Is Samsung Galaxy A80 Waterproof and Dustproof? – Find Out

Finding out important stuff about Gadgets is what I have decided to do, more especially if it aligns with what people want. Today you and I will walk the path to find out if the Samsung Galaxy A80 is waterproof, water-resistant or even dustproof. I don’t want you to fall a victim of losing your phone to water damage, just because you didn’t know whether or not your device is waterproof and you decide to take selfie underwater, under rain or when you were taking shower. All you need to do is follow me till the end of this article so that you will find out if you can be little carefree with your Samsung Galaxy A80.

Is the Samsun Galaxy A80 Waterproof and Dustproof

The test has been performed by some of our correspondents; they gave us their reports eloquently. They significantly concentrated on the camera. One of our correspondents said with every bit of precision that the camera slide mechanism collapses underwater.

One of them said that the camera is also not dustproof since dust particles get into the camera when it was exposed to a certain level of concentration of dust. In general, it can be said that the device is not fully protected against water and dust particles. Special care should be taken with the Galaxy A80 if it is near water or dust storms. In addition, we recommend users not to use this device for water-related activities such as underwater photography and videography, even more.

What is the IP rating of the Samsung Galaxy A80

From the official information and the reports given to us by our correspondents about the Samsung Galaxy A80, we can say that the Samsung Galaxy A80 is not “officially” waterproof and, due to the mechanisms of the camera, has no IP protection. It is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass, which provides an additional layer of security and offers very low water resistance.

We’re big fans of this sliding camera mechanism here at Clove Technology, but these moving parts, along with the mid-range, make the Galaxy A80 completely lose any IP rating for water resistance. and/or with water. Dust. If you want to use this front camera, the A80 not only slides up, but the camera also uses a complex rotation system. In this way, a rotating mechanism simply switches the cameras from the back to the front of the phone and vice versa.

When the device appears, space is created on the side and top of the phone. As a result, water, dust, lint, and other particles can better penetrate the sliding module and guts of the phone, where they do the most damage. Compare this to other devices where the only gaps available are small headphone jacks or speaker grilles, and you can see why it would be almost impossible for the Galaxy A80 to be IP certified. Still, the phone would still have a clear plastic box in the box. This covers all three sides of the phone with the top left corner open so the camera can slide easily. We will always be careful when using your smartphone near water, so this shouldn’t be a deciding factor for most.

General Information about the Samsung Galaxy A80

The housing of the Galaxy A80 fits perfectly with the zeitgeist: the front consists almost entirely of the screen with small frames. This means that the front camera should also disappear. With the Galaxy smartphone, the main camera is only mounted and rotated on the back when necessary, so that you can also use high-quality camera modules for selfies. If you grasp the extended camera module too tightly or if the smartphone detects a fall, the camera module will be removed immediately to avoid damage.

The back is smooth and reflective, and the camera module is clearly noticeable. The colors of the smartphone are white, pink and black, and our black test device looks rather dark grey. The Galaxy A80 is a large 220-gram smartphone, which is also quite heavy and thanks to its rounded corners fit very well in the hand.

The stability of the housing with a metal frame and glass surfaces is basically good. However, you can press lightly on the back of the box, which slightly diminishes our impression of quality. On the other hand, the smartphone can only be deformed minimally and does not tear.

Do you consider buying the Samsung A80

Although that Samsung Galaxy A80 is not fully Waterproof and doesn’t have a certified IP degree of protection against dust or water, the Samsung Galaxy A80 was built with one of the most innovative designs of 2019 and offers an exceptional price-performance ratio.

The 48-megapixel main camera (1: 2.0) takes pictures with incredible details that are bright and clear at any time of the day. With a 3D TOF depth camera, you can adjust the depth of field in the images, while an 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens completes the setup. with a wide-angle of 123 degrees for epic panoramic photos.

The new 6.7-inch Infinity FHD + Super AMOLED screen maximizes the screen area and contains thin frames with no notches or cutouts. It even has a fingerprint sensor under the screen, so the design’s appearance isn’t distracted.

You need a large battery for all of these image adjustments, and a 3700 mAh battery will help you easily. When it’s time to rejuvenate, the Samsung Galaxy A80 supports an ultra-fast charge of 25 W.

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