How to Fix Instagram Crash on iPhone issues

If by any chance, you are directed to this page while searching for help on how to fix Instagram crash on iPhone issues or dealing with a similar problem, especially with an Instagram app that keeps crashing or suddenly stops working after iOS 11.4 update, I have some input for you to refer to.  Below are highlighted some solutions to the post-update problem on the iPhone 7 Instagram app, which behaves after the latest iOS implementation.  Feel free to refer to these subsequent instructions as needed.

Having an Instagram crash on iPhone issues or trouble using Instagram on your iPhone?  Does it continue crashing right away when I open the app or minutes after use?  I tried it a lot, and I have to say it is very frustrating.  If you are facing a similar issue, see Six Ways to Fix Instagram Application from Crashing on Your iPhone.

Running old version of Instagram app or buggy, old or incompatible OS, Instagram server issues are some of the factors responsible for crashing social network app on your iPhone.  We’ve discovered a few methods below to get your Instagram back to normal.

How to Fix Instagram Crash on iPhone issues

Here, we dig deep into how to fix Instagram on iPhone when it keeps crashing.

Update the Instagram app on iPhone XR.

If you recently opened the Instagram app and left it hanging in the background, then this might be the reason for it crashing.  Errors can easily accumulate if you keep apps running in the background for a long time.  In order to make sure your app is running at its optimal performance, you can exit and restart it.  Background scanning app enables quick updates and eliminates minor errors causing the problem.  Here’s how it works:

  1. From the home screen, slide your finger up and pause.
  2. Swipe left or right and look for the Instagram app preview.
  3. Then swipe up in the app preview to close.

You can perform the same steps to clear all applications running in the background.  This will remove conflicts that may affect the Instagram app for better performance.  Once all apps are cleared, restart Instagram and check if it still crashes or not.

Reset Network Settings on your iPhone.

Appropriate network settings are also needed for Instagram to function properly.  If the settings are incorrectly adjusted or changed incorrectly, this may cause related symptoms.  Not only does a major iOS update like iOS 13 implement great features, but it can also override settings.  This may be the reason why the Instagram app continues to crash after an iOS update.  Performing a network reset will ensure your phone gets the appropriate settings by deleting all custom network settings and resetting them to default values ​​and options.

Uninstall and then Reinstall the Instagram app on your iPhone.

You might deal with a corrupted application if the previous solutions did not fix the problem.  To rule this out, you can uninstall the wrong Instagram app and reinstall it to remove bugs that might affect it for a good performance.  This will also remove the wrong cache that may have affected the performance of the platform.  There are two ways to delete third-party apps from the iPhone XR.  You can perform the usual way from the home screen or access the application directory from your iPhone storage.

After deleting the Instagram app, restart your iPhone XR.  After restarting it, reconnect to the internet and then go to the Apple store to re-download the latest version of the Instagram app and install it on your device.  Then restart it and log in, if necessary, to check if you can use it without a problem.

Close all Background Apps

There are several ways to fix Instagram crashe on iPhone or iOS phones.  The first is to close all background apps by pressing the Home button twice and swiping up to close the apps.  If it has been running in the background for a long time, a problem may cause the malfunction.

If that doesn’t work, try restarting.  Turn off the phone completely, wait a few minutes, then restart the phone.  Test the app after restarting the phone.  If the app still crashes, check your phone for updates.  If the latest Instagram version is not installed, your app is likely to crash.  Pay any updates specifically for Instagram or for the operating system as a whole.  If the problem persists, uninstall the Instagram app and then reinstall the new install and test it again.  This should solve the problem.  If the malfunction is not fixed, your phone may be the problem and not the app itself.

Internal Phone Problems

If Instagram continues to stop and continues crashing after trying everything from resetting to the new install, you might need to take a deeper look at your phone and OS.  In most cases, visiting the point of purchase so that professionals can back up the device before completely erasing memory completely and performing a new installation is the best approach.  This method ensures that everything important is kept on the phone while restoring factory settings.

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