How to Pair BT Notifier App on a smartphone with a Smartwatch

BT Notifier is an app for Android and iOS to pair a smartwatch with a smartphone to receive all smartphone notifications on your smartwatch.

We have listed some popular BT notification apps for both Android and iOS phones. But, do you know how to pair BT notifier app with a smartphone?

You can download the best BT notification app for your smartphone, you won’t enjoy it if you don’t know how to pair your phone with your choice of notifier app.

However, to pair your phone and Notifier app successfully here is a guide for you. Here in this guide, I will share with you how to pair BT notifier apps on your smartphone with your smartwatch such as DZ09 smartwatch.

Pair BT Notifier

Tools to Pair BT Notifier and Smartwatch

If you have purchased a smartwatch that supports push notifications from your phone via a Bluetooth connection, here are what you need to get started.

  1. A smartwatch such a DZ09 smartwatch, U8 smartwatch, Samsung smartwatch etc
  2. Smartphone
  3. BT notifier app (Check our post of the best BT Notifier app for Android and iOS phone)
  4. This guide.

Now, when you get the above ready, follow this guide to pair both your phone and the BT notifier app together.

Download BT Notifier app

They are a lot of BT notifier apps in the Google play store and Apple apps store for Smartwatches. However, we have listed some popular and free BT notifier apps in this guide. Here is an overview check on the list.

  1. Bluetooth Notification app
  2. Woo Partner
  3. BTNotification
  4. Notifier app for Smartwatch

Any of these BT notifier apps work well. It doesn’t disconnect anyhow, Just download your choice and install it on your smartphone.

Pair BT Notifier with Smartwatch

Here is how to pair BT notifier with a smartphone

Firstly, download and install BT notifier app on your smartphone. Go to your phone settings and enable your phone Bluetooth.

Power on your smartwatch and enable its Bluetooth feature. Open the Bluetooth and find all nearby devices. Tap on the name of your phone and pair.

Go to your phone screen and accept the popup with 6 digits prompting you to accept a connection from your phone.

Now, the Bluetooth notification on both your smartphone and smartwatch will show connected.

Now, launch the BT notifier app and tap enable notification service and also enable notification for messages, incoming calls, ongiong calls, etc.

Auto Pair BT Notifier with your Phone

If you don’t do this, your phone and your smartwatch will disconnect often and it will not connect automatically.

However, to automatically pair your phone and your smartwatch using a BT notifier app, go to your phone and smartwatch settings and enable auto-connect on both devices.

This implies that, whenever your phone and smartwatch Bluetooth is enabled, you will be able to receive notifications directly on your phone automatically.

BT Notifier app Not Working

If you are experiencing, unfortunately, this app has stopped working on your phone you will no longer be able to receive your phone notifications such as WhatsApp notifications, missed calls, messages, Instagram notifications, email notifications, and a whole lot of notifications coming to your phone.

  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Tap on apps
  3. Find “BT Notifier” and click on it
  4. Tap on clear caches
  5. Ok

Now, all of the app stored caches will be cleared and the app will return to normal. All error message will disappear.

Make Calls with Smartwatch

Once you have successfully paired both the smartwatch and smartphone together, you can make a phone call directly on your smartwatch.

Once the two devices are connected, you will be able to access your phone call log, messages, contacts, etc on your smartwatch. To make a phone call on your smartwatch, swipe to contact or type the number you want to call, then type it on your smartwatch phone dialer.

If you have enough calling card the call will go through and you can listen to it on your smartwatch with an external speaker or inbuilt speaker.

You can also play phone music directly on your smartwatch. However, if the smartwatch support MicroSD you can transfer movies, music, songs, and pictures to it and view it on your phone and listen to music on the go.

Additionally, you can also pair your smartwatch with your hands-free to make and receive calls without your phone.

Now, with this, you should be able to pair your DZ09 smartwatch with your smartphone using a smartphone BT notifier app.

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