the puzzle icon, and open the extension before trying to use it. Extensions are smart and usually monitor screen activity to prevent you from manually starting them up again each time you want to use them.

Note that the first time you open the extension up, you will always have to sign in to the service. Video Downloader Plus is not any different. Although this feature is enabled, you won’t be able to sign in with your Google Account details as this utility does not agree with Google’s OAuth 2.0 policy.

Therefore, a username and password are required just like it’s been done previously before your Google account was the key to your entire online presence.

Go to a Video

Once you have been able to successfully create an account, follow the steps below:

  • Verify your email address.
  • Log in to Video Downloader Plus and select a video.
  • There is a condition you should note when using Video Downloader Plus; the app doesn’t support YouTube as a source for downloading videos.
  • This is due to restrictions enforced by the Chrome Web Store and Google Developer Progam policies.
  • However, you can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Twitter, DailyMotion, and so on.How to Use Video Downloader Plus


Once you can locate the video you want to download, open the extension up again. Video Downloader Plus will automatically find that there is an applicable video on the present page and immediately display the download options.

There is a paywall that only allows you to download videos in resolutions of 1080p or lower once you have a premium account. Although this doesn’t seem like a massive modification, with video resolutions increasing aggressively over the last few years, 1080p may soon be on the lower end of visual quality.

Review Downloader Preferences

Once an extension has settings or options that change the way the utility functions, you will locate them in the hamburger Menu beside the extension’s name on your drop-down list of installed extensions.

Click on the hamburger Menu and then select options to open a new tab within your browser. From here, you will be able to better control Video Downloader Plus by selecting or deselecting the video formats you will like to be able to download. This is how to use Video Downloader Plus.How to Use Video Downloader Plus

You can also activate the utility to function only if it detects videos bigger than either 100 KB, 1 MB, or 2 MB. The last option you can change is whether to allow the utility to use Google’s Chromecast feature.

Video Downloader Plus is a smart Chrome extension that can carry out several functions with phenomenal ease. Its live recording function is a huge plus, especially for twitch streamers. Now, you should know how to use video downloader plus after following the steps above.

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