How to Install Ignition App on iPhone/iPad or Android [2019]

The tutorial in this guide will detail how to install the Ignition app on iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android device. With the Ignition installed on your preferred smartphone, you will have unrestricted access to thousands of apps that are either not available in the app store or the Google play store.

Ignition is a mobile app installer to download and install apps on iPhone, iPad, and iPod without jailbreaking. If you are downloading the Ignition app for Android, there is no root access required.

The Ignition app is alternative to the Appvally, Tweakbox, etc that host tons of paid and free apps for free download including modified or tweak apps.

Why Ignition App?

Ignition is app download store full of various updated apps and games including paid and free apps.

No app is not available for download in the Ignition app download store. If you are a fan of Kodi or VPN app, you will be able to download it from the ignition app store.

Alternative to Cydia

If you have been using Cydia on your jailbroken phone there is no need again to jailbreak your iOS to use the ignition app. However, there is no special requirement to install ignition as there is no need to register to install and use the app store on your iPhone.

How to Install ignition app on iPhone/iPad

Ignition app is easy to install on iOS if you are using iOS 12.3. Other iOS versions can be a bit different. But, you can try this approach on it.

1. Open your Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and visit

2. Tap on “Use Now (web) in red colour.Ignition app

3. Click on install now from the popup that says “ would like to install “Ignition”Install Ignition

4. Tap install again when prompt and allow on your phone screen when you are prompted to. You can install the Ignition app directly from “itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=″

5. On your Profile Installation tap on the install button to the top right of the screen.

6. Once the installation is completed the ignition app will be added to your iPhone/iPad screen.

Add Ignition app as a Trusted App

Follow the procedures shared below to add the ignition app as a trusted app on your iPhone and iPad.

  1. Navigate to your iPhone/iPad Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Click on Profiles & Device Management
  4. Click on Ignition developers’ nameTrusted app
  5. Tap on Trust
  6. The ignition app will be verified and ready to useVerify

Once you have added the app as a trusted app on your iPhone you can start to use it to search and download apps on your iOS devices.

How to Install Ignition on an Android Device

Since the Ignition app isn’t Google verified app by Google protect feature, therefore, to install the Ignition app on your Android, you first need to enable install from unknown sources via your security settings.

To do this, go to phone settings >> security >> unknown sources >> toggle to enable install from unknown sources.

1. Visit Ignition APK download site by clicking on this link

2. Click download APK (2.7MB)Download Ignition APK

3. Go to your Android phone file manager download folder and search for

4. Your phone will ask do you want to continue the installation click on the install button the bottom right.Install Ignition app

5. Wait for the app to complete installing on your phone and click on open to launch and done to close.Install

How to Use Ignition App

Once you have successfully installed the Ignition app on your iPhone/iPad OR Android, the app will be ready for use. Go to your app menu and click on the Ignition app to launch it for the first time.

1. Launch the Ignition app and click on your preferred browser when you are prompted to complete the app installation.

2. Scroll down and click on “Start Now” on “Ready for ignition”

A new form will apear after you have clicked on start now. Now, you are ready to start using the app.Category

The app category includes games, apps both free and paid apps, utility, and many more. Go through the app category and search for your favourite app. Click on the download button to download the. In case the app popup ads just click on the close app to close the ads and continue to download the app you searched for.

Ignition not working

If the ignition APK or app is misbehaving on your iPhone/iPad or Android is not working as expected. First, upgrade to the latest version and follow these procedures to clear ignition now working on your Android.

1. Go to your Android settingsAndroid settings

2. Tap on appsApps

3. Click on “Ignition”Not working

4. Tap on the storage optionTap on storage

5. Click on clear cachesClear ignition app caches

Now, restart your phone and launch the app to know if the ignition is not responding will be cleared.

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