13 Best Free Web Mail Service Providers This Year

In the past few decades Technology have brought so many goodies to human race some of which include internet connection, mobile phone, web server, free web mail service provider, lots of gadgets, and tons of tens of electronics, to mention a few to enhance fast and smooth communication.

And over the few yeas now, email communication is one of the best ways to communicate with friends and family, companies, corporate bodies etc on the internet with almost instant message delivery. And in view of this, both corporate body and company have found the use of email communication very vital. But it’s quiet unfortunate the only few webmail users know more than one or two free web mail service provider.

Outside Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail (Outlook) which dominate internet when discussing best free email service provider, other mail service providers doesn’t have a standard despite the fact that we have hundred of thousands of them and still counting.

However to tell to you that we have more than you can mention free web email service provider, and in fact that the number of free email service provider is far below the list you have not heard in the past, this post has dim it fit to dive into research and collate top 13 free email service providers to choose from and stop the believe that the only free web email service provider in existence are Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail.

In a nutshell, you will learn about 13 top and best web mail service providers you should choose from. Meanwhile, it worth nothing that you can have a valid email account with the entire free email service provider either as a company or individual since it’s total free.

Note: The list of the best web mail free service providers here are not based on popularity rather they are arrange randomly.

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Best Free Web Mail Service Provider (s) This Year

Out of tons of free web email service providers here are the top 13 best and free providers we recommend for your business both home and abroad with 100% spam or junk protection.

1. Gmail

To start with the list of our best free email service provider based on our research is Gmail. In a real sense, Gmail is one of the most popular free mail service providers and almost everyone uses it. It offers good qualities with additional features to make open a Gmail account extremely fun. With single Gmail account , you will have access to free 15 GB  free storage and you will be able to use the service other products and services for free such as Google plus, Google AdSense, YouTube, Google Map, etc


2. Yahoo Mail!

Yahoo mail is yet another popular webmail service provider with Good qualities like Gmail. But it’s own and control by different company entirely. When it comes to storage facilities, Yahoo Mail is far better than Gmail. Yahoo free email service provider offers 1000 GB storage capacity for single account to save files online at no cost. Both Gmail and Yahoo mail have good anti-spam security quality to help users fight against unwanted messages and keep them off your inbox in a folder called junk box.


3. Hotmail or Outlook

Hotmail is also another grand father of free web mail service provider with good qualities. Hotmail name was changed to Outlook and it’s proudly own and control by Microsoft.  With Outlook cleaner interface you can open an account directly on your Windows 8 or 8.1 or above if you run a Windows OS. Outlook storage facility is virtually unlimited compared to the first two free email service providers listed above.


4. AOL Mail

AOL free email provider is most popular in America. AOL is an acronym of America Online. It’s one out of few popular online free web mail service providers to sign up for free email and enjoy e-messages via the internet without paying a dine. Few of the features of AOL free email provider include the unlimited storage, junk or spam box and virus protection, SSL based process, spell checker to make sure you write in the best spelling language, POP3, IMAP and most important, AOL mail support SMTP.


5. Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is yet another popular free email service provider on the internet with a cleaner interface. Zoho mail caught my attention in the area of privacy feature. The free web mail service provider features best privacy feature with at least 99.9% up time. Another feature you will enjoy on Zoho mail include Zoho document and the POP/IMAP migration.


6. Mail.com

Mail.com is another email service provider you need to try out. Mail.com based in Germany with unlimited feature for free account user. Some of mail.com free email service provider features include unlimited email storage, spam and virus protection feature. Most importantly, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to send an attachment up to 50MB file size, you may need to use mail.com free email service provider.


7. Yandex Mail

I’m a core fan of Yandex. In fact the Yandex disc alone is enough to register for Yandex mail and keep it safe to yourself. With Yandex mail you can save directly from your hard disk or PC directly to your mail box via Yandex disc. Another noticeable feature of Yandex mail include the use of Spamoborona technology and Dr. Web antivirus as a means of protection.


8. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is the number 8 free web mail service providers in our list. ProtonMail is an open source free email provider which centered on users security measure. To maximize security measure, Proton Mail use end to end encryption to email service and users entire data are in encrypted format using AES, RSA, technologies. The only limitation of Proton Mail is the limited storage of 500 MB which is not up to one quarter of what other email service providers offer.


9. GMX Email

GMX email provider is a fast growing free email company that is trying to put everything in place to give the best to their users. As it were, you will enjoy unlimited free web mail storage, 50 MB attachment size. GMX email is recommended for personal and corporate bodies that cannot afford paid email service from most hosting companies.


10. iCloud Mail

I know you have been waiting for this free web mail service provider. iCloud Mail is a part of Apple product service and you should expect a classic return from the service provided. If you are iOS user, you will definitely own an iCloud Mail account to login to your Apple page. Meanwhile, it takes less than 5 minutes to open an iCloud mail and start using it. Fortunately enough, when you create an email service using iCloud you’ll have 5GB of storage to keep your files off your device to a more secure encrypted environment


11. Fastmail

Fastmail is another popular free web email provider that have been for over a decade. They pay more of their attention of users junk mail protection, providing temporary secure short messages password, provide a web folder for attachment and files. The only limitation of fastmail service provider is the limited storage pegged at 25MB storage per account. Also, if you account is inactive for 4 months, which is 12o days equivalent the account will be deleted.


12. Hushmail

Hushmail is another free web mail service provider for an average internet users. They offer both paid and free account, on free account you will enjoy 25MB free storage. The best part of Hushmail I love to mention is the integration with Smartphone such as Android and Blackberry, and it can also be integrated to your Hotmail (Outlook) email account


13. Inbox

Inbox ia another lovely email provider with 5GB free storage for free account. With Inbox free web mail provider you can customize your inbox interface to suits your need such as using the drag and drop tool to rearrange the default interface to your own taste. Few of the list of free offers I enjoy from inbox include photosharing, calendar, and tasks & note feature.


What is you take about these best free web mail service providers? Do you think we have them all? Please use the comment section for your view!

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