How to Download YouTube Video using 4k Video Downloader

Let me introduce you to a free tool, called 4k Video downloader, a tool to download youtube videos including channels and playlists. With this youtube video downloader, you will be able to extract subtitles from youtube videos.

We both know that there is no way to download youtube videos without using a 3rd-party tool and that’s the problem 4K downloader is solving.

4K Video downloader provides a simple tool or software to download and watch youtube videos offline. This seems impossible with the official youtube app but with the 4k downloader, you will be able to download your favourite videos on youtube for free.

The 4K Video downloader is free and it performs the work of a premium tool to save youtube videos offline and watch youtube videos without the internet.

The youtube 4k video downloader support all operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. This means that there is no device you will possess that will not be able to download and use the youtube download to save youtube videos offline.

4K Video Downloader Features

This youtube video downloader has some unique features that the free tool hardly provide. Take a look at some of the 4k downloader notable features you cannot do without.

  • It downloads youtube videos in high definition. That’s in “HD.”
  • Ability to download youtube subtitles with just a single tap.
  • The 4k video downloader also has the feature to download youtube subscriptions.
  • It can download an entire youtube playlist and channel at once
  • The smart mode video is awesome and you wouldn’t want to miss that.
  • Being a 4k download software or app, it can easily download 3D videos.

This is just a few of what the software can do for you. In this youtube 4k video downloader review we detail how to use the software to download and save youtube videos on your computer for free.

How 4K Video Downloader Works

Before you opt for this youtube 4k download you would probably want to know how the software works and how the software can download youtube videos as well as youtube channels and playlists at the same time.

The way the 4k downloader works is quite simple. To make use of the youtube online video downloader you first need to grab the youtube link from the youtube website, launch the 4k video downloader software on your Windows or Mac or Android phone and paste the video link. Now, select the quality of the video you want to download from the quality options and click on the “Download” button.

The youtube video will start downloading and save into the predefined directory in the 4k youtube video downloader on your device.

How to Install 4k Youtube Video Downloader

Here I am going to work you through how to download and install the 4k video downloader app on your Windows computer since I am using a Windows computer. If you are using a mac computer the approach is similar. 

  • Download and install the youtube 4k video downloader on your computer [Windows or mac] and Android.
  • Launch the installer, check the terms and conditions option and click on “Install.”
  • The 4k setup process will begin. Allow the administrative right to start downloading the 4k youtube video download from the server.4k Video Downloader
  • This might take a few minutes to complete. Just hang on until the installer is downloaded completely from the server.
  • Once the installation is successful you can click on the launch tab or close the downloader for later use.4K youtube video downloader successfully installed

How to Use 4k Video Download to Download youtube Video

4K youtube video downloader is a free tool and easy-to-use software for Windows, Mac, and Linux and an app for Android OS to download and save as many as possible youtube videos offline including playlists and channels with a single click.

For your quick “how-to download youtube 4k videos” follow the steps below.

  • Launch the youtube video download app on your computer and wait for the app to open. It might a few seconds if you are doing this for the first time.
  • Click on “Paste Link” to the top-left of the 4k downloader screen to paste the youtube video link you copied that you would love to download and watch offline.4K Video downloader
  • The 4k video downloader app will show parsing as seen below once you click on the paste icon to paste the youtube video you want to save offline.Parsing 4k video youtube downloader
  • Select the “video” format to download and click on the Save button to start downloading the video to your 4k video downloader
  • To extract video audio just click on the download video drop menu and select extract audio and the 4k download will only extract the audio from the youtube video. You can also switch the format from MP4 to MKV.

For more features, you can try the 4k video downloader paid version with unlimited and unique features.

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