iPhone 11 Camera Features can do these Amazing things

Indisputably, camera features are one of the selling points of contemporary smartphones. iPhone 11 camera features have proven to be top-notch and unbeatable. Suitable for long or short picture shots, incredibly high definition quality, and lots more. Its models of 11, 11 Pro and Pro max have all come to redefine the world of photography.

While some do not have these incredible gadgets to be able to explore its graphical and pictorial potentials, some privileged users do not fully know and understand the benefits of owning such a masterpiece.  Although its top quality picture resolution cannot be hidden, some quality designs with the goal of bringing out the best with little touches of creativity and uniqueness are yet to be uncovered by most users.

These are expected and worth considering that Apple went the extra mile to bring out the 11 series in a different never seen before design. All three models gained extra cameras at the back, with the 11 being two and 11 Pro and Pro Max having a total of three cameras at the back.

It doesn’t end there. Apple made us know it’s not all about design and physicality; functionality matters just as much. Improvements were made to the software, and this enables the 11 series emerge as a match to some top-grade digital cameras. The night mode visuals alone is enough to confirm this.

Meanwhile, these unique developments did not complicate or compromise the iPhone’s ease of operating its camera feature. Operating the iPhone 11 series is just as easy as previous models.

iPhone 11 camera features

Here are some amazing additions to the iPhone 11 series that makes it stand out in style, design and software sophistication;

iPhone 11 camera in Night mode

iPhone 11 Extreme Night Mode

iPhone has passed the message loud and clear. They are the best smartphone manufacturers that give succor to users in the day and at night. The feature lets your camera automatically switch to Night mode as it can determine when there’s no light at all around you. The icon is designed to look like a moon with some lines through it. The night mode is active when the icon turns yellow.

The camera now has a time directive to let it capture the best moments properly and beautifully.  It could display “2s”, meaning it would take 2 seconds to expertly capture the view. You will then have to hold the shutter button for two seconds as an untimely release can distort or cancel your picture.

The iPhone doesn’t control all activities in the camera segment. It gives the user the choice to switch from the night mode by tapping the moon like an icon that represents the night mode and then tilting the slider towards the shutter button.

iPhone 11 zoom feature gives a whole new level to details in photography

Incredible camera zoom feature

Sometimes, getting people’s pictures in crowded places is stressful. Maybe you want to catch a friend among 5 other friends unaware, or you want to take a photo of Michelle Obama while greeting dignitaries, the iPhone series camera is designed to take long-distance objects with its unique zoom feature. Complemented by double and triple cameras at the rare, their zoom quality doesn’t reduce provided the shot a considerably far distance.

With an ultra-wide and wide-angle camera, the iPhone 11 is designed differently from the two other 11 models, Pro and Pro max. All three cameras are 12 megapixels each.

The Apple company further went ahead to easily enable a switch option between the cameras by tapping on the zoom options, which provides you with either 0.5x or 2x. Labeling the first and main camera “1x”, the phones have an automatic zoom finder that zooms in and out immediately the cameras are switched.

The 11 series comes with a zoom feature that allows you to zoom from 0.5x to 1ox by using the new zoom wheel.

The iPhone 11 camera deep fusion

Talk about Deep fusion for iPhone 11

iPhone 11 takes pictures without you having to turn on the Deep Fusion bar every time. The new technology allows it to take photos by default, provided you deactivated the Photo Capture outside the Frame feature. If it’s otherwise and turned on, you won’t be able to explore this feature as you will continue to take photos that you can zoom out from, which would ultimately render the Deep Fusion feature ineffective. To enjoy this feature, you need to make sure you are using the main 1x camera so Deep Fusion can work.

The magic! Zoom out after a taken picture  with your device

The 11 series is pretty fun and dramatic. There’s a feature that can be used to zoom out on a picture you take using the telephoto or wide lenses. Practically, if you were taking a basketball team photo and took the picture without covering the last two teammates on both edges, you can assess the photos app and zoom out on the picture with the crop tool, revealing the initially left out teammates.

Click on the toggle bar to activate or deactivate the Capture outside the frame feature.

To enable this feature, you go to the Settings app and choose the Camera option. Scrolling down, you will see the Photo Capture Outside the Frame option, turn it on.

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