How to Watch Netflix on Facetime

Do you love watching movies with friends and family? In other words, do you prefer having company to being alone while watching Netflix? Then, it’s cool because this article will show you how to watch Netflix on FaceTime without any hassle, all you need do is ensure you follow each section of this post carefully. 

Watching Netflix on FaceTime is a feature common exclusive only to iOS users since FaceTime is not supported on Android devices, instead Google Duo can be used on Android. We can’t talk about FaceTime and not mention the SharePlay feature. This amazing feature allows you to stream movies, as well as share content on your iPhone whenever you are on a FaceTime call. 

Apple and Android users can’t watch movies or programs together on a FaceTime call. You can however watch Netflix using FaceTime on iOS 15. FaceTime is a free and easy videotelephony product invented by Apple Inc. to make International Wi-Fi calls. 

iOS 15 is the most recent software release from Apple Inc. This latest update which includes amazing new features is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Since the release of iOS 15, most iPhone users’ and Tech lovers’ interests have been kindled. 

FaceTime has a lot of interesting features, and one of them is the SharePlay feature which has amassed a lot of attention. However, note that Apple’s SharePlay feature is also supported on other apps such as HBO Max, Hulu, Showtime, Disney+, TikTok, Apple Music, and many more. This post will guide you on how to watch Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15. Read on!How to Watch Netflix on Facetime

Is it Possible to Watch Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to watch Netflix content while using FaceTime because Netflix does not support the new SharePlay feature. There are only specific apps that support streaming while using the FaceTime app such as Disney+, ESPN+, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+, and Pluto TV among others. 

Currently, you can’t watch Netflix on FaceTime by itself. However, you can FaceTime freely while using any of the aforementioned apps on the latest iOS 15. Knowing that Netflix is not available on FaceTime iOS 15 might leave you worried. You don’t have to because there are alternative ways how to watch Netflix on Facetime iOS 15.How to Watch Netflix on Facetime

How to Invite friends to watch Netflix on FaceTime from a supported App

You can stream Netflix on your PC together with your friends while making FaceTime calls. The Google Chrome extension known as Showgoers for Netflix can also be used regardless of your friend’s location.

You can as well begin a SharePlay session from supported streaming apps by following the steps below:

  • Go to the selected app and open the streaming app.
  • Select a movie or TV show you would like to share.
  • Click on the Menu button or the Share button.
  • Click on SharePlay, then input the contacts that you want to call.
  • Select FaceTime to begin the FaceTime video.
  • Or simply click on the Audio button to start the FaceTime audio. 
  • Finally, start the video.

Playback controls can also be shared by everyone watching to enable all play, pause, rewind, or fast forward the video anytime. When you change settings like closed captioning and volume, this will only affect your device. 

In case you want to watch Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15 with several iPhone users at the same time, then, it’s not possible. Netflix is yet to offer support for this feature, but you can use Teleparty for streaming Netflix with your friends.How to Watch Netflix on Facetime

How To Share Netflix On Facetime

The SharePlay feature has been connected to the FaceTime app directly which enables users to enjoy unlimited movie streaming with friends and family. Apple completed a wonderful job by integrating the SharePlay feature with other modern features.

This latest feature also gives iPhone users full access to listen to music, watch movies with people, check out albums, and perform a lot more. You can utilize several apps here since there’s no Netflix on FaceTime. You need to share Netflix on FaceTime to enjoy streaming. 

Follow the steps below to show you how to use FaceTime to watch your favorite movies with your friends:

  • The first thing to do is go to the FaceTime app and open the app on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 15 or higher.
  • Choose the “Create Link” option from the drop-down Menu.
  • Tap the “I” button next to the link and choose Sharelink from the drop-down Menu.
  • Now, share the meeting link with your family and friends via any of your preferred messaging apps.
  • You can as well use the “New FaceTime” option.
  • Choose the particular persons with whom you wish to share the movie by clicking on the New FaceTime option.
  • Once you have successfully selected the persons, click on the “FaceTime” option again to start the meeting instantly.
  • Click on the “Screen Share” option in the control panel’s top-right corner once the meeting has started.
  • Select ShareMyScreen in the pop-up window showing on your screen. 
  • Finally, navigate to your preferred streaming app and begin watching the movie you want.
  • To start streaming your movie with your family and friends, ensure you choose the SharePlay option.

That’s all about sharing Netflix on FaceTime. How to Watch Netflix on Facetime

How to Watch Netflix on Facetime on iPhone

To watch movies and TV shows together in FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad involves an easy process. Follow the steps below carefully:

  • Begin a FaceTime call on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go up from the bottom edge of the FaceTime call page, and open a video streaming app that freely supports SharePlay.
  • Select a movie or TV show, and tap Play.
  • If you are prompted, you can click on SharePlay.

Now here’s how to watch Netflix on FaceTime on your iPhone. Also, note that the playback controls can be shared by everyone watching, which enables anyone to play, pause, rewind, or fast forward. When you change settings like closed captioning and volume, it will only affect your device.How to Watch Netflix on Facetime

This is all about watching Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15. Sadly, Netflix is not yet available on FaceTime iOS 15. However, you can use any of the common streaming services with FaceTime on the latest iOS 15. The SharePlay smart feature enables you and your friends to automatically adjust the volume while watching the movie.

I hope you would have got a clear perception of the possibilities of watching Netflix on FaceTime iOS15.I hope this article has answered all questions you might be having regarding how to watch Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15. If so, feel free to drop your comments below to know if you were able to watch Netflix on Facetime without any hitch and if you have any further information about the topic, kindly drop it below. Thanks. 

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