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How to Update OnePlus Smart TV Firmware

Do you own a OnePlus smart TV? Then you are in the right place, as this article will teach you how to update OnePlus smart TV firmware.

Smart TVs, just like smartphones and personal computers, regularly get software updates from their manufacturers. The purpose of this regular software, also known as firmware updates, is to make users enjoy a seamless and better experience when using the Smart TV.

The brand manufacturers usually use the firmware updates to address and resolve known issues that users have encountered when using the smart TV.

The updates are sometimes used to add new features to the Smart TV and improve the functionalities of the smart TV for a better experience when using the TV.

Therefore, as a user, it is important to upgrade your TV as often as new firmware is available, so you can enjoy all of the added benefits that your TV offers.

OnePlus smart TV brand manufacturers, just like other smart TV manufacturer regulary release firmware updates. So if you own a OnePlus TV and you are interested in knowing how to update its firmware, read this article to the very end.

There are different methods you can use to update OnePlus smart TV firmware, and we will be discussing each of the ways in this article.

update OnePlus smart TV firmware

How to Update OnePlus smart TV Firmware Automatically

The preferred means of updating the OnePlus smart TV firmware is doing it automatically. It eliminates the need for any form of technical expertise and can be done just with a stable internet connection and your OnePlus smart TV remote control.

The steps below will guide you through updating your OnePlus smart TV firmware automatically, so make sure your OnePlus smart TV is connected to the internet and follow the steps below.

  • Click on the home screen button on your OnePlus smart TV to navigate to the home menu of your smart TV.
  • The settings menu is at the top right corner of your Home menu, navigate to it using your remote and click on it.
  • Then click on more settings in the options.
  • Now, go to the About option.
  • Then click on System update.
  • If there is any update available for your OnePlus smart TV, download and install it.
  • Then restart your TV, so it can start running on the firmware you just installed.

Following the steps listed above, will enable you to update OnePlus smart TV firmware successfully.

How to Update OnePlus smart TV Firmware Manually

You can update your OnePlus smart TV Firmware manually if, for some reason, your OnePlus smart TV cannot connect to the internet, or you just prefer doing it manually.

To update OnePlus smart TV firmware manually, you will need a UBB drive with at least 4Gb storage space, a working computer, and of course, your OnePlus smart TV.

If you are interested in manually updating your OnePlus smart TV firmware, follow the steps highlighted below.

  • Turn on your computer and go to your web browser.
  • From the web browser, visit the OnePlus smart TV official support site.
  • Enter your OnePlus smart TV model number in the search box provided and select it from the drop-down menu shown to you.
  • This will take you to the support page of your OnePlus smart TV model.
  • Now, on the support page of your OnePlus smart TV, download the latest available firmware to your computer.
  • Then go to the downloaded folder, right click, and select the extract all option.
  • Then click on extract from the dialog box that will appear on your computer screen.
  • Connect a USB drive of at least 4GB of available storage space to your computer.
  • Put the extracted files in your USB drive and rename it to update.zip. Create a folder and name it Ota(exactly as it is written, because this is the only folder your OnePlus smart TV will look for when searching for the file, and it is case sensitive.)
  • Add the files to your Ota folder and save the folder in the root directory of your USB flash drive.
  • Turn on your OnePlus smart TV.
  • Press the home screen button on your OnePlus smart TV remote to navigate to the Home menu.
  • From the home menu, select the settings option at the top right corner of the screen.
  • From the settings menu, click on the more settings option.
  • Now, go to the about menu.
  • Then select system update from the about menu.
  • Now, insert your USB drive into the USB port of your OnePlus smart TV.
  • Then select the check for update option from the system update menu.
  • Now, wait for approximately 5 minutes or till you get an install now option, as your OnePlus smart TV automatically searches for the Ota folder in your USB drive.
  • Select the install now option as soon as it appears on your screen.
  • Follow any instructions that might appear on your screen.
  • After a successful installation process, restart your TV so your OnePlus smart TV can start running on the newly installed firmware.

If you have followed all the steps below, you can now begin to enjoy the benefits your updated firmware now has to offer.

If you use a Sony Smart TV, check this article to learn how to update its firmware.

Unable to connect OnePlus Smart TV to a WiFi Network

If you want to update OnePlus smart TV firmware over the internet, you will need your TV to connect to the internet, and you also need the internet to use some of the features of your OnePlus smart TV.

It is often common to have issues connecting OnePlus smart TV to the internet. If that is the case for you, then doing the basic steps listed below might solve the problem.

  • Reconnect to the WiFi Network: This should be the first troubleshooting method you employ. To do this, forget the particular WiFi network on your computer, then connect back to it again. This has been proven to solve the inability to connect to WiFi issues when using a OnePlus smart TV.
  • Clear Background WiFi data Cache: Sometimes, the inability to connect to WiFi issues might occur because of the cache of your background WiFi data. Simply clearing this cache will resolve the issue.

If you have followed any of the steps listed above and are still unable to connect to the WiFi, you might need to do a factory reset on your OnePlus smart TV or seek the help of a professional.

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