What Does User Not Found Mean on Instagram

In most cases, an Instagram user not found could mean that the Instagram account has an issue, the account has been deleted, the user changed its username, the Instagram account is suspended or you have blocked the Instagram user. Well, this article will provide relevant information on “what does user not found mean on Instagram.”

Instagram User Not Found

When you try to search for a particular Instagram username or account but the account is no longer available or you are slammed with “User not Found” or “Sorry the Instagram page is not available. Instagram may have deleted the Instagram handle or the user has changed their username if you haven’t blocked them.

Meanwhile, there is no particular solution to this if the Instagram handle no longer exists. However, the idea below is not that it will help you fix the error or problem with the Instagram handle rather it will give you insight into why you keep seeing the message.

This is also different when you see an Instagram user not found but can see the picture. So, you will also be able to utilize these tips to fix this glitch as well.

Instagram user not found

What Does User Not Found Mean on Instagram

Here are some of the reasons why you see “user not found” on Instagram when you click on the Instagram user’s profile.

Instagram Username is Changed

If the user you are searching for on Instagram changes his/her username you will see the user not found as the result. However, if the user blocked you, you will likely see their profile picture but you will not be able to send messages or follow the Instagram account because you have been blocked.

Instagram users may change their Instagram usernames due to rebranding or when they change their account to a business account on the social media platform.

Instagram Account is Made a Private

Have you ever thought of this? A private Instagram account is different from a public Instagram account. If the Instagram account was made public you will be able to search for it using the search box, follow, send messages and interact with the profile. However, if the account settings are changed to public it will disappear from the search and you will likely end up with a user not found when you search for the Instagram account.

Instagram Suspend the Account

Instagram can suspend your account for policy violations or abuse reports from your followers or other Instagram users. When an Instagram account is suspended it will no longer be available in the search and the followers will not have access to the page again. With this, you can see the Instagram page doesn’t exit message or the user is not found.

The Instagram Account is Deleted

Instagram gives users a 30-day ultimatum to reactivate a temporarily deleted Instagram account after which the account will be deleted permanently if no activities are recorded on the account within this period. However, if the user initiates that their Instagram account be deleted it will be removed from the search and the Instagram handle will not be found when you search for it.

So, before you worry yourself about not being able to see an Instagram profile check whether the account has not been deleted either temporarily or permanently.

The User Blocked You

You will see “User not Found” if the user blocked you without prior notice. This could be a worse experience though but there is nothing you can do here unless you reach out to the user offline to unblock you so that their username will be available while searching for them on the platform.


Typo Erro

If you typed the wrong Instagram username and no one bears the name on Instagram you will end up with the user not found. However, this is probably the easiest fix. You need to check and confirm the Instagram username to confirm that you typed the correct Instagram username. If the username is correct and still ends up with “Instagram user not found” and none of the reasons above happens it could be a glitch from Instagram.

Instagram Glitch

If the Instagram server runs into a problem it can cause some funny moments when you are interacting with the platform such as Instagram not loading feeds, unable to upload pictures or photos on the platform, user not found and a host of them.

While there is nothing you can do to resolve this personally, you need to wait until the server is restored and everything is working perfectly. However if after the server is restored and you are not able to search for Instagram users you need to take the following steps.

Update the Instagram

You need to update your Instagram app regularly to fix suspected glitches. Here are the steps to take.

  • Open the “App Store” on your “iPhone.”
  • Tap on the “Profile” icon at the top right corner.
  • Scroll down to “Update All” and tap “Update” on the “Instagram App.”
  • Launch the “Play Store” app on your “Android.”
  • Tap on your “Profile picture” at the top right.
  • Tap “Manage apps & device.”
  • Tap “Manage.”
  • Click on “Update Available” on the navigation.
  • Locate and click on the “Instagram Logo.”
  • Tap “Update.”

Wait for the Instagram app to upgrade to the latest version and check whether the user not found error is gone or not.

Restart your Phone

You should consider restarting your phone as a habit once in a while to clear stored caches and cookies on your phone. This can also help to fix glitches causing your phone not to run smoothly.

  • Press and hold the “Power” button.
  • Tap “Restart” from the menu.

Your phone will restart or you will be prompted to confirm restart if you are using a fingerprint lock or password to confirm your phone power off or restart.

  • Press the “Power Button + Volume Up” at the same time.
  • Slide the “Slider to power off.”

Wait for a couple of minutes for your iPhone to turn off. Press the power button to turn it on after a while. You can use your iPhone automation to create a shortcut to restart your iPhone.

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