Application Form is an online portal to help you grow your skills and connect them with different opportunities with their application form. SA Youth platform connects applicants to opportunities within and outside the government empowerment for job opportunities, entrepreneur opportunities, youth programs, and skills opportunities via the application form.

While the application form isn’t just to get your dream job or join the fast-growing organisation in SA. You will also learn tips to make you stand out in your next job such as preparing yourself using the SA Youth platform to prepare for the likely job interview, skills you need to complement your hassles, and how to search for the best job for your skills with good remuneration, and how you can boost your digital skills.

So, here, we will discuss all the rudiments of how to register on and download the SA Youth application form.

What is SA Youth?

SA Youth is a job application platform that brings information about jobs, recruitment, and digital skills opportunities within and outside the government perimeters. The platform is dedicated to bringing different job opportunities to all South African Youth seeking employment in private and government organisations. >>>

The SA Youth mobile site now redirects to on mobile and desktop. If you are on mobile you’d see a quest to continue from to

So, you shouldn’t think otherwise when you see the redirecting to on PC or mobile.

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You need to join or register on to apply for any job opportunity. Therefore, we will take you through the registration form process to join the platform.

  • Go to on a web browser on a mobile/PC.
  • Click on “Apply for Opportunities application
  • To apply for opportunities you will need to join first and you will need the following…
    • A South African identity number for citizens
    • Permanent residents, and refugees
    • A valid work permit for foreign nationals.
    • A ZIP/postal code for where you live
  • If you have all the basic requirements click on “I’m Ready to Join.” It takes about 4 minutes to complete the registration.” registration
  • Select “Yes” if you have “RSA ID Number” and “No” if you don’t have “RSA ID Number.” RSA ID Number stands for “South African ID number is a 13-digit number.”
  • Click on “Yes” to proceed.RSA ID Number
    • Fill out the form and provide all the necessary information.
    • If “No” you will be asked whether you have a permit to work in SA. If you have a valid permit click “Yes” then you will be prompted to fill out the personal information form.
  • You need either the RSA or work permit to complete the application form online without which you will not be able to proceed with the registration.SAYouth.mob regsitration form

Once you are done with the registration process you will be able to sign into your registered account with the information you provided during the registration process.

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If this is your first time since you registered your account on or, below are the steps to take to sign into your SA Youth mobi account for the first time.

  • Open a browser and go to
  • Scroll down and click on “Log in and Apply.”Log in and Apply registration
  • Enter your SAYouth username or RSA ID number and password in the column provided and click “Login.”

Login to SAYouth AccountOnce you enter your registered details you will be taken to your SA Youth account to start exploring all available opportunities.

Forgot SAYouth Password

How do you reset your registration password? If you don’t know how below are the step to take to retrieve your SAYouth forgotten password.

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  • Go to the official SAYouth website on or
  • Scroll down and click on “Log in and Apply.
  • Click on “I Forgot my Username/Password.”
  • You will see three options that can be used to reset your password. These options include…
    • Reset with SMS
    • Reset with Email
    • Reset with my security question.
  • Choose one of the SAYouth password and username reset options and hit the “Next” button.
  • If you choose “Reset with SMS” you will be prompted to provide your “username or RSA ID number” if you know them or “provide your personal information if you can’t remember them.
  • If you choose to reset with the email you will be prompted to enter your username or RSA ID number and the email address associated with your SAYouth account. And if you can’t remember your username or RSA ID number you will need to provide your first name, surname, and email address that is associated with the SAYouth account to retrieve your password.
  • If you prefer to reset your SAYouth password with your security question choose “reset with my security question” and hit the “Next” button.
    • You will be asked to provide your username or RSA ID number.
    • Select your security question…
      • Nickname
      • Dream Job
      • First Friend
    • Provide an answer to the column “when I was a child was” and click on the ‘Next” button.

If all the information provided matches with a record on the instruction to reset your forgotten password will pop up or be sent to your phone number as SMS or email as mail.

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