How to Use Your Picture as WhatsApp Wallpaper

WhatsApp wallpaper is a background image you set up to replace the default WhatsApp background. Wallpapers can be used on phone, on dining set, a wall such as a 3D wall, in the kitchen as well as on most apps like WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp.

You don’t have to download WhatsApp wallpaper separately. All you need to do find a cute image online and download it. Follow the steps I will share with you and set the cute image as your WhatsApp wallpaper.

You can use HD love image. You can use martial art. You can use a romantic image. You can use a combination of more than one image to curate your own wallpaper for WhatsApp instead of roaming the internet to download wallpaper for WhatsApp.

The approaches I will share with you here work on both iPhone and Android device. So, whether you are using Android or iPhone, you will be able to change the default wallpaper on WhatsApp and replace it with your own desired WhatsApp cute photo.

Literally, WhatsApp has a lot of users updating WhatsApp status daily with different and lovely images. You can screen grab these images and set your favorite as your WhatsApp background image.

WhatsApp total Users

As at this month, WhatsApp has over 130 billion active users. Therefore, there is a possibility that you are one of the users.

Not the total number of those that have a WhatsApp account,  the total number of active WhatsApp users statistically. So, if you are reading this post you are one of those that made WhatsApp popular, and of course, exploring WhatsApp features such as WhatsApp voice call and video call, WhatsApp Status,  and WhatsApp Wallpaper etc.

There two brilliant ways to set your picture or phone as your WhatsApp Wallpaper. You can even set your Mom, spouse, real friends, group of friends’ picture as your WhatsApp app wallpaper without using any third party app on your Android phone.

You can set it up directly from your WhatsApp web popular called WhatsApp for desktop and directly from your mobile WhatsApp app.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s ride together following a simple way to have any picture running as your WhatsApp background wallpaper.

How to set your Picture as Your WhatsApp Wallpaper

We will divide the procedure into two methods. The first methods will consider setting up Wallpaper for WhatsApp on WhatsApp web, and the second method will cover how to set it up completely on the WhatsApp app.

Method 1

Fire up your browser and visit WhatsApp web page directly. Or visit and sync your mobile WhatsApp to the WhatsApp web. If you don’t seem to get my language read this article on how to link the WhatsApp app to WhatsApp web.

Note: While doing this you must have an internet connection on both devices [WhatsApp web & WhatsApp app].

As at the time we publish this article there is no option to use your photo as WhatsApp chat background picture but you can use WhatsApp library pre-defined color as your background wallpaper.

Method 2

Here we take a look at how you can change your WhatsApp Wallpaper and set your own photo as your WhatsApp Chat WhatsApp on WhatsApp app.

Following the procedure below you will be able to change the default WhatsApp WhatsApp to your own customized picture.

1. Launch your WhatsApp app and click on settings from the more option to the upper right of your WhatsApp chat page.

2. Just on your WhatsApp account settings, click on chat option below your account information

How to set your Picture as Your WhatsApp Wallpaper

3. A new window will popup containing information like “Enter is send, font size: medium, wallpaper, chat backup, and chat history”. Then select Wallpaper from the list.

How to set your Picture as Your WhatsApp Wallpaper

4. A new window will come up from below the page. This is where you can customize your WhatsApp wallpaper, remove WhatsApp, set a solid color, and have access to WhatsApp library wallpaper. Then select Gallery from the options.

5. Select the picture or photo you want to use as your WhatsApp wallpaper and click on set to the bottom right of the page. Pinch to zoom and drag to adjust your WhatsApp photo wallpaper.

How to set your Picture as Your WhatsApp Wallpaper

You have successfully set your own Photo or picture as your WhatsApp chat background wallpaper. You can also use wallpapers from WhatsApp library as your WhatsApp Wallpaper, they are all free.

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