Spencer Elden Net Worth, Age, Career, and Biography

Spencer Elden is an artist, professional painter, model, and entrepreneur who was famously known as the Nirvana Nevermind Baby due to the stunt pulled out by some music band created by Butch Vig. They took his naked picture while he was just 4 months old to draw people’s attention. Since they used it on their Album cover page.

He gained popularity quickly as people started to recognize him as the Nirvana Nevermind Baby even after growing a bit mature.

However, it might not have turned out well as Spencer Elden probably didn’t like it a few years after realizing it was more of a sexual assault. Presently he is filing a lawsuit against them. 

Also, He hasn’t grown so popular, since he has a little less than 5k followers on his Instagram page.

As of the year 2022 net income report, Spencer Elden net worth is estimated to be between the range of $500k to $1million.


Spencer Elden was born on the 7th of February 1991 in Los Angeles, California USA. Presently he is 31 years old and he is from a pure Christian background. He is an American citizen. His dad whose name is Rick Elden is a businessman while his mom is a housewife. However, he isn’t married as of now but rumours’ have it that, he has a girlfriend. However, there is no information regarding his siblings.

Early Life & Education

 Spencer Elden

Spencer Elden was raised in Los Angeles California. where he grew up with his parents. While he was still a baby specifically 4 months old. His parents got a call from an underwater photographer named Kirk Weddle to include their son in Nirvana’s album cover photo. They felt great about t bu they didn’t realize that he will be snapped naked.

However, they were eventually paid $250 as reported after taking his picture.

His picture was taken underwater while he was naked. He might not have understood what it meant. 

The band that used his picture went on to generate the needed attention they wanted. The picture really drew people’s attention. However, things took a turn when Spencer Elden decided to sue the music for snapping him naked while he was young. 

Apart from the naked snapshot scenario, Spencer Elden was known to have been quite good with art from a young age. His interest in art prompted him to attend ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California after he was done with his basic primary education.


 Spencer Elden

From a young age, it was revealed that Spencer was deeply interested in art. while he was young some of his paintings were discovered on Facebook. During his free time, he usually paints. In fact, he’s had some paintings of famous personalities which he usually posts on his Facebook account.

However, in one of his social media accounts, he calls himself an artist since it was also reported that he had the Shepard Fairey for five years now.

Spenser Elden now has a deep-rooted interest in music as he is a huge music collector.

Apart from his involvement in music and arts. Spenser is also known to be a model. since it was revealed that he model for different brands and agencies. 

However, he is presently fighting the lawsuit against the incident that happened while he was young regarding his nake picture that was used as the photo album cover for the Nirvana music band.

Why Spenser Eden is Suing the Nirvana Music Band?

Not long ago Spenser Elden was reported to have filed a lawsuit against the Nirvana music band. s reasons were stated as these: The music band didn’t tell him to sign anything official to use his photo on their music album. coupled with the fact that they used his picture while he was naked, which in common cases depicts child pornography.

unfortunately, the United States law doesn’t consider non sexualized photos of babies as child pornography. However, he keeps pushing the case since it was revealed that his lawyer Robert Y. Lewis, clarified that the inclusion of the dollar bill makes the minor look “like a sex worker”. The complete report on the lawsuit is screened by the BBC. 

Spencer Elden Net worth

Apart from the album cove scenario, Spenser is known to be a music artist, Professional painter, model and entrepreneur. He is reported to have modelled for different brands and agencies where he earns from. However, his annual earnings aren’t available but his estimated net worth is around the range of $500k to $1 million 


Spenser Eden rarely reveals information about his personal life to the public, It isn’t known if he has a sibling but it was reported that the name of his parents is Mr Rick Elden and Mrs Elden. His dad is an entrepreneur while his mom is a housewife.

Spencer Elden Siblings

There is no information regarding his sibling at present. However, it hasn’t been reported anywhere that he has a sibling from his parents. Or in any of his social media posts.

Spencer Elden Girlfriend

 Spencer Elden

Presently, he seems to be single but it was revealed that he once posted a picture of a beautiful damsel on his social media page, however, her name is unknown.

Although it was earlier reported that he used to date Angela Najand. But it ended up being a rumour.

Spencer Elden Age

After being popular due to the baby snapshot incidence he became quite popular, however, he hasn’t focused s much o that now that he is 31 years old.

Spencer Elden tattoo

Presently the Spenser Elden is a love of tattoos as he has a tattoo on his hands which is noticeable when he took a picture with his girlfriend. He also has a nevermind tattoo on his chest which is visible in the image below.

(It was noted that he took joy in the image scenery of his naked baby picture which was used by the nevermind group. before he suddenly changed and filled a lawsuit against the music band

Spencer Elden Height

 Spencer Elden

Being a model must have been easy for Spenser since he is quite good looking plus he stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches, which is equivalent to 170cm. He wears a shoe sized 8(US).

Also young can check out Adrian Greiner who is one of the most handsome American celebrities having a similar semblance to spencer over here.

Spencer Elden Weight

Spenser doesn’t look built or bulky in any way but he has a decent weight of 60kg which is about 132lbs. Also Written on his body are different tattoos, one on his hand while there is also one written non his chest named “nevermind“.

Spencer Elden Instagram

Spenser has an Instagram page that you can see here. he has just 3 posts there with about 4700 followers and 2 people he is following. You can check out his Instagram page over here

How did Spencer Elden End up on the cover?

His parent was informed about putting him on their music album cover, however, they didn’t know that he will be snapping their baby nude. The thrill of getting their child on the cover of a music album made them give their consent to the decision.

What does Spencer Elden do now?

Spenser Elden presently works as an expert craftsman, as indicated by his Facebook page, and has made an enormous number of canvases with a portion of his work retailing for more than $100. Besides, He also works as a model since it was reported that he had modelled for brands and agencies.

Who is Spencer Elden?

Spenser Eden is the baby whose image was used by the nirvana music band where the image showed his nude image with a dollar bill. The attraction gained got people talking about him while naming him the Nirvana Nevermind Baby.

How old is spencer Elden?

Presently Spenser Elden is 31 years old As of May 24 2022. he celebrates his birthday on the e7th of February every year> and he was born on 7 February 1991.

Did spencer Elden lose the lawsuit?

It was reported that the earlier showed interest in the scenery and he wanted to build off the attention he got from the image. Not only that he also told his fans he was going to recreate the posing underwater which he did, however, coming out later to sue the music brand who snapped the image seems contradictory since he earlier supported it with his actions.

In addition, it was reported that Forbes says the lawsuit is frivolous, baseless, and an insult to precise victims of a heinous crime

Personal Details Spencer Elden

NameSpencer Elden
Age (as of 2022)31 Years
Birth NameSpencer Elden
Birth Date1991-02-07
ProfessionModel, Music artist
Birth NationUSA
Place Of BirthLos angeles, California
EthnicityWhite American
FatherRick Elden
MotherMrs Eden
College / UniversityArt Centre College of Design
Marital StatusSingle
Sexual OrientationStraight
Net Worth$500K-$1 Million
Source of WealthModel, artist, professional painter, and entrepreneur
Height5 ft 7 inches = 170cm
Weight60 KG
Shoe Size8 US
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeSlim

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