How to Fix Sony TV Remote Not Working

Software glitches and battery issues are the common problems your Sony TV remote control is not working. If you are faced with this problem we are here to teach you why your remote control is not working and how to fix a Sony TV remote not working follow this DIY guide.

If you are having issues with your Sony remote we will take you through some simple steps to fix the not working TV remote. Ensure your Sony TV is in operation, and make sure the buttons on your remote control are not jammed. Reset your remote control, ensure you clean the terminals of your remote control terminals, and replace batteries with new ones.

You can perform a power reset on your Sony TV, remove connected external devices that may influence and lastly make sure you are using the latest software version on your Sony TV.

With what we have said, you should have the idea of how you can quickly fix your Sony TV remote if it’s not working. Therefore, we will delve deep into the prerequisite to make your Sony TV remote work again.

Why Sony TV Remote Not Working

There are a few reasons why your Sony TV remote won’t work. Even though they are simple problems but you need to understand that you can boycott a non-working Sony remote unless fixed.

  • Battery Problems.
  • Dirty battery control terminals.
  • Jammed remote Buttons.
  • Disconnected or loosened power cable or AC adapter.
  • Influence from connected external devices such as ( HDMI connection device, external USB hard disk, etc., and cables from your Sony TV terminal.
  • Not using the updated latest software version on your Sony TV.

Sony TV Remote Not Working

Sony TV Remote Not Working

Since we know the various reasons why your Sony TV remote control not working. Now we would discuss various troubleshooting steps on how to fix the Sony TV remote not working.

Ensure Sony TV is Connected to Power Outlet

The first step is to make sure your Sony TV is connected to a stable source of power so that the standby or power light on your Sony TV can appear. Also, make sure the standby or power light on your Sony TV is lit or blinking red light.

  • Perform Power Reset on Your Sony TV
  • To perform a power reset on a non-smart Sony TV:
  • Switch OFF your Sony TV.
  • Allow your TV to cool off for about 5 minutes
  • Unplug your TV from the power wall outlet.
  • Now leave your Sony TV for 60 seconds without a power supply.
  • Then reconnect the power cord to the power wall outlet.
  • Switch your Sony TV back ON.

Battery Related Problems

Your Sony Tv remote control may have low battery power which is not enough to power your Sony TV remote control. Make sure you change your remote control batteries to check if this solves the issue.

If this problem is not fixed, these other steps would help to fix your Sony TV remote not working problems.

  • Ensure the remote buttons are not jammed.
  • Make sure the battery of your remote control is properly placed and the positive and negative pole of your battery is placed correctly in your remote.
  • Also if you are changing the batteries, ensure to use a new battery. Do not use a new and used battery together. Also, use the appropriate type of battery, do not use a rechargeable battery in your remote control.

Lastly, clean your remote control terminals

  • If the terminals of your remote control are dirty, this might cause issues with your remote control. You should ensure to regularly clean your remote control terminal.
  • Remove the battery lid and roll the batteries with your thumb while they are still inside your remote control.

If your remote control works:

  • Remove the batteries
  • Then clean remote control terminals with a small alcohol solution and a cotton bud or soft cloth.
  • Now return the batteries to your remote control.

Factory Reset Your Sony TV

If this issue is from a software glitch or temporary TV issue, another option you might consider is a factory reset. However, a factory reset may take a few minutes, as you have to wait till the process is completed. Make sure you have your pin and password ready in case you set any, as you will be asked to provide them. Lastly, if the factory reset process is complete, then your TV will proceed into the Initial Setup.

  • Turn your Sony TV ON.
  • Press the HOME button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Device Preferences → Reset
  • Select Device Preferences → About → Reset.
  • Select Storage and Reset.
  • Select Factory data reset
  • Select Erase Everything. In case you used a password or parental lock, you will be asked to provide the password, or enter the password for the Parental lock.
  • Then Select Yes.

Update the Software of Your Sony TV

Always ensure you are using the latest software updated version on your Sony TV if you are using a Smart TV. if you are facing issues of your Sony remote not working, it could be from a software glitch. Therefore updating your Sony TV to the latest version can help solve software glitches on your Sony TV.

How to Reset Sony Bravia TV

Resetting your Sony Bravia TV helps to fix several issues including the remote control, not working issues. However, your Sony Bravia TV runs on an Android operating system (OS), which makes it a smart TV. Before you reset your TV, disconnect any USB cable from your TV. Also in case your TV is switched OFF,  first switch it ON. We would show you the steps on how to reset Sony Bravia Tv.

  • Turn off your TV.
  • Unplug your TV power cord from the power outlet.
  • Leave your TV to remain without power for 30 seconds.
  • Finally, plug the power cord back into the power outlet.

Here is the other method below:

  • Point your remote control to the light sensor on your TV.
  • Press and hold the POWER button of your remote control for about 5 seconds until Power off appears.
  • TV will automatically reboot, then wait for about 1 minute, for your TV to turn back ON.
  • In case your TV does not reboot, simply press the POWER button on your remote control to turn your TV ON.

Remove External Devices

The issue of your Sony TV remote not working can be influenced by the connection of external devices. Therefore you should remove all external devices such as external USB hard disk, and HDMI connection device and also remove cables from your Sony TV terminal.

Ensure you don’t remove your TV power cable and you can reassemble the cables before you remove them. Lastly, if a specific device is connected and your TV flashes light, then there may be an issue with such a connected device.

Sony TV Remote Not Working

In conclusion, if after you have tried all these steps and there are no changes or you are still faced with issues of your Sony TV remote not working. Then you can operate your TV with the buttons on your device.

Also, you should replace your remote control with an original remote control. You can purchase it from a store or online through Amazon, BestBuy, eBay, etc.

Alternatively, you can download the Sony remote control app, which you can use to control your Sony Tv.

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