How to Save Photos and Videos on LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t WhatsApp where you can save or download profile pictures or status without using a third-party app. So, I stumbled upon how to save LinkedIn photos on Android when I was checking through my timeline on the platform and it was super easy.

Therefore in this guide, you will learn how to save LinkedIn photos and videos or download LinkedIn status [photos or videos] on Android and other internet-enabled devices.

Even though this method cannot be used to download your LinkedIn connections profile picture it can still be you to save your profile picture and save any photo or image on the LinkedIn app on your Android phone.

Save LinkedIn Photos

Update LinkedIn App on Android

If you are using the old LinkedIn app you have to upgrade to the latest. Or if your LinkedIn app for Android is outdated consider following the steps below to upgrade the Linked app to the latest version.

  • Launch your “Google Play Store” app.
  • Click on the “Profile” picture to the top right.
  • Click on “Manage apps & device.”
  • Click on “Manage.”
  • Select “Update Available” on the navigation.
  • Choose “Pending Update.”
  • Scroll down and click on “LinkedIn.”
  • Tap “Update.”

Once you have successfully updated to the latest LinkedIn app you can then follow the steps below to save LinkedIn photos or images and videos to your phone gallery.

How to Save LinkedIn Photos on Android

You need to have the LinkedIn app for Android on your phone to complete this task. So, I would assume that you are using an Android phone and the latest and updated version of the LinkedIn app on your smartphone.

  • Launch the LinkedIn app on your Android phone.
  • Find the LinkedIn photo you want to save.
  • Click on the photo or image.
  • Click on the “Download” button located at the top of the photo.
  • Photo saved successfully will appear at the bottom of the image.

Once the LinkedIn app popped up photo saved successfully it means that the LinkedIn photo has been downloaded and saved on your phone.

Follow the steps in this article to cancel your LinkedIn premium account after the free trial.

How to Download LinkedIn Profile Picture

You can also download and save your LinkedIn profile picture to your phone with a single click. Although, the process to save LinkedIn profile pictures is different from how to save photos on LinkedIn feeds.

So, here we will walk you through how to download your LinkedIn profile picture and save it to your phone.

  • Open the LinkedIn app on your Android phone.
  • Click on your “Profile Picture” to the top right.
  • Select “View Profile.”
  • Click on the “Profile” picture.
  • Select “Save” to download and save the LinkedIn profile picture.

With this, you can save your LinkedIn profile picture to your phone. The steps above help you to save your LinkedIn

How to Download Videos from LinkedIn

To download videos from LinkedIn you would have to use a third-party app since there is no option to saved videos on LinkedIn to your phone. Therefore, with this, we will explain the steps to take to download videos from LinkedIn to your Android phone.

  • Open the LinkedIn app. You can sign in to your account and you can use it as a guest.
  • Click on the “Video.” You can play the video or leave it.
  • Click on the three dots to the top right.
  • Select “Share Via” and copy the video “Link” from the popup.
  • Open on a browser paste the LinkedIn video URL on the column provided and click on the download button.
  • Once you see the video you want to download click on the three dots on the video that is located at the bottom right. You can also scroll down and click on the download button.
  • Tap the “Download” button and click “download” again from the popup.
  • Done.

The LinkedIn video will be saved on your phone once the downloaded is completed.

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