How to Make and Add Your Sound on Tiktok

Are you a Tiktok fan who loves to try out all the amazing features this trending app updates from time to time? Well, you are not alone as this article will guide you through the easy ways how to make and add your sound on Tiktok.

TikTok has quickly grown to become one of the largest and most popular social media platforms, especially among the Gen Z and millennial age groups. As its user base increases, its popularity grows to new heights.

This social media platform employs a proprietary algorithm to deliver the best content to its users to keep them entertained for an extended period. Furthermore, people use TikTok to share their exciting and fun videos interacting with new trends and challenges.

A TikTok video needs music to be dynamic and engaging. By uploading music, you can follow TikTok trends like dance contests on well-known songs. How to make and add your sound on TikTok is a common question. This guide will show you all you need.Make and Add Your Sound on Tiktok

Why you should make and add your Sound on TikTok

You undoubtedly already know how crucial the sound is if you’ve made any TikTok videos. It might assist you to deliver the punchline or let you express a certain emotion. Your chances of becoming viral on TikTok might also rise when you choose the proper sound.

But why would you need to make an original sound when you can select one from the tens of thousands of sounds that are already in the TikTok library?

  • You might not be able to locate the song or sound effect that exactly complements your video first.
  • Then, secondly, you could wish to narrate the scene or add commentary in your voice.
  • Lastly, you may use the TikTok sound to expand your audience and attract more fans both inside and outside of the app if you work as a musician or comedian.
    make and add your own Sound on Tiktok

How to make and add your Sound on Tiktok

Recording a fresh video is the simplest technique to make an original sound on the app. Talking, singing, or playing an instrument while the recording is being produced will all result in the creation of a new sound.

On TikTok, you can record voiceovers that the software will automatically turn into sounds. To make and add your sound on Tiktok, follow the steps below:

  • To create a new video, tap on the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the main TikTok screen.
  • To begin, click on the record button.
  • To proceed to the next page, press V.
  • You can apply any filters, voiceovers, or voice effects you choose to this screen.
  • Even better, you may make your speaking voice sound like a song by applying the Synth voice effect.
  • Click on Next.
  • Post as usual on your page with a caption and hashtags to increase views.
  • Open your profile after the video has finished uploading by going there.
  • A spinning record ought to be visible in the bottom right of the screen, click on it.
  • The stream for the new sound is on this page. You can change the sound’s name to something more memorable and simple to search for.
  • To use later, add the sound to your favourites.
  • This feed will display all the videos that feature your sound if it is used by other creators.

Remember, even if you turn down the volume and amp up your original sound, you cannot use a sound from the TikTok library in your video with this. The default sound for the video will be whatever you choose from the library rather than what you made.make and add your own Sound on Tiktok

How to make and add your Sound on Tiktok without posting a Video

To make a new sound, you don’t necessarily need to post a video online. For instance, you can publish a video of the sound as private if you wish to use a scene from a movie but the library doesn’t have it. You will now have access to that sound whenever you want. To make Tiktok sound without posting a video, follow the simple steps below:

  • Play the sound you wish to upload to TikTok on your phone, then use the screen recorder built into your device to capture it as a video.
  • Make sure the location where you record is calm.
  • To make a new video, open the TikTok app and click on +.
  • Click Upload in place of Record at this moment. Next, click Next.
  • Use Adjust Clips to precisely crop the sound, then click Save. Click Next after that.
  • Tap on the option “Who can watch this video” once you get to the Post page.
  • Choose Only Me, then post the video.
  • Tap the spinning record button in the lower right corner of the video after it has been opened.
  • To use the sound in other videos, change the sound’s name and add it to your favourites.

Quit the app and reopen it if you are unable to press the spinning record to hear the sound. This ought to resolve the issue. If you’re still unable to click it, you can change the video’s privacy after using the sound by making it public first.make and add your own Sound on Tiktok

How to make your Tiktok Sound go Viral

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what will cause a sound to gain popularity among other creators, and a lot of it has to do with the right time and place. There are, however, several things you may do to raise your chances:

  • Add your twist on a well-known sound: People frequently enjoy a sound because it is one they are acquainted with, but it changes into something unexpected or humorous. This encompasses mashups, combining two well-known things, and more.
  • In the initial few seconds, grab people: Similar to videos, the music needs to be captivating from the start. In Tiktok, users have a limited attention span.
  • Make sure that it loops well: It’s no secret that the most popular videos on the app are the ones that users keep returning to. If the sound gets funnier when it is looped, it is successful.
  • Make pristine audio: Ensure that the sound is clear, loud enough, and noise-free in the background. Nothing that might detract from it is what you want. In case it sounds unprofessional, no one will use it.

We have outlined how to make and add your sound on TikTok without adding your face to it. Therefore, it’s important to build a fantastic video to go along with it if your objective is to have the sound (and possibly yourself) go viral.


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