Why do you Keep Seeing “No Location Found on your iPhone” and the Meaning

iPhone users have access to several location-based supported apps like the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps. The Find My Friends app helps to connect with their family and friends while the Find My iPhone helps to detect a misplaced device. However, there are common factors that can lead to no location found iPhone meaning. To unravel them, ensure to read further down this article.

You can link up with your friends using the Find My Friends app from any compatible Apple device such as iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. In case you get the no location found iPhone meaning, especially while using the Find my Friends app, then it’s possible that there has been some kind of misconfigurations in the settings that you need to change.

In case you have used the “Find my iPhone” app to locate your lost device before, you will know that the feature is outstanding when it works. Unfortunately, some common fixable issues can lead to wrong location data or even the appealing “No Location Found” error message.

The no location found iPhone meaning does not indicate that your contacts no longer share their location with you. For Find My Friends and Find my iPhone to function effectively, you must ensure that the GPS, the location service of the phone, and the phone’s internal functionality must all be working perfectly. Peradventure, if any of these essential components stop functioning, then, the app won’t be unable to track the location of your friends or iPhone.

In case someone stops sharing their location with you, then you will get the “You Stopped Sharing Location” message within iMessage and not the “No location found” notification. Once you get the “No Location Found” message on your iPhone, it implies that the Find My Friends app is not able to get your current location. To know the exact reason you keep getting the No location found notification and the possible ways to fix the error message, ensure you follow through to the end of this post. No Location found iPhone Meaning

Why you are getting the “No location found” Error on your iPhone

Several factors are responsible for the no location found iPhone meaning you keep getting. It’s possible that your iPhone’s location services have been turned off, some other reasons include:

  • No active internet connection: You need to be connected to an active internet connection either via cellular data or WiFi if you want your Find My Friends app to work effectively. No active internet connection, then the app won’t be able to find your current location.
  • Location services have been disabled for the Find My Friends app: Your location services must be turned on before the app will be able to detect your location.
  • The app can’t detect your current location. At times, the app may have difficulty detecting your exact location. This can occur especially if you are in a rural area with very weak GPS signals or if you are inside a building where the GPS signals have been obstructed.
  • You can try to move to a different location or go outside to check your current location in case you find yourself in this situation.
  • The Find My Friends or Find my iPhone app has a problem itself: If you are still getting the “No Location Found” notification, then the problem may be related to the app itself. The best thing to do in this case is to delete the app and install it again from the App Store.

The above listed are the most common reasons why you get the no location found iPhone meaning notification.No Location found iPhone Meaning

What Does No Location Found iPhone Meaning?

Location is a common feature on most smart devices that helps determine the exact place you are per time. It also allows you to reach out to people in your immediate vicinity. However, some iPhone users receive an error notification saying “no location found”. In case you get no location found message in the Find My Friends app, it implies that the location service is not working properly.

Also, note that the application greatly depends on the GPS and your phone’s location service. This error can happen due to a slow network, if you try rebooting your device or restarting the app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, this might fix the problem. If it doesn’t, ensure your devices have been updated to the latest software.

When your date and time have been set wrongly, or there is a malfunction in your device, then you may also experience the no location found iPhone meaning.No Location found iPhone Meaning

No Location Found Vs Location not Available

The two errors are quite similar, the major difference between no location found and location not available is that when a person’s location is trying to be found using GPS, Find my Friends or iMessage will state that their location is not available, but it’s presently trying to search for their location.

No location found means that the location hasn’t been found for so long after the person’s GPS has been trying to locate it while location not available means the location is not available presently but it could become available very soon if the signal is found.

When someone’s phone is out of signal or has no wi-fi, you are bound to see the ‘no location found” message pop up on the map. When you see a Location not available, it’s because the device isn’t able to be located but the GPS is currently working to pinpoint their location.

You might get the location not available error when you try to share your location with someone using iMessage. This might be because of a privacy setting that has been turned on by default. To share your location via iMessage, you need to turn off this setting.

To turn off this setting, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Settings app and navigate to Privacy >> Location Services.
  • Scroll down and locate Messages, then ensure that the switch is turned On.
  • Now, you can share your location with others without any difficulties.No Location found iPhone Meaning

How to fix no location found iPhone meaning

The No location found iPhone means notification on the Find my Friends app can appear if the person is out of network coverage. In other words, the phone might have been turned off, or the traveller has a low battery.

Carefully check out the following fixes below in order to stop the no location found iPhone meaning:

Verify that the GPS Is On and Working perfectly

GPS known as the Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system that offers the exact location and time information to users around the world. Currently, most apps use it including maritime navigation, mapping, surveying and so on.

Generally, GPS is a tool for directions and location-based services on smartphones. The iPhone’s built-in GPS receiver offers different benefits over the other types of location-tracking technology, like cellular triangulation and Wi-Fi positioning.

Note that GPS is more accurate than these other methods. To confirm if your GPS is on and perfectly working so as to fix the No Location Found error on your iPhone, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Check if the GPS is on and working by navigating to Settings.
  • While in Settings, click on the Privacy option of the smartphone.
  • Once the Privacy Settings have been opened, turn on GPS by tapping on the “Location Services” option.
  • Once you have switched to Location Services, enable the Location Services option, which will turn on the GPS location of your phone and the “No Location Found” error of the Find My app of your smartphone will be fixed.

By following the steps above, you should be able to fix the “No Location Found” error on your iPhone. But in case checking the GPS doesn’t solve the problem, you can proceed to the next fix.No Location found iPhone Meaning

Check Your Mobile Time & Date

Setting your iPhone’s date and time correctly is very important for several reasons. Having the accurate date and time also determine how your phone formats dates and times in text messages, emails, and other apps.

In most cases, your iPhone’s time and date are stored in the Settings app on your device. To check them follow the steps below:

  • Open the Smartphone Setting.
  • While on Settings, tap on the General Settings option.
  • Click on Date and Time.
  • Ensure that the Set Automatically option is enabled.
  • Now, set the accurate time zone for your location.

After correcting the date and time settings on your iPhone, try using the location services again. The “No Location Found” error should have disappeared. If you are still having trouble, you can check out the next fix below.No Location found iPhone Meaning

Turn on the “Share My Location” Option

The Share My Location feature on iPhone is a great way to stay connected with friends and family. You let people know where you are per time by sharing your location which makes it easier to hang out. This feature is also useful when there’s an emergency, as it can help the rescue team locate you quickly.

Share My Location is an essential tool that can help improve safety and communication. In case you are still getting the “No Location Found iPhone meaning error, it means that your device can’t determine your location. Here are some steps you can follow to open share your location on your iPhone and fix the “No Location Found” error:

  • Open your iPhone mobile Setting.
  • Click on your Mobile account.
  • Some options will be displayed after clicking on the mobile screen in front of you.
  • One of the options is to tap on the “Find My” App option.
  • Finally, tap on the “Share My Location” option.
  • The location of your iPhone mobile will be turned on.

With your “Find My” app you will be able to see your location. Once the Share My Location has been turned on, try using the app that was giving you the problem. It should determine your location now.

No Location found iPhone Meaning

Close And Reopen Find My App To Fix The “No Location Found” Error On IPhone

If you’re trying to use Find My iPhone and it’s telling you that no location could be found, it’s very frustrating. The good news is that this is usually a pretty easy problem to fix. Oftentimes, all you need to do is close the Find My iPhone app and then reopen it.

This will cause the app to refresh its location data and should allow it to find your iPhone. If that’s not working, the next thing to try is restarting your iPhone. This will give the Find My iPhone app a chance to update its location information as well.No Location found iPhone Meaning

Update your device

Ensure that your device has the newest version of its operating system. There may be a widespread bug affecting some users in Location Services. An update may have been released already. This will ensure that your device is up to date:

  • iPhone or iPad: Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Mac: Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update.

Install any available updates.No Location found iPhone Meaning

Reset Location and Privacy

If your issue is still continuing after trying the steps above, you may consider restoring your Location and Privacy settings to their defaults. Here is how:

  • On your iPadOS or iOS device, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • On Mac, see our previous article on How you can fix Location Services problems.
  • Finally, if neither of those two solutions works, you can try deleting the Find My iPhone app and then reinstalling it from the App Store.

    That’s usually a pretty effective way to fix any sort of issue with an iPhone app. So, if you’re having trouble with Find My iPhone, don’t despair! There are a few simple things you can try that should fix the problem pretty quickly.

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