How to Scan a Document With Phone Camera Without Scanner

Thanks to the power of technology and smartphones [Android, iOS & Windows]. I almost got myself into a mess today when I needed to scan a document and couldn’t find a scanning machine or a computer centre around. In fact, no one was near to my location. I was so frustrated to the extent that I had to use my Android phone cam scanner app to scan the document on my phone and then transfer it to a computer for printing.

This is a personal experience on how I scanned a document on my Android phone without scanner using a free Android app called cam scanner. Cam scanner app is also available for iOS and Windows users.

Some of us already know about cam scanner app for Android and iOS devices. That, cam scanner let us scan a document on our phone and convert it from JPEG or PNG to PDF file or a portable document file. Meanwhile, cam scanner produces an exact same scanned document using your phone camera. This is more of photocopying the document with your phone so that you can print it out.

Cam scanner does save the cost of scanning documents from a scanner machine. However, if you don’t know how to scan a document on your Android using cam scanner app here I got you cover today. With this post, you won’t fall, a victim, like I almost did today.

I’m going to share everything on how to use your Android phone as a scanning machine and then convert the scanned document to a printable document such as PDF and be able to upload it to an online portal or job site or you can even send the scanned and converted file to an online portal via email address.

This procedure can be used to scan CV, scan receipt, etc. and upload it to your desired website or forward it to your employer. Following my guide below you will be able to scan a document on your Android phone. No apk file is required. All you need is free cam scanner for iOS, Windows and Android phone.

How to Scan a Document With Phone Camera Without Scanner

How to Scan a Document on Android Phone

To start with you need the following requirement. As you need to get them ready to prepare your mind for the process.

  • An Android phone
  • Internet connection
  • Cam Scanner for your phone [Android, iOS & Windows]
  • Good phone camera [5 MP rear camera is OK].

If you already have cam scanner app installed on your Android phone, then you do not need internet connection here. The purpose of the internet connection is for the downloading of cam scanner Android pdf creator. The Android phone is what you will use to snap the document you want to scan using cam scanner app inform of images before you can convert it to a scanned document, which is a PDF file.

Once you have the requirement ready, then go get the document you want to scan ready and let’s do it alone. Meanwhile, if you don’t have the document you want to scan with your Android phone right away, you can just bookmark this page for future purpose.

How to Scan a Document on Android Phone

Just in, below is the exacts procedure I followed to use my Android phone to scan a document using a free Android app, called cam scanner and then convert it from JPEG or PNG to PDF.

1. Download and install “camscanner” app directly from your OS download website as provided in the previous step above.

2. Launch the can scanner app and accept terms and condition of the app. Leave everything that has to do with the app settings the way they are and place your phone rear camera on the document you want to scan.

How to Scan a Document With Phone Camera Without Scanner

Note 1: Position your Android phone camera until you achieve a full shot of the document you want to scan and click on your phone camera button to snap it and click on tick icon.

Note 2: You do not need to sign into cam scanner or register a new account before you can use the app. All you need to do is click on use now below register to move straight to where you will be able to access your phone camera to start scanning.

Note 3: Once you have successfully scanned the document you will be given options to choose from such as auto, original, lighten, magic colour and the rest. For best result always go with the auto. And the location where you took the scan is bright enough you can do with the natural.

3. Navigate to the scanned document in cam scanner folder and click on the shot. We need to crop it to achieve a nice scanned document. Click on crop option to adjust the document edges and remove all unwanted background from it. Cropping it will help you to cut the edge and achieve a perfect scanned document like what you will achieve if you have used a scanning machine.

How to Scan a Document With Phone Camera Without Scanner

Note: You have to click on the icon to the upper right to pop up crop option for you. After successful cropping click on the tick icon to change the output.

Now, you have successfully scanned your document using your Android phone but it’s still in JPEG or PNG format so we need to convert it to PDF. However, to achieve a complete scanned PDF file we finally need to convert the PNG or JPEG format to a printable portable document file [PDF].

How to Convert a Scanned Document on Android Phone to a PDF

After the whole scenarios above we need to convert it to PDF. Without which our job is just half done. So, I’ll share how to convert the scanned document to PDF from JPEG or PNG.

1. Close the cam scanner app for effective movement with the app and re-launch the app again. Click on PDF icon beside share option & more option to open the scanned image in PDF.

2. Some options will pop up. If you want to open the scanned image in PDF select PDF if it is a word document select word icon and if it is drive PDF viewer just click on it to select.

How to Scan a Document With Phone Camera Without Scanner

Note: You must have these apps installed to be able to use them. Else you may need to check how to download from play store.

3. Below is the result of the scanned document. You can now go ahead to print it. This actually gives a perfect result of what I want and you too can achieve the same. Now in PDF format without a scanner.


In life knowledge is important. And understanding is profitable to knowledge. With this method alone, you can turn your Android phone into a scanning machine if you run a computer centre and you don’t have a scanning machine, and there is no scanner machine near you.

To keep more money to yourself always use this method to scan a document instead of paying for scanning at the computer centre.

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