Best Domain Names Registration Procedure for Bloggers

Here in this post you will learn everything relating to domain names registration. Best domain name registrar. How I got my first domain name, how to register a domain name, and how to pick a domain name.

Back in 2013 I acquired my first free domain name with Arvixe web hosting. And since then I have always ditched blogspot, wordpress, tumblr etc blog extension for custom domain name.

Custom domain name which I called personal domain name is one way to tell your audience you are serious about your business. Back then my first domain could have costed me close to $15 if not given for free by my host. But now, with domain coupon code you can easily get a domain name for just 0.99 cent from Godaddy for the first year.

While this is not a criteria to pick the best domain name, Godaddy still remain one of the best domain names registrar and there are thousands of them.

It’s admonish-able to be calm and selective when choosing  a domain name because it’s not always fun transferring domain name from one registrar to another unlike moving from one hosting company to another. So, when you are set to set up your own blog either personal or for your brand you must first watch out for the best domain names registrar to partner with.

As a part of our commitment to this post we’d also share with you our recommended domain name registrar that will keep your domain name safe until you are not longer interest, which is sometimes very rear to ditch a domain name if you are not into selling domain names.

Domain names registration

What is Domain Names Registration all About

Domain names are very important for online business owner. Online domains are like online portfolio where your target audience can easily reach out to you or have access to your products and services online without which you will not be able to tell to the whole via the internet what you have for sale, see what work samples and the likes.

While you don’t always need a hosting company to acquired your first online domain name but you definitely needs a domain name to operate on your hosting company. However, domain names registration is a process of acquiring domain names from domain registrar which is a company offering domain names registration. With which you acquired free domain names (URLs) with token if not acquired by someone else yet. The person who register a domain name is expect to have preempt domain names in mind before going to domain names registration company online to request for a domain name.

And in most cases, a professional domain name must be very easy to remember by audience, must not contain hypens, and high level domain names are most of times recommended. The domain name extension depends on your audience. While it is recommended to choose a global domain name extension which is .com, some prefer local extension domain such as .ng, .co, .uk, .info, .org etc.

So, why picking your domain always put first your target audience.

Domain Names Registration: How to Register a Domain Name

Domain names registration is one of the easiest thing in the world of blogging every blogger can do without sweat. But picking the best domain name registrar is one tough assignment in blogging world. While I’m recommending this domains name registrar for you I’ll walk you through how to how to register a domain name with it, and also recommend the hosting company powering all my blogs for you to enjoy zero downtime and 100% up-time for just 2.5$/month.

Here in this post we’d make use of Godaddy 0.99 cent domain name registrar and walk you through on how to register your domain name.

But before we start, you need the following to register a domain name from all domain name registrar.

1. Valid email address

The email address will be used to confirm your registration, and as a means of communication between your domain name provider and yourself.

 Read: how to open a valid e-mail address and also check out the best e-mail service provider

2. Payment method

This is the crucial aspect of registering a domain name. And there are various payment method available for registrant to choose from while registering a domain name. For most domain registrar you will have at least 5 payment method options to choose from. The following are most popular domain names payment method

  1. Using credit or debit cards
  2. Using Payoneer
  3. Using PayPal
  4. Using Checkout
  5. Using gift-card

Their still other means of payment method but these are most popular payment method used by domain names registration companies.

Whichever one you choose to go with you will still be charged exact same amount in your payment method. For international registrant you may want to check out PayPal first, and Payoneer.

Domain Names Registration Requirement: Pick a Domain Name

There are many criteria that needed to be considered when you want to choose a domain name for your blog so that you will not have to change your domain in future except otherwise.

However, below are the best way to choose a domain name for a new blog.

1. Keep it simple and memorable

2. Use your target keyword in the name if it’s a niche blog

3. Avoid the use of numbers, hyphens

4. Research very well on your domain name before you go for it

5. Choose .com domain extension over .info, .co, etc

7. Choose your domain name based on your blogging objective. Go local if possible otherwise go global

8. Go brandy if you are starting a business of your own instead of a blog.

With these point in mind, you will definitely choose the best domain name for your brand

 How to Register a Domain Name

Note that the procedure I’ll share with you here works for almost all domain registrar. And you too can follow them to register your own domain name even for the first time.

1. Open you browser and visit your domain registrar

2. Search for your domain name whether it’s available. If it’s a available click on continue

3. Fill registrant form according and choose the appropriate method

4. If you have coupon codes enter it to the appropriate section

5. Accept terms and conditions and click on register

6. Login to your email address and confirm your registration and you are good to go.

Domain names registration is an important aspect of online world. Building reputation online depends on seriousness and domain name is one of those reasons why you client would want to take you so serious for visiting your website. If you have issue with your domain names registration kindly keep us posted via the comment section and we’d be glad to be of help and expected.

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