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How to Protect Yourself From Keylogger

We all hate to be screwed when it comes to securing our password. From choosing the right password, save it with smart lock or password manager, and using one-time password authentication to access all passwords on other devices. However, you are still can not guaranteed yourself that you password is safe and secure if you have keylogger on your system.


As it were, using password manager is one of the best ways to secure your passwords from intruders since it allow users to create an authentic and unique password when it’s time to log into online websites. But password manager may become useless if you have keylogger on your computer the moment you enter your account if you tend to save passwords on your password manager on infected computer with keylogger.

Even if you use two-factor password authentication, your password is still at risk if keylogger is still present as this may synced your device to keylogger database and prompt hackers to see your last login there by given access to your passwords.

If you use keePass and derivatives which store passwords on your PC and you access your cloud password manager on your computer keylogger may detect the website login you typed on your browser to access your passwords and upload all your data from the website to the malware database and grant access to your logins.

However, there are some security measure you should take to protect your computer and logins from being taken over from unknowns using keylogger to grasp all your details.

How to Protect Password Manager from Keylogger

There are so many ways to deal with keylogger itch to see that you don’t fall victim of hack or you don’t become victim of identify theft or being placed on criminal list on what you know nothing about. However, here are the security measure to take to protect yourself from being a keylogger victim.


Use a Firewall

How to Protect Yourself Keylogger

For keylogger to work it has to transfer information from your computer to the other end of the hacker through the internet as it were. And this you can’t account for, since you are monitoring every activities going on your computer including your internet provider’s activities.

Using a firewall will stand as a great defense against keylogger as this will monitor everything on your computer more than you could ever think. And upon detecting that your computer is about to send out information to another source a warning message for you to review will populate. If you use firewall like ZoneAlarm, you will be given option to shutdown your device including all outbound and inbound completely.

Install Password Manager

How to Protect Yourself Keylogger

The reason why keylogger works effectively is because of simplicity. All it does is to prepare information from your computer -keystroke- and push it to third party’s computer without your consent. The information don’t necessarily need much bandwidth and it can transfer information without visible influence on your computer performance. Often that necessary most users who are victim of keylogger do not take note until their account or credit /debit card credential have been hijacked.

One of the weak point found in keylog is that what is not typed can’t be keylogged and that is where the importance of auto-fill form becomes very important.  Once you computer automatically supplied credit cards and login details needed to a specific website without typed-keystroked- it will not be visible to keylogger except the very first time you did typed it and save it in auto-fill form.


Some computer browsers such as Google Chrome has the feature that let users saved password at first type and it’s popularly called password manager -smart lock-. Using this to protect your password will protect your logins from keylogger. And rather than revealing your password to keylogger it will only reveal your master password when you typed -keystroke- it into your computer password manager.

However, if you have not started using password manager or smart lock on your browser you should endeavor using it before your computer got infected with keylogger.

This security measure can go along way protecting your from what you know nothing about. Note that once your computer have any itch with keylogging protecting yourself from keylogging using password manager may prove futile.

Change Your Account Password Often

For smart internet user the above security measure is enough to protect them from being a keylogger victim. But there are some users who password have be stolen even when they put their account security measure first. However, if you are one of those then you may need to push further to take back your account.

If you already fall victim of this itch then first step to take is change your account password from the old one to a new one. And not from computer without keylogger.

Firstly, logout your account from all devices if you have the privilege so that the hackers logins to your account will be logged out on all device that they have it. It will not delete it from their database though but then you can proceed to change your password.

Also, in a more decent way, it is of great importance to change your password at least once a month even if nothing has happened to your account, without your credentials been keylogged.

When you put all these scrutiny measure into practice you will be on the safe side and protect your computer from being a kelogger’s victim.

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