How to Activate Paramount Plus on Roku

Let me burst your brain that you can load and stream Paramount Plus on Roku with simple steps. Going by this article, you will learn how to activate Paramount Plus on Roku with the Roku activation code for Paramount Plus and

There are two ways to activate Paramount Plus on Roku. Both methods work perfectly. As a result of this, we will boil down to discussing both methods to add the Paramount Plus to your Roku and load all your Paramount Plus on your Roku.

However, before we proceed, we recommend that you should check out how to activate Paramount Network on all smart TV and how to activate Paramount Plus on smart TVs and game consoles.

To activate Paramount Plus on Roku and start streaming without leaving your Roku device for the official Paramount+ app for your Android and iOS [iPhone & iPad] the following requirements are needed.

  • Roku Paramount Plus activation Code.
  • This guide.

To get the Paramount Plus activation for your Roku device follow this guide to end as it will be discussed. While the is provided by to validate the activation code.

Activate Paramount Plus on Roku

Roku Paramount Plus Activation Code

Roku Paramount Plus activation code is a code to link your Roku device and Paramount Plus account together to be able to load Paramount Plus content on the Roku device.

With the Paramount Plus activation code, you can extend streaming Paramount Plus to all other devices such as Roku. In addition, the Paramount Plus activation code expires which can lead to the Paramount Plus Roku not working.

The Paramount Plus Roku activation code cannot work alone. It needs to be used on on a different device browser other than the Roku browser.

And that single-handedly lead us to

What is is a Paramount Plus portal, a sub-folder of to activate the Paramount Plus app on Roku with the activation code that the Paramount Plus app displayed on your TV.

This then offers a relief to shift the screen in streaming Paramount Plus on the official website or app on a smartphone to a device that provides a bigger screen with comfort.

So, we need htps:// to activate the Paramount Plus app on your Roku device.

Install Paramount Plus App on Roku

Before we begin the gospel of how you can activate Paramount Plus on your Roku once the Roku activation code is generated, let’s first discuss how to download and install the Paramount Plus app on your Roku device.

  • Switch on your Roku device and connect it to your WiFi.
  • Press the “Home” button.
  • Navigate to “Streaming Channel” to the left of the homepage and press “OK.”
  • Use the “Search box” to search for “Paramount+” and select it from the pops-up.
  • Click on “Add Channel” to download and add the Paramount+ app to your Roku channel.

Once the Paramount Plus app has been added successfully, you are a few steps away from activating it on your Roku device.

Activate Paramount Plus on Roku

We found our way around the methods below to activate Paramount Plus app on our Roku device and load all content from our Paramount Plus account to our Roku.

  • Open the Paramount Plus on your Roku device.
  • Choose the option to “Sign in” and take note of the Roku Paramount Plus activation code if you are not asked to sign in to your account with your username and password.
  • Open a browser on your phone or computer and go to
  • Enter the “Roku Paramount Plus activation code” on your TV screen.
  • Select “Activate” and sign in when you are prompted to do so.
  • Done.

After the steps above, the activation code screen and will be refreshed automatically and load your Paramount Plus subscription content and you can start exploring it right on your Roku device.

Paramount Plus Roku not Working

If you are having trouble activating the Paramount Plus app on your Roku streaming device, here we will make some suggestions to fix the Paramount Plus Roku not working.

Check your Internet Connection

It’s a must to have an active internet connection to be able to access the Paramount Plus content on your Roku device. However, if your internet connection is down you will encounter the Paramount Plus Roku not working because the device is unable to connect to the internet to access the Paramount Plus server.

But on the contrary, if the Paramount Plus server is down you’d have to wait until it’s fixed. To hasten the fix, you can contact Paramount Plus customer service. But, we are sure that they know whenever their server is down and their technical teams are always available to fix it as soon as possible.

Remove and Readd the Paramount Plus App

If the Paramount Plus app is corrupted it will not work. This applies to all devices and not just the Roku streaming device alone. With this, you will be able to clear the Paramount Plus app cache and even download an upgraded version to fix all errors causing the app not to work perfectly on Roku devices.

If you are a novice, you can follow the steps below to delete the Paramount Plus app on your Roku device and re-add it after cold booting your Roku device.

  • Switch on your Roku and click on the “Home” button.
  • Find the “Paramount Plus” app in the apps grid.
  • Highlight the app and press the “Option” button on the Roku remote.
  • Select “Remove” and press “OK” on the remote.
  • Confirm the choice to remove the app from your Roku device.
  • Done.

Now, restart your Roku device and re-download the app again. After that, follow the steps above on how to activate Paramount Plus on Roku to see whether the Paramount Plus Roku not working has been fixed.

Update your Roku Firmware

If you haven’t updated your Roku firmware in a while this is the right time to do so. So, here, we will walk you through how to update Roku firmware to fix Paramount Plus not working on Roku.

  • Switch on your Roku device and connect the device to the internet.
  • Navigate the “Homepage” and select “Settings.”
  • Find, highlight and select “System.”
  • Choose and select “System update.”
  • At this point, you should see brief information about your Roku software version and build number.
  • Click on “Check Now” to check for the latest update available.

If there is an update available, it will be downloaded and installed on your Roku device to fix all bugs.

If you followed the steps in this article, you will not only be able to activate Paramount Plus on your Roku but you will also put an end to Paramount Plus Roku not working.

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