6 Best Resources to Help You Pass Cisco CCIE R&S Certification Exam

The Cisco certification program ranks among the top one in the industry in terms of value, interest, depth, and career rewards.

Cisco boasts one of the most comprehensive credential pyramids covering a range of complexity and career levels. Starting from the Entry level, the program progresses to the Expert and Architect levels.

One of the most significant certificates is CCIE, also known as Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. This certification promises very much in terms of numerous career opportunities and income potential.

Earning the CCIE R&S certification requires in-depth and extensive knowledge of the products and services of Cisco.

This is beyond CCNA and CCNP. For CCIE Routing and Switching, you have to know practically everything about Cisco. As a fact, you are required to take a written and a lab exam.

These two tests require a thorough understanding of everything that Cisco has to offer. We understand that preparation for the certification exams can be daunting because, without appropriate material, it can be a formidable assignment.

Top Cisco certification Resource Centers

For this reason, we have searched the Internet to locate some of the top resources that will help you with your exam preparation.

1. Cisco Learning Network

Cisco certification

If you are writing a Cisco exam, the best way to start the preparation is by visiting the learning platform of the exam provider itself.

Cisco offers extensive training operations both in-person and online. If you prefer a flexible schedule for your preparation process, the online platform is the best choice for you.

The online aspect of Cisco training is known as the Cisco Learning Network. It offers a wide range of information about the CCIE R&S certification, as well as everything you need to know about the associated exams.

You can explore the Study/Learn webpage to discover various supplementary learning tools to help with your self-study for your test.

There is also a learning center where you can find different kinds of tips and information. The study group is also available on the platform, which gives you the opportunity to network with other test takers all across the world.

2. Cisco Press

Cisco press

If you are looking for an amazing variety of study materials for earning your CCIE R&S credential, the Cisco Press is one of the places to search.

It is the official press website, and you can find numerous resource tools on this platform. Every study material you need to attain success in your Cisco exam can be found through this Cisco platform.

Apart from the study guide, you can also watch video courses, which include over 400 videos of more than 50 hours of training. In addition, you can also explore the available software simulators, practice tests, and flashcards.

All these things have been developed to make your exam prep effective and rewarding.

3. Cisco Online Virtual Labs

Cisco certification

There are many platforms that offer virtual labs for Cisco certification exams but not too long ago, precisely in 2012, Cisco began to provide learning labs to its test takers.

You can purchase access to a customized virtual lab at Cisco Learning Labs for about three dollars. The lab is available over a range of blocks, varying from 25-hours to 50-hour blocks.

The first ones are available for a period of ninety days, and the second blocks – for a period of 180 days. In addition to this, you can also have five-hour increments for free after your purchase.

Although there are some other training platforms that offer virtual labs, there is none that offers so cost-effective and up-to-date virtual labs as Cisco itself.

4. Cisco Lab Kits

If you are pursuing the CCIE R&S certification, you must understand that hands-on experience with the Cisco hardware is very crucial to your success.

To excel in the test, you have to spend a great deal of time working on hardware to be prepared for the notorious lab exam. This means you have to buy your own kits for your practice.

Undoubtedly, there are many companies that offer complete hardware labs and lab kits for sale to exam takers. However, choosing Cisco Lab Kits gives you the assurance that you get an authentic deal.

5. CCIE Routing and Switching Training

In addition, you can also choose to have your exam prep and training with authorized Cisco training partners or a third party reputable trainer.

If you plan to use authorized training partners, you can get a list of outlets within your region from the certification webpage.

If you want to consider third-party training, you can go through the Internet to check out reviews of other test takers who have used these platforms to prepare for their exams.

6. PrepAway Website

Cisco certification

Whatever tools you require for your exam preparation, PrepAway.com is a highly recommended resource to consider.

The platform offers a wide range of materials, such as practice labs, practice tests, certification tool kits, ETE files, braindumps, and a state-of-the-art digital library with learning videos and blog articles.

PrepAway materials offered on the platform are fee-based, and the price depends on the specific product you want to buy and the duration of time you want to spend using its services.

The prices at PrepAwayfor the practice tests also differ depending on the certification. PrepAway offers a flexible prep time, and you can access the resources at anywhere and anytime.


There are a lot of study tools to make your Cisco certification preparation easier. Consider taking Cisco materials first.

Whatever resource you decide to go with, you can be certain that there are enough materials to help you prepare and pass the exams to receive your Cisco CCIE R&Scertification.

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