How to Fix HP LaserJet Error Codes

HP Laserjet printers are widely used in different offices and establishments. This is due in part to the structure of conducting formal business relations and communication within and outside workplaces. This equipment is not without possible faults and errors. The HP LaserJet at one point or the other develops faults and communicates to its users through the display of error codes. This post is about HP LaserJet error codes, so sit tight and read on.

Now, do you know these errors? That’s why we are here. This interesting read will give you an insight into what causes and how to go about HP LaserJet error codes.

HP Error code XXX supply memory full

HP LaserJet Error code XXX Memory full

Sometimes the whole office might be relying on a printer. This could bring pressure on the printer as every desk sends their work simultaneously without rest. The Error code XXX Memory Full might pop up and causes the LasserJet printer to stop working.

To avoid or solve this error code “XXX Memory full”, you need to reduce the work sent or increase the printer’s memory so it can effectively process each work it receives.

Reducing the DPI can considerably solve this. Also, un-marking the collate option in the printer driver or making the sent image or document more simple.

Diagnosing HP error code 02

HP LaserJet Error code 02

The HP LaserJet has its printer cables that help in transmitting and facilitating its printing problems. The LaserJet error code 02 is popularly connected with driver glitches or printer cables.

To solve the LaserJet error 02, you need to turn off the printer first and disconnect the printer cable (USB or I/O). Now turn to insert it back and turn the printer back on. It should signify “Ready” but don’t use immediately, update the drivers first as a precautionary move.

If, after doing this, your LaserJet still doesn’t work, then check the printer cable for the update. If this is done and it still pops up the error code 02, then there might be a hardware hitch.

HP LaserJet Error Code 10

This error code communicates a message that means “Supply Memory Full”. This implies that the toner cartridge chip is the problem as the printer is unable to read it.

To solve the HP LaserJet error code 10, a reset method of turning the printer off and then on can solve a minor glitch. If this happens not to resolve the error, remove and reinstall the cartridge. A total replacement could also be made, if available.

These steps should solve this issue, but if it doesn’t, it is best to check for any hardware fault.

HP error code 16

HP LaserJet PS error 16

Often associated with Postscript firmware errors, the HP LaserJet error 16 can be propelled by PCL documents being sent while the PostScript mode. Resetting the PostScript SIMMM or totally replacing it is one of the ways to solve this hitch, after doing this, print out an alternative PostScript file to eliminate the corrupt one.

Paper Jam error code 13

There are quite some reasons that could make a paper jam during the printing process. Paper jams are prone to occur in four stages;

Pick up, fusing, printing, and exit.  HP LaserJet informs users of where the jam occurred and has a guide on what kind of paper to use.

It’s advisable not to attempt removing jammed papers at the risk of damaging the printer.  Instead, check for the jam location in the user-accessible areas of the printer and fix the error. If the error persists, you may have a hardware problem.

Scan Buffer Error code 65

Being that different models of the HP printers have different error labeling, the error code 65 could mean a defective D.C. controller, an inappropriately set or bad firmware DIMMS, or defective formatter board.

These errors can best be solved by resetting the formatter board and the DIMMS. If the error still isn’t resolved by this, try replacing the DIMMS and the formatter board totally. Your printer should be working properly after this. If not, try looking for a possible hardware hitch or contact an experienced HP printer engineer.

PostScript ROM Failure Error 89

This error pops up when it seems your PostScript ROM is inappropriately located, defective, or developed damaged pins.

Usually, try turning off the printer and then off to see if it resolves the problem as it could be a minor and unserious glitch. If it is not resolved, check if the PS ROM has any damaged pins and then reset. If your printer still doesn’t function as expected, you may need to replace the PS ROM totally.

HP LaserJet error code 10

With a display name of “Paper Out”, the Error code 10 is communicating that there’s a problem with your paper sensor or tray. This could mean that you’re out of paper, too, though.

To fix this error, ensure that your printer is balanced and on a completely flat surface. Clean the paper tray surface of any toner build up and make sure there is no damage around it. Also, check the paper sensor for further maintenance and repair or clean the optor sensor.

Did any of these error code explanations help you? Kindly drop your experience in the comment section.

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