How to Reset Fidelity Login Password

Fidelity is one of the biggest banking firm in Nigeria competiting with the like of GTbank, Zenith, Diamond, Access, etc with the normal banking services including  internet banking with Fidelity login such as username and password, pay for online services on the web, transfer money from one bank to another, buy airtime from your Fidelity bank account using Fidelity internet banking and USSD transfer code, pay for bills such as DSTv, GoTv, PHCN, IBDC using USSD code and internet banking, and other services offer by banking sectors.

However, with the Fidelity bank internet banking system you can make a quick transaction from your Android and iOS phone using the Fidelity bank app using your Fidelity bank internet banking information such as Fidelity password and username.

When you open an account with the Fidelity bank PLC you will be asked to fill the internet banking form so you will be able to send money from the Fidelity mobile app without walking into the banking hall. You can also request for token to for your transaction (this should cost around 1500)

You can also register for your Fidelity bank login and create a unique username for yourself using the Fidelity bank self-service mobile app and on the Fidelity bank website.

However, after creating your account, you will need to go for capturing and profile information.

How to Create Fidelity Login 

It’s very easy to create your Fidelity internet banking login information such as username and password. However, there is a possiblity that you will not be able to transfer fund from your account pending the time you’ll go to the banking for physical accreditation and passport capturing.

At the same, overtime you will be restricted from access the internet banking app if you failed to go for physical accreditation and submit your internet banking bio-data form.

  1. Go to “Fidelity website” on your mobile or computer browser.
  2. Click on “New Account? Register HereFidelity Login
  3. Under the “Enrolment tab “enter your “Fidelity” bank account number andFidelity bank will send a verification code to the phone number associated with your account to confirm that you are the owner of the account and then click on “Get Started“.Enter your Fidelity bank account number
  4. Choose the “Fidelity username and password” you want to use for internet banking.
  5. Provide a secret answers to the security questions provided to keep your Fidelity bank internet service system secure and to be able to retrieve your Fidelity bank password in case your forgot it.
  6. Now, fill the form and click on register to complete the sign up process.

Note: If your Fidelity bank account is dormant you will not be able to progess from the first page. You will see “You cannot self-enroll with this account, please contact any Fidelity Bank branch to enroll”

How to Reset Fidelity Bank Internet Banking Password

There is a simple way to change your Fidelity bank internet banking password if your forgot your login password. However, to be able to do this you must be able to provide answers to all your Fidelity bank internet banking services security questions you provided during the registration.

  1. Go to “”
  2. Click on “forgot your password” from below the sign in columnFidelity login password recover
  3. Enter your “Fidelity” bank user ID or username and click on “Continue”
  4. Answer the security question correctly. Inability to provide the correct answer to your security questions you will not be able to reset your password.
  5. Click on “Back to Login” and “Fidelity” bank will send your new password to the “Email address” associated with your “Fidelity bank account”
  6. Now, enter your USER ID or USERNAME and the new password sent to your email address and click on login to proceed
  7. You will be taken to your Fidelity internet banking account with the new password. Now, enter the new password (password sent to your email by Fidelity) and enter your new password and repeat the password again in the confirm column and click on save changes.

When next you want to login Fidelity internet banking on your Fidelity mobile banking or Fidelity website, you need to use your normal USER ID and the new password created.

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