Get the Latest WhatsApp Updates First

There are has been so many questions and worries on how to update WhatsApp to the latest version automatically and enjoy all the mobile chat features.

Over times, WhatsApp has rolled out a considerable amount of features which you would not be able to enjoy if you failed to update your WhatsApp to the latest version.

Meanwhile, most WhatsApp users often caught the wrong update and before they know it, a lot of features would have been trending before they update their own WhatsApp app to the latest version, However, the trending question is to enjoy latest WhatsApp update is, is their any possible way to let WhatsApp updates itself automatically or get notified when there is a new update available for the app.

Well, there is an easy way to get latest WhatsApp update first among your friends and be the first to enjoy any WhatsApp features that are still in Beta version. Don’t forget that WhatsApp Beta is a test version of upcoming WhatsApp update which you can enjoy before any of your friends have a taste.

And in fact, when you install WhatsApp app and subscribe to the Beta version update you stand a better chance to know when WhatsApp would release its next update because you will be notified beforehand via your subscription.

While WhatsApp Beta subscription is not the only way to get WhatsApp new update automatically, I’d share with you some awesome tips that have really helped me to stay ahead of most WhatsApp users when it comes to the latest WhatsApp version and updates.

Install latest whatsapp update version

Get the Latest WhatsApp Updates First

Here we share the easiest way to get the latest WhatsApp update and enjoy the new and newest feature of the mobile chat app. Enjoy!

1. Subscribe to WhatsApp Beta Version Update

If you want to test WhatsApp new update in advance and before it is released to every WhatsApp users to enjoy you should consider subscribing to WhatsApp Beta. With WhatsApp Beta, you will always get invited when new WhatsApp feature is on the way and you will be privileged to test it and give your own view via review of the feature.

The WhatsApp Beta version is just like a half-baked version which has not been rolled out to everyone but to some select users which you intend to join. This feature is available for both iOS and Android phone users without root access for Android but for iOS users, you need to jailbreak your phone.

To be the first to receive WhatsApp update first subscribe to WhatsApp beta version update via your phone app store and you will get notified of the next features update. Head to WhatsApp Beta version page to subscribe now!

2. Vist WhatsApp Feature Page Often

One etiquette way to stay connected with WhatsApp latest features and update is to constantly visit WhatsApp new features page. WhatsApp has a special page where all new and old updates information are posted. Visiting page often will give you a new information on the latest and what is possibly going to happen in the new WhatsApp update so that you can stay close and get the feature update first ahead of all your colleagues.

In most cases, WhatsApp blog is the first place to announce any news regarding WhatsApp and the upcoming news regarding the chat app. However, the WhatsApp feature is another source of new and outdated information about WhatsApp.

Visit the WhatsApp feature page and bookmark it to get the latest WhatsApp update and be the first to enjoy the feature.

3. Update Your WhatsAll Consistently

For some reasons, you may not be able to perform the above options regarding latest WhatsApp update and version but spending few minutes a week checking through an outdated app on your play store or iOS or Windows store would give you a hint whether you run the latest or outdated WhatsApp app.

From research and experience, we found out that WhatsApp rolls out update almost every week via play store app. With this, you can always visit Google play store and check whether you run the latest WhatsApp version.

This is the easiest way to check your latest app update. You can do that directly with Google play store under my apps & games and update your WhatsApp.

Following the highlighted procedure here you will definitely be the first to get WhatsApp new update and install it on your phone.

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