Sophia Diggs Son, Net Worth and Date of Birth

Sophia Diggs is generally known as the relative to the famous self-acclaimed rapper, artist, producer and author called RZA. there is no accurate information about when she was born however report states that she should e about 21 years old

Sophie Diggs Early Life

Sophia is the sister to a well-known media personality called RZA who is a musician, actor, rapper, record producer and author. The real name of her brother is Robert Fitzgerald Diggs.

Also, she is the baby mama to Ghostface Killah a Famous American Rapper, that’s not all, her second sibling named Terrace Hamil is known as the 9th prince is also a well-known rapper, having two famous media personalities s siblings makes her a celebrity sister.

Sophia is not a well-known figure in the Online space, she doesn’t have those celebrity followers on her social media account for example her Instagram account is private and she doesn’t have a single display picture there. what is apparent about her is that she has two renowned siblings who are celebrities.

Sophie Diggs Career

sophia diggs

In the year 2016 Sophia Diggs made her acting debut with a small role in her brother’s film ” The man with the Iron Fist 2“, Her brother RZA was instrumental in helping her get into the entertainment industry, Sophia Diggs had always wanted to be an actress for a long time and that opportunity was a starting point for here.

In addition to that, she also partook as the better half of the lead member of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, in which Killah was the de facto leader of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, having produced the most albums for the group. 

There isn’t enough information online or on sites like Wikipedia, however, her husband Ghostface Killah is well known for his emotional stream-of-consciousness narratives containing cryptic slang and non-sequiturs.

In 2006, Ghost face Killah was included as an honourable mention on the list of ” Greatest MCs of All Time” 

Similarly, Sophie is one of the three siblings of famous rapper Robert Diggs, better known by his stage name RZA.

Ghostface Killah’s Wife Sophia Diggs On Instagram

sophia diggs

She has a private life since her Instagram account is left private as she doesn’t have any display pictures over there, however, she proclaimed husband Ghost killah has an active social media presence, his Instagram 

We were not able to locate Sophia Diggs’s Instagram profile on the internet. She has a very tiny presence on social media sites.

On the contrary, her husband, Ghostface Killah, is quite active on the Instagram platform. as he boasts of close to 1 million followers and over 780 posts

Sophia Diggs Age: How old is Sophia Diggs

There is no accurate information about the real age of Sophia Diggs some say she is 20 while some say 22, or even 35, looking at her profile picture she might be in her early 30thirties  

As of now, there is no information regarding her actual age. Similarly, as per her birthplace, Sophia is an American citizen.

Sophia Diggs and Ghostface Killah’s relationship

sophia diggs

There have been some rumours surfacing that Sophia Diggs is Ghost Face Killah’s babby mama while some say she is Killah’s wife, and at the opposing end, we have those who are saying that Sophia Diggs and Ghostface Killah were never married, Right now I can’t ascertain if any information is true so I can’t come to a conclusion that Sophia is Ghostface’s wife.

Sophie and Ghost face were in a relationship, but they never married. Sophia Diggs is the sister of the well-known rapper RZA. Ghostface has three children, but we are unclear if Sophia is the rapper’s baby mama.

Sophie Diggs DOB [Date of Birth] and Age


Since she has been very private about her lifestyle, there isn’t any accurate information on Sophia DIgg’s date of birth what some say is she should be in the here early twenties or her mid twenties, however she shouldn’t be more than 35. 

Sophia Diggs Husband

Ghost Face Killah

There have been reports surfacing that Sophia Diggs’s husband is Ghost Face Killah, while some say she is just a baby mama, however, there hasn’t been any clear statement of who exactly is her husband.

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Sophia Diggs son

Does Sophia Diggs have a son, you bet? According to some reports they said she had three children for Ghost Killah while some say she had those children outside marriage,

Sophia Diggs Height


Looking at Sophia Diggs’s height in comparison to her brother’s height she has an average height for a women

Also, Sophia Diggs is much shorter than her brother RZA which can be seen from the numerous picture they took, that she has a height of 5 feet 5 tall, however, there isn’t much known about her physique

Sophia Diggs Net Worth 2022


Sophia Diggs isn’t a celebrity star etc she is only famous for who are siblings are, however, Sophia Diggs net worth is assumed to be $1 million based on the available information. If any information here pops up it will be updated 

10 Facts on Sophia Diggs:

  1. Sources say her age is considered to be 20 years according to some reliable resources.
  2. There is no concrete information about her boyfriend and we also do not know if she is single right now.
  3. Her Instagram account is very private.
  4. According to her private Instagram bio, she is completing her graduation from the University of Minnesota.
  5. Sophia is a black American just like her brother. 
  6. Apart from just RZA, she has two other siblings whose names are Mitchell “Divine” Diggs and Terrence “9th Prince” Hamlin.
  7. Since she is not that popular, nothing much is known about her professional life. 

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