12 Google Gravity Tricks to Have Fun

What is Google Gravity and how do you access it? If you heard about Google Doodle, Google Map, Google Plus (retired), Google Scholar, Google search engine, and a lot more,… But Have you heard about Google Gravity?

How do you even enable Google Gravity? Is there a special link to access Google Gravity?

What is Google Gravity?

Google Gravity is a Google JavaScript program launched in 2009 put some Google designs such as games, underwater, space, etc. under the gravitational law that whatever goes up must come under provided it’s still within the radius of the earth.

Google Gravity is a Google trick that only works on a JavaScript enabled web browser.

Access to Google Gravity?

It’s mandated by Google that for users to access the Google trick on any browser whether on mobile or on PC, the browser must be JavaScript enabled.

That is the only basic condition to access Google trick under gravity. Google isn’t the only giant company with the Esther eggs. Some 3rd party companies also have the Google I’m feeling lucky trick.

So, if you are able to access the Esther eggs under another platform other than Google, then, it’s definitely put in place by a third-party.

Enable JavaScript

Each browser has a different method of enabling JavaScript. The approach for Google Chrome is not the same as the approach for Internet Explorer and it’s different from Mozilla Fireforce of Opera Mini.

However, to be able to access Google Gravity on all browser it’s must be a JavaScript enabled browser.

Enable JavaScript on Chrome

Here are the steps to follow to enable JavaScript on Google Chrome browser

    1. On your computer, open Chrome.
    2. At the top right, click More Settings.
    3. At the bottom, click Advanced.
    4. Under “Privacy and security,” click Content settings.
    5. Click JavaScript.
    6. Turn on Allowed (recommended)

Enable JavaScript on Firefox

Here are the steps to follow to enable JavaScript on Mozilla Firefox browser

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox
  2. Click the Tools drop-down menu and select Options.
  3. Check the boxes next to Block pop-up windows
  4. Load images automatically
  5. Enable JavaScript.

Enable JavaScript on Opera Mini

Here are the procedures to follow to enable JavaScript on the Opera Mini browser.

  1. Open Opera.
  2. Click on the Opera Button at the top-left of the app window.
  3. Click on the Settings menu item.
  4. Click on the Websites item on the left window pane.
  5. Under the JavaScript heading, you will see two options:
  6. To enable JavaScript: select the Allow all sites to run JavaScript(recommended) option.

Enable JavaScript on Internet Explorer

If you are addicted to Microsoft Internet Explorer here is how to enable JavaScript on it to be able to see the Google Gravity tricks.

  1. Select the “Tools” menu.
  2. Select “Internet Options”
  3. Select the “Security” tab
  4. Click the “Custom Level”
  5. Scroll down and change the Active Scripting setting
  6. Confirm the change.
  7. Close “Internet Options”
  8. JavaScript is now enabled.

Note: Irrespective of your browser, always make sure you restart it whenever you make changes to its settings.

Google Gravity Tricks

The whole Google Gravity is created by Google itself. However, the fun is you just have to access it. Before we start, kindly log out your Gmail account from the browser so you will be redirected to services connected to your Gmail when you click on them.

However, logging out your account will take you to Mrdoob.com instead of Gmail page.

1. Google Zero Gravity

Google zero gravity

Google zero gravity is one of Google tricks you need to see for yourself and see how the Google search engine falls once you hover your mouse pointer over the space.

Once the Google search and all its menu fall you can drag and drop the menu to your desired location. In fact, you can form anything with it if you are creative enough.

Funny enough, this Google trick works each and every time you refresh the page. It won’t because it has fallen once and never to fall again.

2. Google Guitar

Google Guitar Trick

This is for a guitarist who can’t wait to turn the Google search box into guitar strings. To enjoy this you need to use your mouse pointer to pluck one of the strings or combination and you are good to go.

However, you can pluck the guitar strings to some of the available songs if you are familiar with either of them. The trick always comes in handy with popular and secular music to play to.

The Google Guitar has a total of 10 strings to pluck and play into the desired music. For a fully functional Google Guitar, you should consider using Internet Explorer.

3. Google Mirror

Google Mirror tricks

If you are smart enough you should try the Google mirror. It reverses everything you search and return the search result like a mirror.

When you search for any term the Google mirror return Google tricks list and show the result in a reverse other. You can use this to have fun and play on your friends’ intelligent.

One way to stop your friends from using your computer all the time is to let them use the Google mirror which will confuse them.

4. Google my Location

Google location trick

Believe or not Google know your location even when you didn’t enable location tracker on your phone or computer.

Let’s see how Google my location works…

The fun of this is that Google uses it to know your exact IP address, latitude, longitude, address, and accuracy. Mehn, Google is following you everywhere.

5. Google Terminal

Google Tricks

If you are not a programmer this may look confusing but trust me it’s fun with the Google terminal trick. This Google terminal turns Google search page into a 1980s MS-DOS-style code terminal.

You actually have to take your time to take a close look at it and you see that the terminal designs show Google as a new Google doodle.

6. Google Underwater

Google trick underwater

Another Google Gravity piece of cake. You need to check this out to try something new. Let’s see. This trick shows that the Google search box is flowing on water.

Once you click on “I’m feeling lucky” everything will begin to fall underwater with fishes doing the Christmas dance for you.

7. Google Pacman

Google Pacman trick

Google Pacman is a fun game. Though the game has been a while and it’s one of the Google tricks you probably do not know about.

You have a limited life to stay playing the game. The fun is using your mouse to direct the coin and play safe from your enemies. You have to keep dodging your enemy.

This is a fun game that you want to try that is hidden in Google tricks.

8. Google Space

Google Gravity Tricks

Google brought back the old Google search box in the Google space trick and the text around it circulating and keep circulating around the search box in the form of a sphere.

This rotating will stay for like 2 minutes rotating around the search box until you have your mouse on it again.

9. Google Epic

Google Gravity

If you are on top of the world you have to see what the Google Epic has for you. There is nothing special about this though compared to Google space and Google terminal.

To see the fun of it, search for any term and click on epic instead of I’m feeling lucky and you will be surprised.

10. Google Funny

Google Gravity Tricks

Google funny isn’t really fun. It’s rather Google fun. If you are artistic in nature and love color combination you will enjoy the trick hidden in Google funny under the Google gravity.

When I did try this I had a unique color combination printed on my name and it was really wow. You need to see this for yourself. You can set another name and even send to your friends.

You are thinking uniqueness right? Try this!

11. Google Snake Game

Google snake tricks

I think we all played the snake game long ago just like the Pacman game and it’s not really funny, however, and funny enough the game has no end.

You play until you are done tired. Your computer mouse point. The arrow key on your computer can be used as your direction as it won’t function for the trick.

12. Google Lava

Google Gravity

It’s not architectures that know what is good and know about good design out there. Try Google Lava with 3D. Google is a good Arch here with Google Gravity lava.

Which of these Google Gravity tricks do you really like? Let fun with these tricks by sharing your opinion.

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