How to Turn off Music on Android Automatically

Listening to music while taking naps is a must for some people. It makes them sleep and forget their sorrow and sleep so deep.

However, when you are in the realm of sleeping, keeping the music playing can drain your battery. Therefore, it is advisable to turn off the music once you are in a deep sleep to reserve the battery.

Android phones is lacking the feature to turn off music automatically if you put the music in a repeat mode or until it plays all the music on the device.

But thanks to apps like “SleepTimer”. It introduces the “Turn Music Off” on Android when you download and install the app.

If you missed the feature to switch off music in your Android library while sleeping, this app will help you to understand it better, and we will walk you through how to make use of the app to switch off the music library on Android automatically.Turn Off Music on Android

What is the SleepTimer (Turn off Music) App?

SleepTimer is an app that allows you to set your favourite music on playing mode and set when to stop playing. Everything is done automatically. The app lets users listen to music while they are sleeping and turn off the music at a particular time that’s pre-set.

Features of the SleepTimer App

Here are the features you will enjoy while using the SleepTimer app to set “automatic music turn off” on your Android device.

  • You will be able to listen to music while sleeping.
  • Set a timer for your music to stop playing at a particular time.
  • Ability to create pre-sets for your frequently used timers.
  • The app prevents battery from unnecessary draining.
  • You can automatically extend the time by shaking the app.
  • The free version is enough to help “Turn off Music” on your Android with ads. But, the premium is ad-free.

To proceed further, download and install the SleepTime app on your Android.

How to Turn Off Music Automatically on Android

While sleeping, you can set your Android to turn off your music library to save your battery from draining.

  • Start playing music on your Android.
  • Launch the SleepTimer “turn off music ” app.
  • Adjust the time you want the music to stop.
  • Click on the “Start” button.
  • Done.

That is all you have to do to automatically turn off your Android music library while you are sleeping.

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