Miles Roosevelt Bialik stone Net Worth, Mother, Girlfriend and Wiki

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone is a kid who is raised by a celebrity mom known as Mayim Bialik. Mayim Bialik is a talented American actress who rose after assuming the role of Blossom Russo in the NBC comedy Blossom, which took place in the 1990s and her performance where she acted as Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory.

Presently, he’s just entering his teenage yet, and as such he is probably still in school with his elder brother. Presently, Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone’s net worth is yet to be reviewed since he is still on the young side and it is very unlikely that he has any form of assets to his name. however, his mom who is an actress, author and neuroscientist has accumulated a Net Worth of $25million.


Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone was born on the 10th of October 2005 in the United States to Mayim Bialik and Micheal stones. However, Micheal Stones has parted ways with Mayim due to unknown reasons.

However, Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone is known to be a young talented boy who is now in his teenage years. He has an elder brother who is two years younger than him. The name of his brother is Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone.

Presently he practices the religion his mom follows which is Judaism.

Early Life & Education

Miles Roosevelt Bialik stone  early life

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone was raised in America along with his younger brother Frederick who was rumoured to have been diagnosed with down syndrome, however, it has been debunked that he doesn’t have any sort of down syndrome.

Since he is still in his early childhood, Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone would still be focused on his schooling for now as he is still on the young side.

However, it was revealed that he loves playing the violin when he was young. Unluckily, for him, he was raised by a single mom since his dad parted ways with her due to unknown reasons.


For now, Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone is still on the young side. He hasn’t clocked 18. So it is most likely that his mom would prefer for him to focus on his schooling since it is common with many celebrity kids. However, there are some instances of kids who rose to fame at a very early age. A great example is the TikTok star who passed away a few days ago.

You can read about him here.

Roosevelt has no career experience due to his young age. However, his mom is famously known as n actress, an author and a neuroscientist.

started her career at the young age of 11 years. Presently she has appeared in some breakthrough films which has made her more popular in the entertainment industry.

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone Net Worth

Apparently, Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone is still on the young side, so it is very safe to say he doesn’t have any assets or business he is running. However, we can’t write off the facts that he might be entangled in anything that gives him money. But he is still a celebrity kid and his mom whose net worth is $25 Million will surely pass down something to the young chap.


Miles Roosevelt Bialik stone family

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone comes from a family of four since his parents have only two children. The name of his dad is Michael Stones while the name of his mom is Mayim Bialik. 

His parents tied the knot on 31, August 2003 after a long courtship. Unfortunately, they parted ways in 2013 due to reasons not known to the public. Presently, Mayim Bialik has taken the responsibility of both the father and mother in the family, as she caters for the bills and raises her children.

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone Sibling

Miles Roosevelt Bialik stone brother

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone has only one sibling who is a male. His name is Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone. Frederick is two years younger than him. However there have been some rumours’ stating that he was diagnosed with down syndrome when he was young, however, it was later debunked as a falsified story.

Currently, Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone is focused on his schooling since he is still on the young side just like his older brother.

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone Girlfriend

At the age of 17, You can’t write off the possibility of having a girlfriend at that age. However, his mom would prefer for him to focus on his studies since she is barely trying to figure out how parenting works.

While 17 is still regarded as a minor, there aren’t any laws against having any girlfriend before 18, since the popular TikTok star who passed away recently had a girlfriend when he was just 17 years old, you can read about him here.

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone Age

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone was born on the 10th of October 2005, so his present age as of June 2022 is 17 years old.

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone Height 

Miles Roosevelt Bialik stone height

Since he is still a teenager, his height growth might have stopped, however, we can’t be very certain of that since his last reported height was 4 feet 3 inches which is equivalent to 130cm.

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone Weight

Roosevelt has a young and healthy look since he comes from a silver-spooned family. His last reported weight is between 30 and 35kg.

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone’s Birthday

Roosevelt celebrates his birthday on the 10th of October every year since he was born on 10 October 2005, in the united state.

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone Social Media

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone isn’t on any social media platform as of now. It is a common practice of most celebrity parents as they prefer that their children focus on their schooling. A good example is the son of the popular American actress called Michelle Pfeiffer. You can read about her son here.

However, his mom is on social media and I haven’t seen a post of her kids on her Instagram profile. You can visit the page here

Frederick Heschel Bialik stone

Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone is the younger brother of Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone. Both of them are celebrity kids since their mom is a popular actress. Fredrick’s Age as of June 2022 is 15 years.

Who is Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone? 

Miles Bialik Stone is the first child of the popular actress Mayim Bialik who practices Judaism and is a popular American actress.

How old is Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone? 

Miles hasn’t clocked the age of Adulthood yet since he is only 17 years old as of June 2022.

How tall is Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone?

While he might not be very tall his last recorded age might not reflect his current height. His last revealed height is 4 feet 10 inches which is equivalent to 130cm

How much is Miles Stone worth? 

Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone’s present net worth is yet to be reviewed since he is still schooling and hasn’t ventured into any career as of now. Meanwhile, his mom’s net worth is estimated t be around $25million.

Is Miles Stone dead or alive? 

There are no reports stated confirming his death, so he is still alive and healthy.

NameMiles Roosevelt Bialik Stone
Age (as of 2022)17 years old
MotherMayim Bialik
FatherMichael Stones
BrotherFrederick Heschel Bialik Stone
Birth Date2005 October 10
Height4 feet 10 inches or 130cm
Weight30 to 35 Kg
Net worthUnder Review
Birth SignLibra
Birth PlaceUnited States

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