Is Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Waterproof? – Find Out

I myself I have used a lot of phones in my life and I never cared about whether or not my phone is waterproof or water-resistant until a couple of days ago, I was having my cell phone in pocket standing just a foot from the pool at the hotel where I went with friends.

One of my friends shouted James! And I was shocked and frightened, because the way he shouted my name made me think that something was coming at my back, so in bid to quickly leave that spot I slipped and fell inside the pool, and before I could come out, the phone in my pock had already taken enough water, and since it wasn’t water-resistant or waterproof, I lost my phone.

And I made up my mind that the next phone I going to buy would be waterproof, and that I would do enough research online before heading for the market. Also, I decided to start writing articles based on whether or not a gadget is waterproof. That is why I have found it necessary to write about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Waterproof Tablet.

Is Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Waterproof? - Find Out

Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Waterproof?

The information I provide is mostly based on the official website of the produce, and this one would not be different. According to official Samsung records, this Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tablet is not IP68 waterproof though it can be said to have a certain amount of water-resistant and dustproof.

But as a tech guy who speaks the technical language, I would tell you technically that eloquently and technically it is not officially waterproof. However, it is still possible that it is protected against dust and splash water, as I know that Samsung is too smart to leave the phone completely vulnerable.

Advice from Gadget Wrights Team

I on behalf of Gadget Wright Team advice that if you are an owner of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 or phone or tablet you have found to be no waterproof, buy a waterproof case and put the gadget in it.

Don’t take pictures under the rain, shower, or underwater if you don’t have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 waterproof jacket. Whenever you are close to a pool or river, don’t fling your phone.

Always be careful with a friend who are careless with other people’s things, so you don’t fall a victim as I did.

What else do you need to know?

  • Display: Samsung uses a 10.6-inch OLED screen on the Tab S6, it is bright, clear and also has great colors. There is almost nothing to complain about in daily use, and I hardly found myself without the 120 Hz panel of my iPad Pro. The screen fingerprint sensor is also solid.
  • Battery life: As usual with Android tablets, the battery life was good, but not excellent. The tablet resists well in active use, but in standby mode, it consumes energy faster than I would like. If I leave the tablet out of the charger for a day, it is usually dead the next day. Fortunately, it is charged via USB-C PD and also contains a quick charger in the box.
  • Performance: Thanks to a Snapdragon 855 and 6 GB RAM, the Galaxy Tab S6 is a very fast tablet. It is as powerful as most modern Android smartphones and never really stops when I use it. I have no complaints about the performance of the Tab S6 even when I play.
  • Storage: The base model of the Galaxy Tab S6 has 128 GB of internal storage, which is excellent to look at. Lots of space for apps, games and films. There is also a microSD card slot to expand this assignment.
  • Cameras: Samsung ran a large part of the dual-camera system on the Tab S6, and it is definitely a series of cameras. The quality is excellent considering it’s a tablet, but I’m still not a fan of using a tablet to take pictures. However, if this is the case, this is a very good option.
    Is it worth?

As I mentioned before, you will buy an Android tablet if you know you want an Android tablet. With that in mind, the Galaxy Tab S6 is a great option, even at a price of $ 649. Basically, however, there is no one you can buy from if you just want a tablet. Apple’s iPad range is truly fantastic across the board, and there’s nothing worth it on these devices on the Galaxy Tab S6.

If you want to buy the Galaxy Tab S6, it is available directly from Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo and Samsung for $ 649. The keyboard cover costs $ 179.

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