How to use Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook Messenger Rooms is here. The social network now implements Messenger Rooms, a video calling service that allows you to chat with up to 50 people at the same time. You don’t even have to be a Facebook user to log in.

Messenger Rooms borrows various features from similar video chat platforms. For example, you can use virtual backgrounds like zoom, apply effects and filters to your face, share your screen with other people during the call, block your chat room like a house party, etc.

You can now create messenger rooms worldwide using the Facebook Messenger app on your Android and iOS smartphones. However, North American users can only create a chat room through the main Facebook app.

To access Messenger rooms on your PC, you need to download the Messenger app from the Microsoft Store or the Mac App Store.

Ensure that the app you are using on one of the platforms mentioned is updated to the latest version to create newsrooms. If you only join a room without creating one, you can do so by accessing the link of the room shared with you through a web browser.

How to use Facebook Messenger Rooms

How to Create Messenger Rooms with the Messenger App

Since Messenger Rooms have just been launched globally, a test message should appear when you open your updated Messenger app. If you don’t see a message, you can go to the People tab of your Facebook Messenger application and click the “Create Room” option.

How to use Facebook Messenger Rooms

When you create a messaging room, you can create an open link on Facebook that everyone can access, not even a Facebook member. However, if you only want to limit your participation to Facebook users, you can also select “Only people on Facebook” on the “Who can join” tab.

How to use Facebook Messenger Rooms

After selecting the permissions for your audience, you can click the “Share Link” button and send the created link to other participants via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, or another preferred platform.

When the room is online, people with the link can see your name and profile picture and see that you are in the room. It may also include people you are not friends with on Facebook, depending on who you shared the link.

For confidentiality reasons, the creator of the room must be present for the call to begin. Creators can also remove individual participants at any time.

Once you have all the room participants, you can touch the person icon on your screen to access the call settings. Here you can lock the room so that no other participants can enter. You can also add other participants by selecting the “Share link” option in this menu, removing individual participants by tapping the “Remove” button next to their name, or touching “End of the room” to remove all participants. Participants immediately and turn off the video call. 

If you’re setting up a video call and waiting to join, you also have a good way to leave the room until other people join. You can access the option by tapping the X icon in the call screen’s upper left corner. Here you can choose to go and come back later or just end the call.

If you want to use effects, filters, or virtual backgrounds, you can touch the window in which it is displayed. A lot of options show at the screen’s bottom.

How to Use Messenger Rooms on Facebook

As already mentioned, messaging rooms are currently only possible in the USA via the main Facebook app. Once you’ve updated the Facebook app to the latest version, creating newsrooms should appear in your newsfeed. You can start and share message rooms in the Facebook app via their news pages, groups, or events.

The video chat options here are mostly the same as in Messenger except for a few settings. For example, the link-sharing settings remain the same, and you can choose who to join your room in the same way that Messenger does.

Unlike Messenger, however, you can use the “Start time” setting to determine when your room is activated. This can be very useful if you are hosting a live concert or webinar through the service.

Create a Newsroom through the news

Create a messenger room via your news feed, scroll to the Rooms button on the start page, and click on “Create” under your profile picture. When you create a room, you can add a room activity, choose who can see your room, and add a start time. You are allowed to change these settings at any time.

To select who is invited, click on their settings. Now click next to “Friends” to share them with all of your Facebook friends. You can also click on certain friends to choose who you want to invite and allow link sharing. Then press “Save.”

To authorize a non-Facebook user in your messenger room, click “Who is invited?” and click “Allow invitation links to be shared.”

More information about setting start time and more can be found here.

Create Messenger Room in a Facebook Group

To create a video chat room in your Facebook group, click on “Groups” in the menu to the left of your newsfeed and select the group you want to create a messenger room.

Then click the camera icon at the top of the group page. Enter a room activity, select an emoji, and click “Save.” Then click on “Create,” write something in the room and publish it in the group. There is another way to create group messaging rooms if you are still in the classic Facebook layout. Instructions can be found here.

Use messenger Rooms on the desktop.

If you want to use Facebook Messenger Rooms to share your screen with other participants, you need to download the Facebook Messenger app on your Windows PC or Mac.

The desktop app is more useful when there are many participants in a room, and you need a larger screen to see them all at once. You can create message rooms directly from your desktop app. However, you can’t use filters, effects, virtual backgrounds, or call schedules with the Messenger’s desktop version.


That’s all you need to know about using Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms service. If you cannot add up to 50 people to your room, the option may not have been implemented yet. However, Facebook has started to introduce the feature worldwide, and it should be available to everyone soon.

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