How to Fix Paramount Plus not working on Roku

You love your Roku, it’s your favourite device to stream the latest TV series. The best part of it is that you’ve just installed the blockbusting streaming app, Paramount Plus on your Roku. Time to enjoy streaming from Paramount Plus selection of 30000+ trending series all night long!

And then suddenly, Paramount Plus Roku not working just popped up. You thought it was your connection but it wasn’t. A bad day right? I understand, we are in the same shoes here. The good thing is I got mine fixed and I’m sure this would help you too.

But first, you need to calm down and understand that several people have had this same issue and had it fixed. Paramount Plus not working on Roku can be caused due to several reasons. It can range from a defect in your internet connection to a technical fault in your Roku device.

The first thing you should be doing is to detect what could exactly be the problem with Paramount Plus Roku not working. Like I said earlier, there are lots of reasons why this could happen but I broke them down into three major reasons.

  1. It could be an internet-related issue.
  2. It could be a temporary glitch or bug in the app.
  3. It could be that there is a defective part in your Roku device.

Detecting what is exactly wrong with your Roku requires you to troubleshoot your device carefully on these issues one after the other. Read carefully as I’ll take you through the steps on how to troubleshoot your Roku device by following these checking steps.

The following steps are all-purpose troubleshooting tactics that would not only work on Paramount Plus but would also work on other services available on Roku devices.

Paramount Plus  Roku not Working

How to Troubleshoot Paramount Plus Roku not working

We highlighted app all possible means to fix the Paramount Plus on your Roku streaming device and restore the app to normal.

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Internet-related issue (Paramount Plus Roku not working) 

The moment you notice this the first step I’ll recommend is checking if the issue is internet-related as this is the most common reason why Paramount Plus might not work on Roku. What do you have to do?

  1. Restart your router and/or modem: One of the most common issues stems from your internet. Even if you feel the issue doesn’t come from here, your first action is to always restart your modem and router to be sure the issue is not internet-related.
  2. Paramount+ is usually slower, buffers and pauses often: If you have noticed your Paramount Plus is usually slower than normal or you simply have several issues such as pausing and buffering for long periods when streaming, it’s likely there is a problem with your internet connection or your internet hardware. Try testing out another internet hardware or internet connection to be sure the issue isn’t internet related.
  3. Perform a network connection test: Perform a network connection test on your Roku. Simply go to “Home” on your Roku, then select “Settings”, select “Network” under settings and click “Check Connection”.

A Glitch or Bug in the App (Paramount Plus Roku not Working)

Once you’ve checked out and confirmed that this issue is not internet-related. It’s time to move to the next step in fixing your Roku. Paramount Plus not working on Roku could be caused by a bug or glitch, which could happen if you are still using an outdated version of Paramount Plus. A glitch can also happen upon updating Paramount Plus on Roku. Perform these troubleshooting actions step by step to solve a glitch issue.

  1. Restart your Roku: To restart your Roku device, simply go to “Settings” on your Roku device, select “System”, select “Power”, then click “System Restart”. Alternatively, you can try the next step.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect your Roku: Simply unplugging your Roku device from the power supply could solve a wide range of issues on your device like Paramount Plus Roku not working. Make sure you wait for about a minute before reconnecting your Roku.
  3. Perform a software Update: An outdated version of Paramount Plus could cause issues on your Roku device. Simply follow these procedures check to see if there are  any software updates. Scroll down to select “Settings”, then select “Systems” and finally select “System Updates” Note: The System update screen displays the current software and build version, along with the date and time of the latest update. To manually check for updates, just click the “Check now” button.
  4. Delete Paramount Plus and reinstall it: If you’ve tried the steps listed above and none has worked, then it’s time to delete the Paramount Plus app and reinstall it. We do this as services on Roku can get corrupted upon updating them. There are several reports of glitches after updating an app so this could be the problem. Note: Once you remove the app, make sure you restart your Roku before launching the app again.
  5. Factory Reset Roku: This is the final resort towards solving the issue of Paramount Plus not working on Roku. If you have tried all the steps listed above and still yet to find a solution to this problem, then it’s most likely the issue is from your Roku device itself. The solution to this is to Factory reset your Roku device.

         How do you factory reset your Roku using the rest button?

  • Switch on your Roku.
  • Then find the reset button. You will usually find this on the back or bottom of the device.
  • Press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds.
  • Finally, wait for your Roku device to restart.

Defect or Fault in your Roku (Paramount Plus Roku not Working)

After attempting all possible steps listed in the guide above, then it all boils down to this fact, your Roku device has a technical fault.

To fix this final part once you are sure the fault is not related to all that is listed above, you would require a Roku technical specialist. We strongly advise that you don’t attempt to fix your Roku hardware yourself except you are a professional in hardware repairs.

Please visit this website to contact Roku customer support and relay the issue to them. Be sure to outline the steps you’ve taken in troubleshooting your device to the Roku assistant.  You might also want to check out how to activate Paramount Plus on Roku.

If you have similar or related issues, let us know in the comment section. If this guide has helped you be sure to let us know in the comments.

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