5 iOS Software Tools You Need To Install On Your PC

If you are big on iPhones but not so much enthusiastic about the Mac, then getting the right iOS software tools might come in handy for swift transferring of your files across devices. Apple’s iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world.

However, transferring files across devices can be a drag and is a consistent concern with this premium device. iTunes is a software designed to make file import to iOS devices easier from a PC.

It also has its own downsides. For example, while transferring files from your PC to iPhone, you would first need to transfer them to the iTunes library and then sync with the device.

So, if you have music on your iPhone that’s non-purchased, you may lose such files after the synchronization process. That said if you want to transfer files across devices quickly, without the hassle that iTunes presents, then you should consider the following iOs Software Tools for PC.

So Whether it’s files from an old iPhone or a friend’s phone to your new device, or you just want to back up your data without using iTunes, you would need an excellent third-party software to transfer data from PC to iPhone, effortlessly.

Here’s A List Of The Best iOS software Tools For PC

The following iOS software tools for PC will also work on Mac.

Syncios Manager

iOS Software Tools For PC
Syncios Manager

This software tool is one of the most effective substitutes for iTunes that allows you to backup all your data to your PC, for instance, music, podcast, photos, videos, ringtones, iTunes, the camera captures, ebooks, contacts, audio, and much more. You can also sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to iTunes using this software.

Syncios also comes with tools that you won’t find on the iTunes for easy use with its packed converting feature that allows you to transform any audio and video to a format that works with iOS. Other features include:

  • transferring music from iDevice to iDevice, iDevice to computer and PC to iDevice,
  • synchronization of files from iDevice to PC,
  • copying iDevice files to iTunes,
  • backup of phone data including contacts, notes, bookmarks, or voice memos, managing apps and documents between computer and iDevice,
  • create a photo album, edit and remove,
  • import content like music, videos, photos, eBook, or ringtone between iDevice and PC.
  • Facility to add playlists and even edit them to manage and categorize music and videos.
  • create ringtones for iPhone

System Requirements: Windows and Mac OS X

Price: Free trial available; Upgrade available at $39.95

Wondershare TunesGo

iOS Software tools For PC

If you are looking for a software that helps you transfer music from any device to another device smoothly, for instance, from iTunes, Android, PC to iTunes, and PC to Mac, TunesGo is the right go to. With this software, there’s no device limitation for transferring the iTunes media files. This software also converts the music files to a supportable format by your iTunes and devices automatically.

It allows you to transfer data (contacts, photos, videos, music, etc.) From one iDevice to another.  It also supports multiple device connections to your PC at one time.

System Requirements: Windows and Mac OS X

Price: Free trial available; Upgrade starts from $29.95

Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone
Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone is perhaps one of the most powerful phone transfer tools that allow transferring files like music, photos, videos, contacts, messages, podcasts, iTunes U, and playlists from your iDevice to your PC.

One standout advantage is the ability to export music on iDevice to computer or iTunes that includes ratings, skip, and play counts, helping you to transfer images between iDevices and computer by using drag and drop facility, allowing you to merge identical contacts saved on the iPhone’s memory, Gmail, iCloud or any other accounts with no loss of data, and helping you to create playlists and arrange the music on your iDevice.

System Requirements: Windows and Mac

Price: Starts from $69.95

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer

iOS Software Tools For PC
Xilisofty iPhone Transfer

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer is a smart choice when you need the perfect alternative to iTunes as it helps you to backup content like music, videos, and more on your iDevice to your PC while copying files from PC to iDevice at the same time.

It also supports file converting to your iPhone to a portable hard disk during the installation of the software.

Among its features are complete support for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, backing up of iPhone data to PC, back up of messages and contacts to PC, the export of files saved on PC to iDevice, sync music stored on iPhone with iTunes library, manage content (music, photos, videos, and eBooks) on iPhone, and compatibility with all iDevices at the same time.

System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Price: Free version available; upgrade starts at $29.95

Tipard iPhone Transfer

Tipard iPhone Transfer
Tipard iPhone Transfer

Tipard iPhone transfer software a professional software that is multifunctional. It comes with a strong transfer feature that enables you to transfer content (music, iTunes U, podcasts, ringtones, contacts, photos, videos, ebooks, camera shots, messages, or voice memos) from iPhone to computer or iTunes. It also comes equipped with a converter that is capable of converting any audio or video file to a file that’s compatible with iOS.

Among its key features are – connecting more than one iDevice at the same time, transfer files between any two iDevices, backup of messages or contacts for safety, convert DVDs and videos to formats that work with iOS, create personalized iPhone ringtones and even edit.

System Requirements: Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

Price: Free version available; Upgrade starts from $31.50

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