Is the Apple Watch waterproof or Water-resistant?

Is the Apple watch waterproof for real or it’s water-resistant? Apple watch is very popular in the market but very expensive compared to other smartwatches. If you are lucky to get one you should protect it from water damage at all cost.

When water damages your Apple watch it can cost you more than you bought it to repair. However, the water-resistant Apple watch can be used while exercising, running, swimming, etc despite your sweat.

As great as Apple watches from series 1 to series 5 are, they all can be used in the swimming pool without allowing water to pass through within a particular time interval. This is not to say that the Apple Watch is waterproof.

When Apple introduced the water-resistant feature in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the standard rating is pegged at IP67 which means that the Apple device survives in 3 feet water for up to 30 minutes. However, iPhone 8 features the same IP rating. However, the iPhone 12 and the new iPhone 9 features an IP68 rating which allows the phone to survive 6 feet water for half an hour.

This means that if you choose to use your iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 9, and iPhone 12 underwater they will only survive for 30 minutes without the impervious of liquid or water.

However, Apple watch series 1 has a water resistance rating of IPX7 under IEC standard 60529 while the Apple watch series 2, series 3, series 4 and other Apple watch newer version have standard water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. Is the Apple Watch Waterproof

Waterproof Apple Watch vs Water-Resistant?

No Apple Watch is waterproof. They are water-resistant. The implication is that when a phone is waterproof it means that water or liquid cannot damage it when mistakenly or intentionally submerged its water/liquid.

That is what waterproof means. It means that you don’t have to worry about what water could do to the device.

The reverse is the case when you talk about a water-resistant Apple watch or smartphone. A water-resistant watch allows passage of water after sometimes which could end up damaging the device.

This implies that the time taken to use Apple watch in the swimming pool should be widely considered.

Can I Shower with Apple Watch 5?

We don’t recommend the idea of using an electronic device while showing even if the device is waterproof. If water cannot damage Apple watch series 5 being the latest the chemicals from soaps and other detergents can have negative impacts on the device and it can damage your Apple watch 5.

But Apple Watch Series 5 is a water-resistant device and it can survive exposure to water or non-toxic liquid for a particular time according to its ISO standard rating.

Water Lock Apple Watch in Pool

If you must use the Apple watch in swimming pool make sure that the water lock feature is enabled. This is how Apple watch series 4 and series 5 work in swimming pool.

When you navigate to Apple watch workout feature and select “swimming” as the workout exercise, the device will turn on the water lock and lock the screen of your water automatically showing the workout information.

The excess of the Apple watch water lock feature is to help protect your watch and keep water away from the device speaker.

How to Turn Apple Watch Water Lock

Apple watch automatically turn on the water lock feature in Apple Watch Series 5. However, you’ll have to enable the water lock feature in lower series such as Apple watch series 3 and series 2.

  • Open “Control Center” in your Apple watch series.
  • Click on “Water lock” feature.
  • Done.

Now, when you click on your Apple watch water lock feature that looks like a drop of water, your Apple watch will be locked and you will be able to use it in the swimming pool.

How to Remove Water from Apple Watch

If water stuck in your Apple watch when you use it in the swimming pool. However, there is a way to get water out of Apple watch that is not waterproof.

  • Launch the “Apple Watch” workout app.
  • Keep turning the “Digital Crown”.
  • Wait until your Apple watch pops up “Unlocked”.
  • Done.

Now, if the water is stored in your Apple watch speaker the water will be removed.

Is the Apple Watch Waterproof?

From the explanation above and your experience, is the Apple watch waterproof or water-resistant? Let your comment and let us have fans discussion.

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