How to Opt-Out of USPhonebook

If the USPhonebook service gets on your nerves you can opt out of the service at any time. Funny enough, there is no automatic USPhonebook opt out option, it has to be removed manually which only take 48 hours to accomplish.

After you have made a request to remove your data from USPhonebook it will be removed after 48 hours you have made a request to remove it.

So, in this regard, I will explain how to remove yourself from USPhonebook online.

What is USPhonebook?

USPhonebook ( is a website that keeps a directory containing personal information of an individual who resides in the United State without permission.

This means that USPhonebook can keep your personal data such as phone number, home address, and other valuable information.

And since data is life. You want to keep eyes on how your data is shared online with or without your permission.

USPhonebook Opt Out

What People Do on

USPhonebook customers are given the right to person a personal information search to gain access to their target phone number and home address.

This can personally pose a threat to the individual whose personal information is being checked and accessed unknown.

While doesn’t request for this information directly they search the internet using their developed algorithm and get all individual database and make them available for their customers to get hold off.

Despite providing this to ease their customers, USPhonebook also provides “Opt Out” feature to remove phone number and address from website.

USPhonebook Opt Out

This feature is unique on USPhonebook. It allows an individual who finds it outrageous to remove their personal information from US Phonebook website and make it unsearchable for people using the platform.

The way USPhonebook Opt Out is designed is that it takes for 48 hours to complete the request. So, you need to make your request to remove your information from USPhonebook database 48 hours earlier than the time you need to see that your personals have been removed.

Therefore, if you have a hard time using to delete or remove yourself from USPhonebook just follow thing guide.

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How to Opt Out of USPhonebook

Follow the procedure below to complete USPhonebook Opt Out and remove yourself from sellable database.

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Do Not Sell My Info.
  • Enter your phone number or name and hit the search button to search USPhonebook database for your information.
  • Once you find your information click on “This is me” in the red button.
  • Under “OPt Out” tap on Remove My Record.”
  • Check the bot verification box “I’m not a robot” and click on “Confirm Request.”
  • Done.

It takes about 48 hours for USPhonebook to remove yourself and phone number/home address from their database.

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