How to Make Video Chat on Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite turning the table around with an amazing video chat feature on the flexible app. The size of the Facebook messenger app sucks and I got tired of it. It consumes over a 400MB for installing the app alone while Facebook app consumes over a 350MB. Personally, the size of these apps is too heavy. While most people choose to install the Facebook messenger app over the Lite app because of video and voice calling feature in the app. However, the latest Facebook Lite app features an amazing video call feature to drag down the pesky Facebook messenger size and let users use the app the more.

This new integration is a viable indication that the new video calling update on Messenger Lite will help to cut down the accumulated Facebook feature in the official messenger app over the year with simple, flexible and engaging Lite app with video calling feature.

Practically, the Facebook messenger Lite app is designed for people using older Android OS such Android jelly bean, Android KitKat, and Android users with a low internet connection. However, the increasing integration of new features into the app attracts other high-end Android phone users with latest OS such as Android Noughat, Android Oero, iPhone iOS 10, and upcoming version.

However, if you are among the few people who have not started using the Messenger Lite video calling feature here is how to download and start using the video call feature on Messenger Lite.


How to Make Video Call on Facebook Messenger Lite

To make video calls on Messenger Lite you need to either download the latest Messenger Lite iteration from play store or Windows store or Apple store or update the old Facebook Messenger Lite version to bring the new feature on board.

1. Launch the Facebook Messenger Lite from your app menu

2. Log into your Facebook account or continue log into your Facebook account if you already logged into Facebook messenger via the official app.

Facebook Messenger Lite Video

3. Click on “Not Now” on all the pop-up so that Facebook will not take charge of your phone such as SMS, MMS, etc.

Facebook Messenger Lite Video

4. Click on “Active Now” and click on the name of the user you want to do a Facebook video call with on your Facebook Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite Video

5. Click on the “Camera” icon to the right of “Voice call” icon

Facebook Messenger Lite Video

6. Allow Messenger Lite to take “pictures and record videos, and “record audio

Facebook Messenger Lite Video

Facebook Lite Messenger will put a video call through to the recipient and you will be able to chat live on Facebook. However, for some reasons your recipient may not be able to receive a video call from you due to the following reasons.

Facebook Messenger Lite Video Not Working

For some reasons, Messenger Lite video calls may not work. The main reason why you may encounter problems with your Lite app includes the following.

1. A very poor internet connection

Facebook Lite is designed to work with older Android OS and in an environment where there is a poor internet coverage. However, with an extremely poor internet connection, you will not be able to enjoy the flexible and easy engaging messaging apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

2. Still Using Old Facebook Messenger Lite

Literally, you will be able to use Messenger Lite other features with the older version of the app. However, the video call feature will still be missing. All you need to do is make sure you update your Lite app to the latest version and try to make your video call again.

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