Toro Lawn Mower won’t start [Fixed]

The majority of devices that makes use of a combustion engine aren’t free of problem. A good example is a generator. A Generator can develop issues if it is not well maintained. However, the same goes for the Toro Lawn Mower.

The Toro Lawn Mower began, to cater for golfers who had to clear their greens. As time went on, they decided to widen their focus to other customer avatars.

Although the Toro lawn mower is one of the best lawn mowers out there since users find it more efficient and easy to operate. 

Unfortunately, one of the most common issues with the Toro Lawn Mower is when it doesn’t start.

If your Toro lawn mower won’t start, there is always a faulty or clogged component that usually causes this. Sometimes it could also be related to the spark plug or the fuel level.

However, it could be more technical than any of these.

Anyway, since you are here because your Toro Lawn Mower won’t start. I will be breaking down the easy fixes you can carry out to resolve it.

It is preferable to carry out these troubleshooting steps one by one so as to easily figure out what exactly solves it and what problem is recurring.

Let’s delve into the things you have to check and the appropriate troubleshooting steps to take.

Toro Lawn Mower Troubleshooting Guide

I will be starting from the obvious issues down to complex ones. If you feel you’ve checked off any listed issue and you’ve tried out any of these troubleshooting steps simply skip to the next one.

troubleshooting toro lawn mower

1. Verify if your Petrol Tank

As easy as it might sound, sometimes you might not be aware of this since your lawn mower doesn’t consume fuels as a car does. Probably, you feel there should still be enough fuel there to run it.

You might be wrong, especially if you are just getting the mower and you aren’t aware of its rate of fuel consumption.

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Troubleshooting steps.

Always check your fuel tank first if you are stuck with this issue. Also, ensure you fill it up when regularly.

2. Check the Ignition Coil and Switch

check ignition coil and switch

Sometimes it could be a result of a faulty ignition switch. Here is how you can figure that out.

When you want to start your Toro Lawnmower and the Ignition switch isn’t turning over, it is a green light that the ignition switch has a problem. 

Sometimes it turns over but it doesn’t ON. It is easy to notice the difference in the sound 

Now, if you notice any of these here is what you should do to resolve that.

Troubleshooting step

Get a multimeter to check the ignition switch. If the switch is faulty you have to replace it. 

Also, you can check the ignition coil with an ignition coil tester.

If the ignition coil is having an issue then you have to replace the ignition coil.

3. Verify if your Gas Cap isn’t Clogged

Verify if your Gas Cap isn't Clogged

Among other scenarios, if your gas cap isn’t letting air pass through for the fuel tank to vent. The Air won’t be able to pass through the cap causing a vacuum inside the fuel tank.

What this means is, If your Gas cap is clogged, it could restrict the fuel from flowing out of the tank. And in this scenario. The fuel isn’t being fed for usage in the Lawn Mower system, making it look as though there isn’t fuel.

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Troubleshooting step

To resolve this simply remove your gas cap from the tank and start your mower. 

While it is running, change the fuel cap. Now, if you notice any splutter out or it shuts down. Then your Gas Cap Might be the issue.

If your Toro lawn mower won’t start due to that, all you have to do is clean your gas cap so as to create a free passage.

4. Issues with your Spark Plug

Toro Lawn Mower won't start spark plug

In most combustion systems, a dirty spark plug with carbon or oil deposits can stop your lawn mower from starting up. But, if it’s not been long since you replaced your spark plug, then you want to be double sure that it is firm and well screwed.

Now, in the case of carbon or oil deposits on the spark plug here is how you can resolve it.

Troubleshooting Step

Loosen the spark plug and check for carbon deposit or check if it looks dirty. You can either clean it off using petrol or replace the plug. After doing that, screw it back into its rightful place.

4. Issues with the Air Filter

One of the less noticed issues why your Toro lawn mower won’t start is the air filter. A clogged-up air filter can cause a permanent issue since it stops air from flowing to your engine, which in turn could cause the engine to overheat.

In a scenario where your engine overheats, it could damage your engine

Troubleshooting step

If you notice that your air filter is clogged, simply remove it and clean it using a mild soap. Another option is a replacement with a new air filter if you don’t mind the cost.

5. Clogged Fuel Filter

It is known that if fuel isn’t flowing through your Toro lawn mower it won’t work. The fuel filter is a component that simply filters out dirt and rust particles from the fuel. The majority of Internal combustion engines usually come with one.

If you are unsure about this, you can give it a check and look into it, to verify if it is clogged up. If it is, it can block the fuel from flowing past it 

Troubleshooting process

To resolve this problem, you simply have to get a new fuel filter since it’s usually hard to clean the dirt off.

6. Issues with your Lawn Mower battery, Battery Connections.

Another reason why your Toro lawn mower won’t start is if your battery is low or faulty or if the connection around your battery is loose or the terminals are corroded.

Long usage of the battery without proper charging in place causes the battery to go low or make it faulty after a long time. Usually, the battery is supposed to show a green light once it is charging and maybe you are not aware of that.

Troubleshooting steps

If the connections are okay but the terminals are corroded you can resolve that by cleaning with baking soda and a wire brush.

However, if you are unsure of the battery simply use a multimeter to test for its voltage. You would know if something is wrong once the voltage is far from 12.7 volts.

If this is the case you have to replace it with a new one.

7. Clogged Carburetor on Your Toro

In some instances, your Toro carburettor can get clogged up, but why do we have to care about this? 

The carburettor’s job is to regulate the mixture of gas and air so as to create combustion in the engine cylinder.

Once, the carburettor is blocked probably due to the specks of dirt, it can affect the carburettor making it less efficient.

The carburettor might not be easy to remove if you are not handy

Anyways, here s how you can troubleshoot it.

Troubleshooting step

If you can’t take the carburettor, you can call a repairman, but if you can remove it, take it apart and use a carb cleaner to clean it. If you notice that the carburettor is too dirty, you can replace it with a new one.

By now, you should have been able to figure out why your Toro lawn mower won’t start and how to resolve it. If non of the troubleshooting steps here works for you, then you should either Contact any Toro Authorized Service Dealer for assistance or call us at 866-946-3119.

Your New Toro Lawn Mower won’t Start

New Toro lawn mower won't start

If you’ve just purchased a lawn mower and it won’t start, one of the common reasons could be a loose spark plug or your fuel tank is low.

Since you haven’t used it a lot it’s unlikely going to be a clogged air filter, carburettor or gas cap, however, the Air filter is one of the easiest to get clogged up.

So, you can simply check for clogged particles and clear it out if it doesn’t start.

Toro guaranteed to start 7.25 163cc manual

if you can’t find the service manual for your Toro lawn mower or any other Toro product, simply visit here to check for the Toro product with your model number to download your service manual.

Toro lawn mower won’t start when hot

One of the reasons why your lawn mower won’t start is due to overheating. And, overheating is caused by a blockage in the air filter. If the air filter is clogged up, it won’t allow air to enter the engine so as to cool it down.

If you are faced with this, what you simply have to do is to remove your air filter and clean it up. If the air filter is too dirty, replace it with a new one.

How do you start a Toro lawn mower for the first time?

If you are unsure of how to start it, you can find it in the manual, however, for clarity’s sake here are the steps you have to follow to start it up.

  1. Get the ignition key and slot it into the keyhole on the Toro lawn mower.
  2. Now, change the “PTO” switch to “Off.” You are doing this to prevent the blades from operating when the engine is turned on.
  3. After doing that, engage the parking brake.
  4. Now, adjust the “Choke” lever to the “Full” position.
  5. Finally, turn the ignition key till the engine starts.

Why is my lawn mower turning over but not starting?

Sometimes you could find yourself in a situation whereby you start the Mower but it does as though it wants to start but it doesn’t. To resolve that the first thing you have to verify is the Gas, The gas mustn’t sit in the mower for too long as it can begin to break down, you should replace it every 30 days, for optimal performance.


If your Toro lawn mower won’t start by now you should have figured out how to resolve this, however, sometimes you might need to call a repairman if your Toro lawn mower won’t start or simply call a Toro customer.

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