Quick -Fix: Kenmore Elite Refrigerator not Cooling

Are you stuck trying to figure out the reason for your Kenmore Elite refrigerator not cooling, probably you’ve just experienced a power outage and your refrigerator isn’t cooling?

If that is the case, you are at the right place since this is a popular issue with Kenmore’s elite Refrigerator. However, that doesn’t affect the fact that the Kenmore elite refrigerator is very durable and rarely requires major servicing within the first 5 years of usage when compared to other refrigerators.

Since you are also struggling with that, stick till the end of this post as I will be breaking down everything you ought to do to troubleshoot this problem

Reasons for Kenmore Elite Refrigerator not Cooling

Before delving into how to diagnose this issue, let’s brush on the reasons why you are stuck with your Kenmore Elite refrigerator not cooling

  • The Condenser Fan motor is faulty
  • The condenser coils are dirty
  • broken evaporator fan motor
  • A failed compressor start relay
  • The capacitor isn’t working
  • Your thermostat is faulty

How to fix Kenmore Elite Refrigerator not Cooling

how to troubelshoot Kenmore Elite Refrigerator not Cooling

Having to fix your Kenmore refrigerator on your own might seem daunting. You might feel a repairman is a better option instead of tinkering with the refrigerator, however, there are few troubleshooting steps anyone can carry out even if you don’t have experience with electronic devices. 

I will be listing all the troubleshooting steps you can take starting from the easier ones.

1. Check Condenser Coils for Dirt

The first thing you ought to check when you are faced with your Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling is to check your condenser coils. A dirty condenser coil could make your fridge run longer than expected while making the fridge harder to cool down.

You should be able to locate the condenser coils in the back compartment of your fridge. 

Depending on the environment, the coils are easily clogged with dirt. And this could reduce the ability of your refrigerator to cool itself if the specks of dirt become plenty.

A simple cleaning could fix the Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling issues.

2 . Check the Condenser Fan

To check the condenser fan simply go to the back compartment of your fridge and look under the blades. over there you will see the condenser. 

If the condenser is filled with ice, dirt or any form of particle, then you have to remove them. Also, you want to remove blockages around the condenser fan blade if there are any.

And lastly, try using your hand to spin the fan blade to check if it would spin freely. If it doesn’t, then the fan assembly needs a replacement.

 3 . Check Evaporator Fan Motor

In some refrigerator brands, you can have one evaporator fan. While others have two due to the different fridge compartment that needs to be cooled. 

The evaporator basically moves air from the cooling coil to the fridge and freezer compartment. which helps to keep the temperature in the refrigerator cool at most times.

If the evaporator isn’t working, you might notice a scenario where the freezer compartment is cold but the fridge isn’t. 

To resolve this you can check the evaporator fan by using your hand to spin it to see if it moves freely.

If it isn’t moving freely or you are hearing a strange noise coming from the refrigerator, it means it is broken and needs a replacement.

In a scenario where the motor isn’t running, you can test it with a multimeter for continuity.

4 . Check the Damper Control

Another name for damper control is the air diffuser. The Damper control controls the amount of air that comes from the freezer compartment to the fridge to make it cooler.

While this might not be a defining factor if your freezer isn’t getting cooled, it could make your fridge not cold as is it supposed to be.

A common issue with the Damper control is if the flap-like part is broken.

To troubleshoot this issue, locate the damper and you can’t repair it, you have to replace it, however, you need to ensure the refrigerator is unplugged before you replace it.

4 . Compressor Start Relay Failed

One of the easy pointers of a failed compressor relay is a burning smell. 

If your start relay isn’t working, it will stop the compressor from starting and the compressor works to cool the items in the fridge. 

Once the compressor stop working the items in the fridge will get warm.

To be double sure about this, you can use a multimeter to test the compressor for continuity between run and start terminal sockets. if it is faulty or you have visually inspected it ad you are seeing any form of damage, then you need to get a replacement.

5 . Start Capacitor is not working

It is not easy to troubleshoot a capacitor unless you use a multimeter to test for continuity. If the capacitor is faulty you might not directly figure this out. However, a good pointer is that the compressor does not get enough power to function after testing it with a multimeter.

Initially, you might not experience a warm fridge at first since the temperature would be having the issue. But after a while, you might notice a significant

 drop in temperature and you’ve tested it with a multimeter then you need to replace it as soon as possible.

6 . Check for Faulty Thermistor

The thermistor has one job, which is to regulate the temperature of the Evaporator while also putting in check the amount of power used by the compressor and the fan due to its resistance. In a scenario where the thermistor is faulty, the evaporator temperature would not be regulated while also leaving the compressor to run endlessly.

This alone could affect your thermistor. To check for a faulty thermistor use a multimeter to test for continuity.

7 . Check Compressor

If after going through all the troubleshooting steps above and you haven’t been able to resolve your Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling then your compressor might be faulty. 

Concluding that the compressor is faulty requires a thorough check since the compressor works hands in hand with other components like the evaporator, condenser and capacitor. And in a scenario where any of these components are faulty, they could affect the compressor.

To diagnose this, you have to remove your fridge from the power outlet and remove the back panel so that you will be able to gain access to the compressor 

Now, test for continuity between the wires and pins using a multimeter. The compressor might be complicated to repair if you don’t have experience with electronic devices and it is better to request the services of a repairman.

If your compressor is hot, check here for some troubleshooting processes you can follow to resolve it.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Reset

how to reset Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

If you are unsure of how to reset your Kenmore Elite refrigerator, then you should follow the steps below. 

  • Firstly, open one among the door of the Kenmore fridge.
  • Hold down the “home” and “Ultra ice” buttons together for 5 seconds.
  • Unplug the power cord of the refrigerator from the outlet.
  • Finally, Insert the plug into the power outlet to reset the fridge.

Kenmore Fridge not Cooling but Freezer working

If you are faced with a situation such as this, then it is a pointer that your evaporator fan motor is defective. Some refrigerators usually come with two evaporator fans while some come with one. The evaporator fan works to keep different fan compartments cold.

If you are unsure if the issue is coming from the evaporator fan, you can try turning the fan with your hand to see if it would move freely. If it doesn’t then it needs a replacement.

Kenmore Refrigerator Fan not working

Firstly you have to hand spin it to see if the fans move freely, if it doesn’t then the condenser fan motor needs a replacement. However, if it moves freely you can further test it for continuity using a multimeter.


BY now you should have figured out how to resolve your Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling since you have been exposed to some troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve it. However, if you are not comfortable tinkering with the fridge components then you can request the services of a repairman if your warranty is off.

Kenmore refrigerator comes with a warranty of  1 year provided you buy from an authorized dealer and your device was installed based on the instruction supplied in the manual.

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