7 Popular Tools to Backup Mac

As importantly, stressed on the need and how to back up the iPhone due to viruses and other unforeseen circumstances, the same goes for your precious Mac. Solutions for Mac backup will be discussed in this space because we understand how important your data are and how pained you would be to lose them.

Irrespective of what you use your Mac for, there is a high probability that you have some data that are very crucial to whatever your career or course in life is.

Photos, documents, app data, messages, and a lot of other information are on your Mac but probably unsafe until you back them up. No, your precious Mac won’t be stolen, but let us not leave out the possibility of viruses attacking or a need to immediately factory reset your device.

Having realized the possibility for a system failure and other unforeseen scenarios, we went in search of some solutions for Mac backup;

Time Machine; the built-in solution

Apple understood the need for a back up on the Mac. Therefore it installed a built-in back up – Time Machine. To utilize this feature, all you need is to connect an external hard drive to your Mac and Time Machine does the rest. The backup feature stores all data on your main HDD with the option of file retrieval from folders, giving you a choice not to restore all data if you don’t need or want to.

It further performs the assistive task of deleting older backups whenever you run out of space. Relax; it then saves them for a prolonged time when you recover secure more space on your external storage drive.

Backblaze for Mac Backup

Backblaze is a uniquely affordable and reliable cloud backup solution for Mac. It further gives a special treat of tracking and locating your Mac if it happens to get stolen or missing. There is free 15-day usage of the backup solution. While you can manually choose which data to backup, Backblaze automatically selects data to store for you. You might want to try it out for your Mac Backup.


You could have other devices apart from your Mac. There is a backup solution that puts this into consideration and provides you with the opportunity to back up multiple devices. iDrive further goes to the length of backing up Facebook and Instagram data seeing that the platforms have become enormous and important data are being generated from them; hence, the need to back them up.

Carbon Copy Cloner

Like Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner jointly operates with an external hard drive. It creates an accurate copy of the data on your Mac and gives the option of manually choosing individual files and folders to store on the external hard drive. Sounds pleasing, doesn’t it?

Also, Backups on Carbon Copy Cloner can be given time frames as in hours, days, weeks, months, or actively by you – manually. If anything happens to your backup, just hit Carbon Copy up as it has already cloned your data and is ready to serve it to you when you need it.

SuperDuper for Mac Backup

How does the name sound? It’s indeed, Super. SuperDuper is another Mac Backup solution that is similar to Time Machine. It makes a bootable backup on an external drive and employs the use of a smart updater that duplicates and deletes files as instructed.

We know you don’t want a complicated Mac backup solution. That is why we included SuperDuper on the list. It has a very simple method of backup and offers a free trial before actual payment, after which you will be given advanced features.

Acronis True Image

Backup Mac

Acronis true image gives a double treat of allowing you to perform a local backup on your external drive while also having a copy of your data on its cloud servers. With secured end-to-end encryption, local backups are done automatically.

It gives a more pleasant scheduling feature as you can time your backup to any minute you want. Well, except of course you wouldn’t go for 1 minute. But Acronis True Image can run backups every five minutes if given the schedule.

SpiderOak for Mac Backup

Backup Mac

Talk of real and totally controllable Mac Backup solution, ChronoSync is the deal. This backup solution can clone your drive and give the option of manually choosing what and what does not gets backed up.

Similar to some other mentioned backup solutions, schedules can be created, and there is a cloud storage server that can sync all data. To give you the freedom and assurance of being served right, it gives a 15-day free trial to make you decide whether it suits your need or not.

We have gone to make the findings for you and to ensure that there is no reason for you to lose your data on your Mac device. We believe this article would make you seek for more reliable options in backing up your Mac as we believe its always best to have a physical Mac backup in addition to an off-site cloud backup. How are you running your Mac backup? Our comment section is open; we would like to know.

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