How to Cancel Starz Subscription On All Your Devices

It is very easy to cancel Starz subscription and we will show you the process. No doubt, Starz offers great streaming services but if you are no longer interested in the service, then you can go right ahead to cancel your subscription. The process of canceling your Starz subscription depends on how you registered for the service. Irrespective, it is a straight forwards process and can be completed in a few minutes.

If you subscribed to the service directly from Starz, then you would be able to cancel your subscription from them directly. However, if you used other services like Amazon Prime, iTunes or Google Play Store to subscribe, then you would have to cancel your subscription using this same service. Follow our guide below to cancel Starz subscription desktop, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and Roku.

Cancel Starz on Windows or Through the Web

To cancel your Starz subscription through a browser, follow the guide below.

  • Start by launching your browser then go to the Starz website here.
  • Then, log into your account using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the bottom of the page then click on the Subscriptions link which is under the Account section.
  • Then click on the Cancel Subscription link. cancel starz subscription
  • You would be asked to provide a reason for cancelling your subscription. Once you do so, click on Continue Cancellation and that is it.

Cancel Starz Subscription on Android

You can only cancel your subscription on your Android device if the account used to register to the service is also one of your Google accounts that is added to your device. If not, you would need to go through the web method to cancel. Follow the guide below to cancel your subscription on an Android device.

  • Start by launching your Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Then select the Menu icon and tap on the Subscriptions option. Cancel Starz subscription
  • Select Starz subscription and click on the Cancel button.
  • Hit Yes to confirm and that is all, your subscription would then be cancelled.

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Cancel Starz on iPhone & iOS

Just like with Android, you can only cancel your subscription on your iOS device only if you signed up for the service with iTunes. To use this method, follow the guide below.

  • Start by opening the Settings app.
  • Then, click on the iTunes & App Store option.
  • Click on your Apple ID and in the pop-up window that appears select View Apple ID.
  • You would be asked to provide your Apple ID password or fingerprint.
  • Afterwards, select Subscriptions and select Starz subscription to cancel.

How to Terminate Starz Subscription On Apple TV

Follow this guide to cancel your Starz subscription on Apple TV.

  • Start by opening the setting application,
  • Then navigate to the iTunes & App Store.
  • Click on your Apple ID and select View Apple ID.
  • Then enter your Apple ID password and select OK.
  • Navigate to the subscriptions section and select Manage.
  • Select Starz Subscription and toggle the Auto-Renewal switch to turn it off. Cancel Starz subscription

Terminate Starz Subscription on Amazon Prime

Cancelling a Starz subscription on Amazon Prime is very easy and it is the same process you use to cancel a channel subscription on the service. To use this method, follow our guide below.

  • Start by signing into the Amazon Prime account that is linked to your Starz subscription.
  • Then navigate to the Accounts & Lists menu and click “your account”.
  • Click on Memberships & Subscriptions.cancel Starz subscription
  • From there, tap on Prime Video Channels.
  • Then, you can select the Cancel Channel(s) link for Starz which is under the Actions column.
  • Finally, select Confirm to cancel your subscription. cancel Starz subscription

On Roku

Follow the guide below to cancel your Starz subscription on your Roku.

  • On your Roku, go to Options.
  • Then select Manage subscription. This will show the renewal dates and other important information.
  • Select the Cancel subscription option.
  • Then confirm cancellation by choosing between removing the channel immediately or leaving it till your current subscription expires.

Note that if you signed up to Starz with a Cable provider, then you will have to contact them directly to help cancel your Starz subscription. They will then help you cancel by removing it from your service.

Can I restart my STARZ subscription later?

Definitely! Starz would not get rid of your account information after cancelling your subscription. This will make it easy for you to restart your account anytime you like. What this also means is that you would not be eligible for another free trial if you try to sign up again so far you are using the same email address and payment method.

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Starz makes it very easy for everyone to cancel their subscription irrespective of how they registered to the service. If you have any challenges following this guide, let us know in the comments section below.

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