Top 8 Best Free Beat Making Softwares for Mac

If you are passionate and want to become a great music composer, but you don’t have enough resources to fulfill your dream, it might interest you to know that there are free beat making softwares for mac and ios.

You can always help with some excellent rhythm making programs.  These programs are capable enough to give you the environment you are looking for.  Using the software mentioned below, you can compose your genre of music.  Most of them are free to use and provide a sample of music that allows users to get inspired and create something unique.

All of these beat making programs are easy to use, and no skill is required to use their features.  Here in this article, we have included the most popular and advanced rhythm production software for Windows and Mac, which has proven to be the best due to its great features.

Music is always a great source of entertainment and joy for every user, and if you want to pursue a career in the music industry, then creating high-quality music rhythms is a must-do, and this task can be easily accomplished with the help of some software packages.

You can also use the music tracks of other singers to create your own tunes using these software packages, which we will mention below.  We hope you benefit from these software package features and make the most of them to increase your popularity in the music industry.

Best Free Beat Making Softwares for Mac
Best Free Beat Making Softwares for Mac

Top 8 Free Beat Making Softwares for Mac

Here are the top most used Mac software to make beat for free.

1. Hydrogen music

Like OrdrumBox, this is another program that doesn’t help much for creating high-quality music rhythms.  All the features offered by OrdrumBox are also provided by Hydrogen Music.

Technically this program looks good but lacks the quality advantage.  Hydrogen Music is compatible with all three operating systems, which are Windows, macOS, Linux etc.

The graphical user interface is also an exciting feature of this program, but using this program is a considerable challenge, and without any suitable evidence, you will not be able to use this program to create musical rhythms.  Therefore, we recommend that you use OrdrumBox instead of Hydrogen Music.


This music beat maker is open source, which simply means that it is available to all users for free.  You can use this program by accessing the provided link, and from there, you can start creating music rhythms very quickly.

LMMS is compatible with all three operating systems, such as Hydrogen Music and OrdrumBox.  You will see an average GUI, but frankly, it won’t bother you because the features you provide will compensate it very quickly.

You can listen to typical music tracks, and after listening, you can create your music track in your voice.  There is a huge database of these tracks, and you can listen to a variety of tracks according to your choice. After recording the beat of the music, you can download the file in a variety of output formats like WAV, OGG etc.

3. Musink Lite

This program is placed at the bottom of this list because it is not very popular according to expectations because some bugs and technical problems hit again and again, which is very annoying.

these errors will disturb the registration process, and sometimes the downloaded recording cannot be.  For this reason, users try to avoid using this program.  But if you want to try a simple user interface, you should use this program because technical failure will not resist the registration process every time.

This program is exclusively available for Windows users.  Limited compatibility and low-quality features are what make this program so uncommon; otherwise, this program claims to produce promising results when it was first launched.

4. FL Studio

Do you have something unique and creative that you want to create as soon as possible?  Then, you should try FL Studio.  It is the best beat making software for MAC and Windows PC.  You can access this program for free, and the best part is that it is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices.

Using this program, you can easily create, edit or mix any song or rhythm within a few minutes.  You can also create music even if you are a beginner.  There are a lot of tools available specifically designed to help beginners.

5. Drum Flow

Drum Flow is one of the best free rhythm-making software that you can use to create your rhythms and music online.  You can get this program for free, and the best part is that it contains a library of music samples that you can use while creating your music or tunes.

The interface is simple and easy to use, so beginners can use it without encountering any problems.  You can create your music or tempo within a few minutes, and the output files can be saved in any format.

6. Ordrumbox

OrdrumBox is one of the best rhythm maker software for Mac and Windows, which offers you multiple music options.  It has become very popular among the musician community due to its wide variety of composition and mixing options.

The best part is that it runs smoothly on almost every operating system.  You can either create your own tunes or mix songs using this platform.

7. GarageBand

Garageband, founded in 2010, is another popular music-making program that you can use to compose your own tunes.  It also contains a list of musical instruments that you can learn and play on this platform.

The best part is that you can either use it to compose songs and also to make tunes as well.  You can save those rhythms created in different formats.  But officially, it’s only available for Mac.  You can try GarageBand for these windows.

8. HammerHead Rhythm Station

HammerHead is another powerful music rhythm program that allows beginners and professionals to produce musical notes.  It comes with so many music composing options. One key feature is that it is compatible with every Windows device.

The simple interface is easier to use, and anyone can use it without any problems.  All rhythms created with this platform can be exported and saved in different formats.

we hope you really found what you are looking for in this article. let us know your favorite free beat making softwares for Mac at the comment box.

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