How to Download iMessage on PC

iMessage is a message app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod smartphones and Mac devices to send and receive instant messages through the iCloud. However, the iMessage app is like other iOS apps, you can download and install on Windows computer using emulators like BlueStacks, GenyMotion, etc. But, a walkaround in this guide revealed two different approaches to download and install iMessage on PC (Windows computer).

It’s quite easy to download and instamm iMessage APK for Windows computer using an emulator of your choice. However, since the iMessage app comes in a format that only supported iMac devices which iOS users connect through the iCloud.

With this limitation, it’s technically impossible to download iMessage for Windows just like Mac users. But, with the use of the emulator we’ll explain how to use in this guide and the Chrome Desktop remote you will be able to use the iMessage app on your Windows computer and receive notifications on your Windows which is similar to Mac.

Install iMessage on PC (Windows Computer)

There is no direct way to download and install iMessage for laptops computer. Be it Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. To download the iMessage, you need to follow a walk around which allows you to download and install iMessage on Windows.

How to Use iMessage on Windows

This appraoch requires you to have both Windows and Mac computer and access to the internet to download Chrome Desktop computer.

1. Prepare your Mac and Windows computer ready for iMessage

2. Download and install “Chrome Desktop Remote” on your Mac computer and on your Windows computer.

iMessage on Windows

3. Once you have successfully installed the Chrome Desktop Remote Extension on your computer click on “Launch App”.

Launch Chrome Remote Desktop

4. Next, download and install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on your Mac computer.Host Installer

5. Once you have been able to download and install it on your Mac, the Host Installer icon will be added to your desktop.Chrome Remote Desktop icon

6. Click on the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer and click on continue on the introduction. Introduction to Chrome Remote host

7. Enter your Mac username and password and click on “Install software”Install software on Mac

8. Upon successful installation click on “close” to finish the Chrome Remote Desktop host installer.Successful Installation

9. Use the code “3119 6964 3334” to connect both the Mac computer and Windows computer together.Download iMessage on PC

With this you can now run the iMessage on your Windows computer and receive iMessage notifications on Windows like Mac. This procedure, however, work for Windows users with Windows computer. But, what happens to Windows users without Mac computer? How do they use the iMessage on laptops using a Windows computer?

See the next guide on how to download and install iMessage on Laptop computer running on Windows operating system.

Download iMessage for Laptops using iPadian 2

You don’t need a Mac computer to download iMessage for laptops in this walkaround, neither do you need to download the Chrome remote desktop to download iMessage.

This approach makes use of the iPadian 2 to download and install iMessage on a computer running on Windows OS.

1. Open your browser on your Windows computer and visit iPadian 2 site ( to download iPadian 2 for Windows.

2. Go to your Windows download folder and click on the iPadian 2.exe (installer) emulator.

3. Accept the terms and conditions and install the iPadian 2 emulator on your computer successfully.

4. Launch the iPadian emulator and search for “iMessage” using the search box in the emulator.

5. Click on the emulator to download and install the iMessage app on your laptop or Windows computer.

Now, once you’ve downloaded the iMessage for PC using the iPadian emulator you can now launch the iMessage app on your Windows computer and enjoy it.

With this approach you don’t need to have a Mac computer or an iOS device to use the iMessage app on Windows computer. However, for iPad, iPod, and iPhone users facing “iMessage waiting for activation, check out this guide” for solutions to fix the error on your iOS device.

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