Where to Find Power Button On iPhone X, Xs, And XR

When Androids and iPhones first came about, nearly all of them had their power buttons located visibly in front or at the top of the phone. But as technology became better and screen sizes became bigger, power buttons automatically migrated to the side.

Phones with power buttons at the top or bottom may be referred to as `outdated` today. Samsung, Sony, Apple, Huawei, and all the other big names in the gadget industry, went back to the drawing board and each time, came out with much better and more advanced features than the last time.

One of such features is the power button on iPhone X, Xs, and XR- a feature that does much more than simply powering on and off the iPhone.

You may think that this article is not needed at all and wonder how hard it could be, to locate the power button on iPhone X, Xs and XR. And you may be right.

But let your curiosity take you further into the article and you may find that there are so many things you never knew about power buttons-specifically power buttons on the iPhone X, Xs, and XR.

One of the most interesting features of gadgets today is the power button. This is because power buttons are (figuratively) the beginning and the end of any gadget.

When you press on any power button, the device may either come on or go off, depending on the preference of the user.

They can also be used to restart and reset a phone if ever the need arises. You will find that it becomes frustrating to use a phone if ever a fault is developed with the power buttons.

The phone becomes difficult to use and you may no longer enjoy it. This article will also teach you how to shut down your iPhone without using the power button.

What to know about the power button on iPhone X, Xs, and XR

  • The power button on the iPhone X model is double the size of the previous models.
  • It is in a much better location and easily accessible, thereby making it user-friendly.
  • You cannot use Siri to shut down your iPhone, although, with the constant upgrade of software by Apple, this may very well be a possibility in the future.

Other Uses of the power button on iPhone X, Xs, and XR

  • The power button on iPhone X, Xs, and XR can be used to trigger Siri: Siri is the assistant that listens to your needs and helps you with a solution. The iPhone power button on the X, Xs, and Xr can also trigger Siri if you do not want to speak or are unable to.
  • Emergency SOS: When you press the power button, apart from asking if you want to shut down your phone, it also brings up the option of making an emergency SOS. This is perfect for cases of robbery, accident, or other situations characterized as an emergency.
  • Screenshots: the side button and volume up buttons will take a screenshot of whatever page your phone screen is showing.
  • Medical ID: in the case of an emergency that requires medical attention, and where you may be unable to respond to answers needed by the medical staff, the iPhone power button can give others around your access to your emergency medical information. This information is one which you must have filled and set up before this time.

How to Set up an Emergency Medical ID on your iPhone

To set up emergency medical information on your iPhone X, Xs and Xr- go to Settings, Health, Medical ID. Fill in all the required information like name, age, allergies to drugs, underlying medical conditions, weight, height, and so on.

Enable Emergency Access so that your medical ID can be viewed even when your iPhone is locked, and you can get accurate help if needed.

To locate this information, press the side and volume up or down button simultaneously.

The options to power off your phone, make an emergency SOS and also access your medical information, will come up.

All you need to do is slide that button to the right and you will be rewarded with the information that you seek.Power Button on iPhone

Where to Find Power Button On iPhone X, Xs, And Xr

Over time, Apple has changed the location of the power button on its phones. You may say that as the phone changes, so does its name and the location of its power button.

Before now, what we know as the power button on iPhone X, Xs and Xr were called the side button.

These iPhone models do not have a home button and therefore the method of powering them off or on, differ from the iPhone models with home buttons.

Take a look at the following steps to locate the power button On iPhone X, Xs And Xr

  • Holding your iPhone X, Xs or Xr, locate the button on the right-hand side. This is called the side button.
  • Now take note of the buttons on the left-hand side of the phone, and locate the volume up or down buttons.
  • Press on the side button and either of the volume up or down buttons, both at the same time.
  • You can release the buttons immediately you see the power button icon on the screen, asking you to slide to power off.
  • Slide to the right to power off your iPhone.
  • To power on your phone, simply press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo pop up on your screen.

How to Power Down iPhone X, Xs, and Xr without a Power Button

If you managed to have a broken volume or side button, this will be a cause of worry as it means you may become incapable of performing some functions on your phone.

You may need to increase/reduce the volume, lock your phone, silence an incoming call, or shut down your phone. In this part of the article, I want to teach you how to power down the iPhone X, Xs, and Xr without the power button.

Since the introduction of iPhones into the gadget world in 2007, Apple has continuously proven to be a brand that improves upon itself.

The latest models of iPhones have so many features that will astound the 2007 models if they could be astounded. Before now, and with the iOS 10 and downwards, it was impossible to power down your iPhone without using the power button- but the iPhones which can be upgraded to iOS 11 upwards, can access this feature. It should go without saying that the power button on iPhone X, Xs, and Xr will have these features.

This feature is also great for people who make use of accessibility features on the iPhones because it comes in handy when you have difficulty pressing down or squeezing buttons.

How to Turn off your iPhone X, Xs, or Xr without the Power Button

  • Locate Settings: this will be found on the menu page of your phone, along with other apps.
  • Navigate to
  • Swipe down to the very end of the page.
  • Tap on Shut Down.
  • Swipe the power off slider to the right to turn off your iPhone.

How to Fix iPhone Power Button not working

While we agree that the power button on iPhone X, Xs, and Xr is a great feature to the phones, we will also concur that there may be times where this feature will be inaccessible to us, as a result of damage or the need for assistive touch.

When the power button on a phone develops issues, not everybody has the money to immediately replace the phone and fix the issue. So, we need to improvise. There are ways to continue using your iPhone, even with the power button not working.

This wonderful alternative is the Accessibility Setting.

First, go to General, then setting, and then locate accessibility. Tap on accessibility and look for Assistive Touch, enabling it by sliding it on.

Immediately you do this, a virtual home button appears on the screen, and believe me when I tell you that this virtual home button can be used for a myriad of functions.

Head back to the main menu, and tap on the virtual home button. It opens up to a tiny box containing other features.

Tap on Device and you can lock your phone. Now to power down your phone, simply hold down the lock screen and wait for the power off slider to come on.

Now you have seen that the iPhone power button is not limited to only powering off and on the phone.

Also, the next time your or a friend’s phone develops an issue with the power button, you can show them how easy it is to keep using your iPhone even without the power button. The power button On iPhone X, Xs, and Xr can do more than keep your phone on or off.

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